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Story of Hair fetish by Sam From India

After much of thinking and reading stories on this site I finally decided to write a story actually the real life exp of myself turning into a hair fetisher so this is my first attempt to write a story and here it goes....

I was 15 years old and was given an warning regarding my hair lenght at school, I used to hate to go to barber for a haircut as in India school haircut for boys used to be a sort of buzzcut done by scissors over comb. No questions used to be asked, you sit and the barber will cut all the hair that will come over his comb and I hated this cut from the bottom of my heart.

despite of many warnings at school i used to keep my hair wet or sleeked making it appear to be not long. But one day I had a last warning from my school otherwise my parents would have been called so finally I decided to go to the place i used to hate. THE BARBERSHOP.

I used to try new barbers as i had just started taking interests in haircuts but didnt like to get short haircuts. so finally my turn came. I nervously sat in the throne of hair slaughter the barber chair.The barber wrapped the white cape around my neck I felt as if there is no escape now, without asking anything he started spraying my hair with water and combing it. he parted it to hard side, taking scissors in hand he asked "Short?". I said no I want it longer on top and he can shorten the sides and back. which he just listened but he was determined to cut my hair short.

And with that he lowered my head and the hair snipping started wet snippets of my black hair started to fall on the white cape. Soon my back hair were cut short. the barber came to the side and started cutting from my sidburn, he folded my ear and cut off hair the came above his fine comb. i could watch the proceeding in the mirror, more hair fell in my lap. He made my sideburn very short very near to my earlobe. The other side also met the same fate. Now the top hair were only longer. I was hoping that the barber will keep some length on top as I had told him earlier, but he stood in front of me blocking my view of the mirror & he lowered my head and started cutting hair from the front gradually cutting the hair which came over his comb. i could just see the hair falling on the cape was not able to see how short he was cutting.
this moment I had mix of emotions of surpise, scare & worry at the same time. I was worried if the barber will cut to too short I wanted to tell the barber not to cut it very short but somehow i could not speak to him about it, lots of hair came off as he went from front to back, he repeated the same process again, the white came soon became black as all my hair covered it there was a heap of hair in my lap. finally the barber moved away i could see myself in the mirror & to my badluck it was the same short haircut I hated, but I was not able to do anything about it that time, I felt helpless. Then I saw myself in the mirror with me caped up- the caped covered with all my hair which were on my head a moment before, at this moment there was a mix of emotions going in my mind, feeling of helplessness, feeling of how my class mates would react to this look, hating the barber as he made me a zero from a hero. all of the sudden I felt like i will wet my underwear. I felt embarressed but couldn't control it, It just came out... but it was not pee. It was something else.

And this is how I became a fetisher, after that haircut i was addicted to haircuts & I am a die hard fetisher now... but still havent got courage to shave my head. Hope I will get the courage one day.
Thats about it thought i would share here on the board as its real & would like to know if anyone of you had similar experiences.


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