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Fetish razor headshave at last... by Sid

Hey!! I am Sid ,a guy at 21,it was a long time I was in touch with this website and read all stories of this website. So this time I am posting my own headshave experience story. It's a bit long but interesting and fetish for all headshave lovers and for those who are debating to get headshave.

It was since 3 years I was thinking of getting a headshave. I m at my 20s now and had a problem of pattern baldness in my family, and started losing hairs from front after 18.
At that time I was totally against headshaving and I didn't like bald head on myself, but as time passed by I began to thought more about my future hair loss and eventually u shape bald head .I haven't lost my hairs completely from the top but it's deepening day by day. I began to see headshave vedios, photos and read stories of headshaving on internet and found headshave fetish, felt exited watching shaved head guys in my college and outside. By my 21 I decided to get a a headshave once and if possible this year only.
May and June are quite hot and humid seasons here in India and my hairs had also become long enough,and was quite oily too. I was at this time very irritated with my hairs due to hair fall , dandruff & bad hairstyle and thus I decided to get very short haircut this season. I began to think about my haircut and thought wouldn't it be better to get a headshave now .But I was not having courage to do so and was shy to get totally straight razor bald.
I was still exited to get a headshave ,and also get tempted to get it done seeing other guys who have got it done. One day while in college I saw Sam, he was a handsome guy with build muscles, with trendy looks and having most stylish hairs of our college which he often used to get cut with modern trends haircut and recently was having faded haircut which looked rather sexy. "Hey Sam " I called on him and he was just trying to ignore me at first but as I approached him he stood confidently with a smile ,but I was shocked as well as very exited to see him. He was totally bald ,razor shaved.
I asked him "What happened Bhai sab thik to hai ?"(is everything all right)."Ye pura sar takla kyu kara liya"(Why have u gone totally bald)

He replied "Kuch nahi yaar bas, man kiya naya look dene ka aur ganja kara liya (Nothing friend ,just I wished so and got it done to give a new look)
I asked is this only the reason, don't hide man just tell me.
He replied " Are yaar is season me bahut baal jhadta hai aur baalo ki style bhi kharab ho jati hai isse accha hai ki is season me bal ghutwa lo aur takle ghumo, vaise bhi ye aaj kal fashion hai"(Friend in this season there is a lot of hairfall and hairstyle also doesn't comes out good, so it's better to get a headshave and be bald ,by the way bald is fashion these days)
I " OK, Bhai accha hai vaise tum ganje bhi sexy lag rahe ho ,but baal to....."( OK, brother it's good by the way you look sexy being bald, but hairs .......)
He said "Haa ganje hoke sexy aur sporty bhi lagta hai aur isme kya 2-3 mahine me phir baal aa jayega. Me to sab ladko ko is season me headshave suggest karunga .Tum bhi kara lo accha lagta hai"
( Yes ,bald is sexy and sporty too and what's a big deal in that it will grow back in 2-3 months.I would suggest all guys should get a headshave in this season. You should also get it done it feels good)

Now this incident totally changed my mind and boosted my courage to the highest and I decided that yes I would get a headshave and will sport a totally bald look at least once and that too the very next day.I clicked some photos of me from every side of my head , posed in different hairstyle of me and shot a vedio of my head full of hairs. I was too exited and thought of what would I say to the barber "ek dam takla kar do" or "ganja karna hai" or "baal cheel do" or "sar mundwana hai" or "pura sar shave kar do" or " ghutti kar do".(different ways to ask barber to get a headshave) and spend that day to see more headshave vedios on internet.
Finally the next day came, I was sleepless whole night in my hostel room, and thus woke up early at 5:00 am. It was 10 years since my last headshave, when I was a kid. I woke up and the feeling of getting headshave today felt great. The nearby barber opens his saloon at 7:30 am. I thought it would be better to get it done early as the shop will be empty in the morning. Till then I again clicked some pics of me and got ready. I was so excited that I reached the shop at 7:10 ,but it was close as I was leaving the barber came and opened his shop, cleaned his shop and called me.
I was at that time became a little nervous sitting on the chair and told him "sar pura shave hoga" (head will be totally shaved) , he was a bit surprised becoz I had never got my headshaved. I added that there it too much hairfall these days and thus I am getting it done.
After a pause he suggested me to get headshave 2-3 more times after some days to get good hair growth. I replied yes it would be better, I will go for it.
He tide a cape around my neck and started pouring water on my head and massaging my hairs, more water more massage and rub my scalp and hairs nicely to get water deep to the roots, he continued till a few minutes after which he stopped.
Silence everywhere and I heard a sound of the drawer from which cam out a razor and a fresh new blade. I said to myself if I really want to shave my head and the answer came yes.
The barber fitted the razor with the blade and bend my head a little , touched his blade against my wet hairs and started peeling the hairs off.
I got an intense feeling which accelerated my heartbeats. I felt the razor blade peeling my head with a sound of rash , with a cold sensation on my naked scalp. He started from back top of my head shaving off my wet hairs and coming down. The barber repeated the razor shave on back till he got a complete naked scalp. And then came to sides one by one stating from left . I saw my hairs falling off from my head on the cape .I tried to sneak to look in the mirror but not able to see due the barbers hands in front of me. Finally he started shaving off my top and front, rash - rash he rubbed the razor against my scalp and a bulk of hairs fell over my face and cape.
The barber sprayed a little water again on my naked head and started to shave it again for the final touch.
He removed the cape from me and threw my hairs in a dustbin. No more hairs and no more hairfall I thought. I looked at the mirror lastly and oh !! what the hell , it wasn't me anymore . My looks was totally changed, I was having smooth bald razor shaved head at last . My whitish fresh shaved scalp was shining in the morning sunlight. I paid the barber and left saying I will come again next week.
The feeling of tight scalp and stubble on head like a sandpaper is totally unimaginable. As I reached my hostel room my roommate gave a shocking look at me and couldn't recognise me but later knew it was me. "Kya Bhai baal kaha gaye?" (where are your hairs gone brother ? )
I replied nothing just wanted to get a headshave and got it done isn't its looking cool .
He said nice man, seeing you I also wanted to get it done man. I said let's get it done next week with me then.
I took the shower and felt great on my head, water just slipped on my smooth bare head. It's awesome dude I said to my roommate.............

A week after both of us reached the barbershop and got straight razor headshave.....

I will recommend to all guys to get headshave done at least once. For the guys who are struggling with hairfall should definitely get their heads shaved off specially in summers as it improves the hair growth, prevents hairfall, and makes hair dandruff and irritation free.
Hairfall is truly prevented after headshave at least for 2-3 months.
Reason being - you would not be having hairs to fall or hairs too short so no comb is required too, which pulls off long hairs . And preventing hairfall in these months will lead to a good hairs in future, now come on guys you have to sacrifice a little for a better tomorrow.
And lastly I would suggest every guy to get headshave in summers as in this season hairfall is maximum and if you want your hairs to be good then give them some rest and a new life by shaving them off..... go get a headshave be a man. It really feels great , it boost the confidence, removes tension and burden ,and you will be feeling a free man.....

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