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My haircut Experience by Sam From India

Well getting a haircut is like an adventure for an hair fetishist. I have recently moved to a new area.First what I did was the survey of barbershops in this area. found out 4-5 barbershops which i would like to visit. but there was one which i liked the most. It was like a hole in the wall kind of shop. no doors just a shutter a barber chair and just enough place for barber to move. The shop was very old style with all old interior which obviously I love & to add up to a five star thing the barber who owns that shop is a grumpy old geezer kind of barber which i thought will cut my hair shorter than I want it to be.

So today finally as it was a Sunday I gathered courage to go for haircut, after circling all these shops finally I settled for the old barber with his single chair small shop. The barber was old i guess in his late 50s, had his shirt removed and hanged up on a wall on mirror & was just wearing an white undershirt (baniyan what we call it here in India). I Circled his shop with a nervousness of the question of to be or not to be.
Finally when I saw he was about to leave I went in front of him and told i need a haircut.

Now there was no turning back now. It was raining heavily outside and climate was very humid. I asked him whether I can take my shirt off and sit in his chair in a baniyan (refer undershirt), (I love to sit for haircut shirtless). Which he didn't have a problem with so quickly took off my shirt and sat in his chair in white baniyan. watching myself in the mirror at the front and looking at his small shop.
the barber took out the white sheet cape and draped it over me closing it behind my neck with a knot. My hair was already wet from the rains & sweat from outside. he massaged my hair with his rough old hands. It was relaxing. I was already feeling aroused with sitting in his chair and caped up in a white sheet cape. He massaged my hair for 5 minutes and them took a comb & comb everything back. Then finally he took scissors and a thin comb and asked me pura kam karna hai kya?( whether you want short allover)to which as this was my first time i said only sides and back need to be short top can be longer ( side aur piche baarik hoga upar medium hoga.) we that he lowered my hair and I could feel the scissor blade slicing my hair , whatever was left was of the lenght few mm. he did it for full back of my head forming a #2 tapercut. carefully cutting all the short near the ears and at the back. Then after back he came to sides and hair started to fall on my shoulders and started to slide in my lap now I could see how much he was taking down, I was relieved to see he was not going very short, so finally i gave full control of my head to him and knew that I will not say anything and It would be a complete barbers choice haircut. Which I wanted to have from the start.
after finishing both the sides, he cut an arch around my ear and a line at the back with scissors. then he took his straight razor put a new blade. he took some water in his shaving bowl & wet his fingers in it then he wet the area around my ears and at the back , & started stopping the razor over the hairgrown which had escaped the scissor, carving an arch around ears, whatever hair which was sticking on the razor he used throw them on the cape in front of me, as I could see the snippets on the white cape. The cape was filled with my black hair, showing a nice contrast of white and back. He told me my hair are very thin and I am balding sooner, now came the time to cut the top hair he told me that he is not going to shorten it as it wont look good which I agreed, and then again started the raining of hair as he started to chop hair which came over his comb. before doing this he parted my hair to sides, man I looked bald, still I had hair. He was working on my top reducing the hair at this point I was looking down in my lap on the cape as hair were raining on it filling it up with black colour. after some time he made me look straight in the mirror holding my chin up.I felt like i am used to feel when I was a kid when barber used to part hair before making it history. Then he took a roller brush and brushed hair all the way to back kind of slicked look. My forhead looked wider as of my receding hair line. he took a puff and powder and powdered it at the back and over the ears, I thought the cut was over then he took the razor again and thin comb. I was wondering what is come next, when he started running the comb and the razor behind it allover my head, I had razor thinning done first time in my life with every pass of razor there used to come some hair which he used throw in my lap which made me get excited. I was loving this treatment & the razor thinning was like icing on the cake. I met orgasm when he did razor thining allover my head. I saw one of the aunt from my building watching me haircut from a shabby barbershop, I had the feeling of happiness, excitement & fear at the same time.

But i enjoyed the cut to fullest & I have finally found the barber I like I think so...

Thanks let me know if you liked it as I have written as I got it.

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