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Saggin' Boy by Anonymous (recovered)

Saggin Boy

Saggin Boy was proud of a number of things in his life, not the least of which was his awesome f***ing long hair. His hair hung over his eyes, his nose - and, if he wanted to, he could push a few strands into his mouth and suck on it. He was always swinging his head from side to side “flicking” the long bangs out of his eyes, only to let them fall back over his face, like a curtain, again.
The hair at the back was even more awesome. It cascaded down his back in undulating waves past his shoulders, his shoulder blades and even the middle of his back. It was obvious that he was intending to grow it to his waist - it wasn’t too far away now ! This hair had a little curl at the bottoms of the strands, so there were a couple of rows of curls that turned into ringlets when it was humid.

This wasn’t all his hair. He also had some amazing facial hair. His sideburns were another of his pride and joy. He had them so finely manicured down over his jaw line, pointing in thin lines toward his chin like little arrows. He always ran his middle finger down these burns when he was thinking, especially when other dudes were bugging him about his long locks of long dude’s hair.

Saggin Boy had another favourite “style” - his drawers ! He wore the most baggy saggin’ jeans in town. He had all styles, including a couple of leather saggers and a new pair of vinyl, shiny saggin’ pants. Depending on the day, he would sag between 1/2 the way over his ass to 3/4 the way - almost around the rump. He’d have to cinch his belt to try to keep his pants from falling all the way - something Saggin Boy REALLY didn’t like when it happened. He loved to show off - but not everything !

Saggin Boy loved to tease other dudes with his long, long hair, especially guys who would threaten to cut it off. He got a real thrill out of the idea of someone actually forcing him to cut off his beautiful long f***ing hair. He would strut in front of barber shops, lowering his saggy-baggies to show off his colourful underwear. He used to wear boxers, and still did sometimes, but a lot of the time he wears tighty-whities or better yet, tighty bright coloured print undies that clung to his butt and ass crack.

Whenever somebody would mention his hair, Saggin Boy had a VERY physical reaction in his baggy jeans - little saggin’ would pop his head up ! Yes, he got an honest to goodness erection from dudes threatening his long f***ing stud’s hair. Any threat to his long hair brought up a standard pole. In his baggy pants, he had to be careful. Saggin had had more than one embarrassing moment when his hardon was over the top of his 3/4 saggin baggy jeans and he couldn’t run and he couldn’t get the pool cue back down under his belt without people noticing.

Still, it was EXCITING - to think about it possibly happening next time, even though his face would turn beet-red under his swath of long dark blond hair, his pride and joy.

This one morning, Saggin was hot to trot. He was very aroused by the ideas he’d had during the night. Of course, he’d had wet dreams AGAIN about dudes cutting off his long f***ing long hair. He woke up with a boner. He dressed in a pair of tan baggies that totally defied gravity. He wore them at least 3/4 low on his ass, the baggy-assed part of the pants spread wide and fanned out between his knees ! He had on a pair of red and black camouflage-type tight underwear to flash out from his saggin’ pants. He made sure his soft hair fell in studly waves over his eyes, down his nose and fanning out into the air. He made sure the long hair heading for his waist was well groomed and that the curls at the bottom landed in perfect unity across his back near his narrow waist. He put on a pair of his favourite leather boots and headed out.

He was going to this barber shop he’d found in the suburbs. It was called “Every Sports Haircutting.” He thought it was kind of a stupid name, but there were bound to be stupid sports dudes in and out of the shop - falling for the name. He intended to fulfil the dream he’d had last night.

In his dream, he strutted (waddled kind of, but he didn’t really want to admit that it did look more like waddling in his saggy-baggies) in front of the big window, letting the barber and any short-haired, pinhead dudes see him. Then, he would take the soft bristle brush out of the back pocket of his low, low, very low-riding jeans and run it through the spectacular length at the back of his head and down his back. He’d push the brush back into his pocket making sure the ass of his pants were shoved as low as possible, then he’d bend over to pretend he was fixing the chains on his cool leather boots, just to let them get a good look at his f***ing awesome long hair and his dude’s ass.

He’d worn this tan jeans because they didn’t hide much - especially if things went too far and got a little damp. He thought this would be more of a challenge and VERY exciting. Of course, on the bus to get there, he was beginning to have second thoughts - then his excitement would kick in remembering the dream and how he stood straddling the corner of the shop, pissing on the stripes painted on the brick when all these basketball dudes who belonged to the same team came sauntering up the street and a few of them began to harass him about his hair and his kiddie’s baggy pants (they weren’t kiddie pants they were totally f***ing COOL - he reminded himself) - asking if he’d s**t his pants.

“Yeah, that’s f***ing smart,” he’d said in his dream.

“Why don’t you waddle that colourful little boy’s ass up into the barber chair and get those pretty blond locks of long hair cut off, saggy-baggy boi,” another dude said.

“I think we should spank that little boy’s ass if he likes showing it off !” Another of Saggin’ Boy’s wet dreams but also BIG fears. He knew he looked kinda like a little boy with these huge saggin pants.

Saggin Boy gave him the finger. It wasn’t the only thing to “come up” in his dream and the excitement down below woke him up.

He wasn’t sure he actually could piss on the wall with all his excitement, but he’d drank a lot before he’d left the house to make sure his bladder was full. The problem would be waiting for an audience. Of course, he’d checked it out so that he - little saggin’ that is- wouldn’t actually be seen, he’d just whip it out over the top of his undies - his pants would be saggin way too low to be a problem.

