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My girlfriend is holding me to ransom ! by Jim Lovell

This story was originally posted on Yahoo Answers.
My girlfriend found I had an affair with a much older lady who shared an apartment with her older brother. I am 22 years old and the lady i had an affair with was 56, however this lady and my girlfriends brother were not in a relationship.

My girlfriend decided not to mention my affair to her parents as her father would punish me drastically, but at the same time she has used it for holding me to ransom to make me do anything she wants.

Because i wanted an older lady she has now changed the way she dresses, has her hair done, wears her make up etc to the same style as a 56 or older lady would do. I understand I committed an extroadinary sin against her and can accept her making me go out with her with her hair permed, wearing old fashioned ankle length dresses etc but she is also making me change to a 1920's style.

As well as making me wear horrible white singlets, white cotton grandfather underpants plus dress in white long sleeved shirts, ties and dark suits with the old fashioned braces instead of a belt, she also took me to a very old barber yesterday who was 77 years old and made me sit in the chair while he gave me a short back and sides haircut i can only describe as a haircut that men were made to have in the 1900's depression years.

She even made the barber soak my hair with hair oil before combing it with a distinct part and a combed back fringe, but then to embarrass me even more in front of the many men and boys waiting for haircuts she then had the barber lay me back in the chair and give me a shave.

Once i was out of the chair i could not leave fast enough while my girlfriend paid the barber as I was so embarrassed.

My girlfriend has threatened me if I do not go along with this she will tell her father and mother of my having an affair and intercourse with this lady.

Of course I do not want that to happen so i have no choice but to be submissive to her.

Should I just be quiet and submissive and thankfull I still have her or fight against it ?

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