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Father In Law: A New Haircut by Dave (recovered)

Father in Law: A New Haircut

by Dave

I can't believe it has been 4 months since my father-in-law gave me my first H&T , That's an afternoon I won't soon forget. What I found even more amazing is I have been going back every 10 days to get it cleaned-up. I wanted to make sure it looked sharp and fresh always. I never thought I'd keep this new haircut this long. As it would start to grow-out, I ended up hating the way I looked and the way it felt. The next thing I knew, I was at my father-in-law asking him to trim it up.Jim would just smile and say, "I'll grab the clippers and meet you in the garage son". Yes the garage had became our Barber Shop right beside his old work bench.

Well, I had been away for just over 3 week because of my job, when I was finally back home, I rested up for a few days and decided it was way pass time for a haircut, I told my wife I was going over to Dad's for a haircut and some "Guy Time" and would be back later. She gave me a kiss and told me how happy she was that I had became so close to her Dad. She was right, me and Jim had really became close, we had become great buddies. I grabbed my keys and headed out.

As I pull my car into the driveway at my father-in-law, I notice he was already in the garage working on one of his many projects. I also thought to myself that he looked a little different, I walked up toward the garage. It hit me when I realized that the sides and back of his head had been totally shaved. As a matter of fact, the shaving went over the crown and sides of his head leaving only a small round patch of hair on the top of his head and no longer than maybe 1/4 inch.

Hey there Jim long time no see !!!!! Jim turned around, walked over and gave me a big bear hug. He told me it was about time I got back to him and that Mom were starting to miss me. That made me feel good. I asked how Mom was and he told me fine and that she was inside doing some baking.

Then I couldn't help it, I ran my hand up the back of his head feeling his shaved scalp. “Jim”, I asked “How do you call this haircut?”

He smiled, “I wanted to try something different and it's called a recon, I know it's not your regular looking haircut but I'm really starting to like it”.

I told him it was a wild looking haircut but on him it looked very cool. I asked him if he had time to give me a haircut because I was starting to look way to shaggy. He gave me a pat on the back and said: “You grab the stool, and I'll get the clippers”.

I grabbed the stool and brought it over to the work bench. I took my shirt off, threw it on the bench and sat down on the stool , As I watched Jim geting the clippers ready, I knew what I wanted to try. “Hey Dad ?, You got a razor and shaving cream don't you?”

“Why ?” He asked.

“I'd like to give that recon a try , If you don't mind that it ... “

He just shook his head , “Son if you want to lose that much hair I'd be more then happy to take care of it for you. I'll be back in a minute”.

I watched him head to the house. After he was inside, I started to rub the back of my head trying to imagine what it would feel like shaved to the bone, and I realized I was getting very excited about getting this new haircut. Dad was back with his razor and shaving cream in hand. He put them on the bench . He squeezed my shoulders and asked “So are you ready?” “You bet I am” I told him , "Start cutting".

I watched Jim pick up the edger, not the regular clippers, and I bent my head forward. Jim's hand had a firm grip on my head. I felt the clippers starting up the back of my neck but this time Jim was putting a lot of pressure on them. It felt like they were taking more then just hair, maybe some skin too..I just smiled to myself knowing better but as the clippers traveled up and over my crown it did hurt just a little , But I really was getting into this and liked it.

After Jim was finished peeling the back and sides of my head he turned the edger off and grabbed the pair of clippers. I noticed it had a #1 attachment on. Then with more force than before Jim started running them over the top of my head again and again , I was starting to wonder if he was ever going to stop. But then he did. Putting the clippers down he picked up the barber brush and he swept the hair off my shoulders and back. Then he picked up the mirror, “now you'd better take a look before we go any further son, because the back and sides look almost bald already” .

I looked in the mirror and at first a was a little shocked , But the more I looked the more I like what I saw. I gave Jim the mirror back .

“I want to go all the way Dad. Shave it all off”. Jim gave me a wink and said: “You got it buddy”

Before I knew it, Jim had the edger in his hand and was pushing it down the middle of my head and didn't stop until the hair I had left on top was totally gone. The next thing I knew, Jim was rubbing shaving cream all over my head, the sides, back and top. I couldn't believe I was about to be shaved totally bald. Jim had misunderstood me when I said shave it all off . I just wanted the sides and back shaved like his, but he had took it as I wanted a total head shave. There was no way I was going say anything because he was really excited about shaving my head. He told me he had always wanted to shave someone’s head and was so glad I had decided to let him shave mine.

I gave him a little smile and said , "You are the only person I'd ever let shave my head". What happened next was so wild. He placed the razor at my forehead and started pulling it back leaving nothing but smooth white skin. The feeling was amazing tingling and cool at the same time. Then he put his hand on the top of my now bald head. It felt very strange, skin against skin. I was really enjoying this. Jim passed the razor up the back of my head and when he was finished, he worked on the sides. After he was sure there wasn't a hair left on my head, he put the razor down and with a towel he brought out. He wiped my head clean. Taking a few steps back, he looked at his work and smiled: "Son you look great. Would you trust me to do one more little thing that would really make your new look perfect?”

At this point I was willing to let Jim do whatever he wanted , "Dad you do whatever you think is best", He put more shaving cream in his hand and I knew what was going to happen next ! He rubbed it on my goatee and picked up the razor again. He gave me a big grin and said : “I've always wanted to see you without a stach and goatee” With his finger holding my nose up, he slowly peeled my stach off. Then he went to work on my goatee.Taking the towel off his shoulder, he wiped my clean upper lip and chin, picked up the mirror and handed it to me .

I looked at myself and at first I couldn't believe it was me. The shaved white scalp with a hint of pink and a totally clean shaven face. I was looking at a stranger. The old me was gone and a new me had been born .

Dad looked a little worried , “You are O.K with this, aren't you?” “This is what you wanted isn't it?” ....

I gave Jim a big smile “Dad this is exactly what I wanted, you did a super job”

He walked over to his cooler and grabbed a couple of beers. Handing one to me he said: "To your new cut. I hope you plan on keeping it for awhile because it really suits you Son”.

“Well Dad if your willing to help me stay shaved I'll be happy to keep it”. Jim walked over and rubbed my bald head, “I'd be honored to keep shaving this head of yours”.


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