The bus creaked to a stop not far from the Barber shop. Saggin’ stood, pulled his f***ing saggy-baggies up a little because it was too soon to show too much. He spread his legs and carefully made his way down the stairs, pulling slightly at the crotch of his jeans to keep the crotch cloth from touching the dirty steps his pants were so low. (He was very fussy about his clothes, especially his trousers and didn’t want any dirt on them. It was one thing that concerned him - he didn’t want to piss his f***ing pants !!) ...............

What happened next???
Version 2 by High & Tight Lover
Two marines approach the barbershop and see Saggin Boy as they enter. They ask the barber what's going on with the punk outside strutting around brushing his long locks and saggin his pants. The barber replies "I don't know but he's really been irritating my customers today!". It's not good for business to have him here aggravating my clientele. One of the marines remarked "If he is still here around closing time lets teach him a lesson he will never forget". They began to plot their strategy. The marines got their usual regulation cuts and left.

The marines came back around closing time and Saggin Boy was leaning on a lamp post. They asked him "Don't you want to come inside and get a real haircut?" Saggin boy replied that it had taken about two years to get his hair to this length and he wasn't going to cut it now. As a matter of fact, he never intended to cut it. "Short hair is for losers!" He replied. The marines suddenly grabbed him and pulled him into the barber shop. Saggin Boy yelled "What the #!*% are you doing?"

Fortunatley for them the shop was deserted. They pulled the blinds closed and put the "closed" sign in the window. The barber helped them force Saggin Boy in the chair. He put up a strong fight but after the duct tape was brought out and wrapped around his arms to the arms of the chair he realised the inevitable was going to take place. He suddenly felt a tremdous panic inside. He knew he was outnumbered.

His attitude suddenly became more pleading. "Come on guys, what have I ever done to you?" The barber replied, "Today is not the first day you have come here taunting my customers. We would like you to experience the haircut that deep down inside you really want. If it did not fascinate you so much you would not be here hanging around. Go on and admit it, you would love a nice crew cut or high and tight wouldn't you? Let us help you with it. Let us help you look like a man instead of a girl." "%#@ you!" Saggin Boy replied. "I do not look like a girl. This is stud's hair. Some guys would give anything for a head of hair like this! You losers just don't understand that. You guys mindlessly shave off all your hair. You have no #^# individuality!". The barber replied, "That will be enough profanity! I will not tolerate that kind of language in my shop any longer!".

The marines pryed Saggin Boy's mouth open while the barber wedged a bar of soap in it. They then put a strip of duct tap over his mouth with the soap in it. For the fist time Saggin boy looked really frightened. If they cut all of his hair off what would his friends say? He would have no individuality. People would think he actually WANTED this hair cut like this! When his parents see this haircut it will give them ideas. They will make him wear it short all the time.

The barber then began to cut his hair with the scissors at the nape of his neck, around his ears, across his forhead, removing the excess length. The marines continued to hold Saggin Boy in place in the chair while the baber cut Saggin Boy's hair to approximately a half inch all over. All the while, trying to make sure as much fell in his lap as possible. The barber wanted Saggin Boy to see as much of his beautiful locks falling from his head as possible. The barber then started the clippers. Saggin Boy's eyes began to well up with tears. He knew what was coming next and he felt sick to his stomach. However, at the same time a stirring started to occur in his pants. Saggin Boy sure didn't want them to see that!

The barber foced Saggin Boy's head forward until his chin was on his chest and the clippers deeply plowed up the back of his head. He pushed Saggin Boy's head to one side and swept the clippers over Saggin Boy's ear, exposing his naked ear for the world to see. Saggin boy realised that the world hadn't seen his ears in a long, long time. The barber the repeated the other side. He stopped the clippers and placed another guard on them and started on the top of Saggin Boy's head. He couldn't believe this was happening. He felt paralyzed. After the clippers the shaving cream then came out. Saggin Boy's sides and back were lathered and the the straight razor was brought out. Saggin Boy was on the brink of exploding in his pants. He knew he best not move while the barber had the razor in his hand. Finally, the barber stopped his craftsmanship and turned Saggin Boy around to face the mirror. There he was looking like a little boy again. He looked like all the other guys in his school. Now no one would pay any attention to him. A tear began to run down saggin Boy's cheek.

The men stood behind him looking at him in the mirror. They were all impressed. They thought he looked very smart and told him so. They ripped the duct tape off of his face and removed the bar of soap. Saggin Boy felt like he was going to choke. One of the marines then said "Now thank your barber for such a smart haircut". Saggin Boy remained silent. The marine made a fist and repeated himself. With his teeth gritted Saggin Boy said "Thank you". The men were really enjoying this! "Now thank him for making you look like a man!". Saggin Boy, through a clenched mouth said " Thank you for making me look like a man". "Now say you love short hair!". Saggin Boy's face was very red with anger at this point. Again, with contempt in his face he said " I love short hair!". The men then uncaped him and unwrapped the tape from his arms. They then informed him that if they ever saw him in their neighbohood again he better have short hair and be dressed appropriately. They then made him pull up his pants and pushed him out of the shop. As the men were roaring with laughter, the barber yelled "Don't worry, the haircut's free!". As Saggin Boy ran home he felt a warm wetness in his underpants.

The men were right. This was a haircut that saggin Boy would never forget!!

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