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Fathers haircut fetish by Mini mini

It is the story of my childhood. I am the only son of my parents so I got pampered alot by them. When it came to my hair, my mother always wanted me to have really short back and sides and high shaved side burns. My father always used to take me to barber and sometimes he would call a barber to home. Whenever the barber came home to shear me, a sheet was spread in the middle of the living room, I would be forced to sit in the middle of that and got my haircut. I would get surrounded by my sisters and parents as I got sheared like a sheep in the middle of living room. While getting those haircuts I would cry my ass off as the barber gave my a neat and clean haircut. Actually, my father has a secret hair fetish, whenever I was due for a haircut, my mother would regularly ask my father to take me to the barbershop and get it cut. But my father would keep ignoring it. And when my hair started touching my collar, he would take me to the barbershop and would order the barber to cut my hair really short at the back and sides and would enjoy the whole process as I cried my ass off.

As I neared to my puberty, I became really stubborn. And started developing a thing for hair. Whenever I thought about getting a haircut, I would get turned on. But I was never ready to cut my hair short. I used to keep my hair just above my shoulders. I was asking my parents to buy me an expensive video game, but they were not ready to buy me that. I started to act like I was getting ill so that they would get me that video game. I did this for two days and my parents were ready to buy me that video game and later they later bought me that. My demands started to increase day by day. I was getting out of control if my parents. When my mother was exhausted of my this attitude he took me to a room and beat me my ass off. And while beating she said that I will chop all this hair you have kept like girls and will make you look like a man. When she said this, I felt an tingle inside me. However, later she went to sleep. And while she was going, I shouted;"I would never get my haircut". When she replied;"We will see it tommorow, you will get an amazing haircut." I started to plan on how can I escape this.

Next morning, I woke up and saw my mom cooking in the kitchen. She gave me breakfast. I thought she has fogotten all about the haircut thing. So I was happy. And went to the living room to watch tv. There, my sister was already sitting and the moment she saw me, she said;"Enjoy the last moments with this mop, it is getting chopped off today." While she said this, she had a smirk on her face and later she made fun of me. Later my father arrived, when I saw him, my heart skipped a beat. After sometime, we had dinner. After dinner, my father said that lets go out for sweet, I was happy at this point and thought in my heart that my father has forgotten to get me sheared really short. We both went to the car and my father was driving and I was sitting in front passenger seat. I asked him that where were we going for the sweet. He replied;" We will go wherever you will say after getting this hair cut off short like a real man". At this point my heart started beating faster because I was tricked. Then my father stopped the car outside the barbershop we regurlarly visited for our haircuts. As we both got out of the car, It was visible from outside that the barbershop was really crowded today. When I got inside, we went to the sitting area and there, a friend of my father was already present with his son. He was there to get his sons hair cut. After we all greeted each other, my dad's friend said;" You have kept your hair so long, does your school teachers allow you to keep your hair this long?". At this point I was silent and my father replied with a smirk on his face;" You just see what happens now". While we were talking, one of the barber chairs were empty and barber shouted "next". My dad's friend asked his son to take a seat in the barber chair. His hair was touching his collar. When he sat in the chair, his father said, clipper his sides with a number 1, and very short on the top please. Working on his dads instrunctions, the barber clippered his sides really short as the hair piled up on his shoulders and tears could be seen in his eyes. He was done in no time as the barber again shouted "next", my heart skipped a beat because it was my turn. At this my dad said;" Go ahead son, get your hair cut".

I went and took a seat on the barber chair, It felt warm to sit on that. He draped a big orange cape on me and tied it really tight around my neck. And then he turned to my father and asked him what to do with me, he said;" Give him a haircut like a man, shirt clippered sides and a short top as his mother wants". At this point, tears were in my eyes, I just didn't cry because I didn't want to create scene in front of so many people. The barber quickly took a spray bottle and a comb and started wetting different parts of my hair with a smirk on his face. Afterwards, he took a scissor and lifted a big section of hair from the back and then chopped it off. In this manner, one after the other section was getting chopped off and the only sound which was filled in the barber shop at this moment was; Scrunchhhh, schrunchhhh, schhhhhhrunch, shcruccnnchh. When the hair was short enought to get clippered, he took out a clipper and fixed number 2 guard on it, at this moment, tears started to roll over my cheeks. Then with a huge thud, the old big oster clippers came to life. The sound of clippers filled the barbershop, the barber roughly pushed my head forward till my chin was touching my chest. Then he lifted my hair with a comb and plunged the clippers in my nape, he shaved strip after strip and hair was gathering all over my shoulders, some of the hair also made there way to the ground and joined the pile of early chopped hairs. At this point I was very much sexually aroused. After the clippering was done, he again took the spray bottle and started wetting my top hair. Then he held one section of my hair between his fingers just leaving an inch under his fingers and mercilessly chopped whatever came above his fingers. Section after section was chopped in this manner. Alot of wet, freshly chopped hair was gathering on the orange cape. When the haircut was almost done, he started to shave any loose hairs around my parameter with a straight knife razor, at this point I ejaculated and struck my hand in my pants and tried to hide it.
Then he took off the cape and my dad tipped him well and paid a we went home.
The moment we arrived at our house, my mom was the one who opened the door, she was very excited. I didn't talk to anyone and went to my room crying.

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