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Barbershop by Paul2

I borrowed ideas from several stories I like and made my own........

I was already 26 but my stepdad insisted I experience a proper haircut at his regular barbershop. The barber called next and when I pretended not to hear, my stepdad grabbed my arm and pulled me off the waiting chair and sternly said: “get in that chair this instant or you can check into a hotel because you’re not staying in my home with that mop”. I got up and walked like a condemned man slowly to the barber’s chair. I climbed up and sort of slouched down in the chair as if the barber needing to reach further would spare a little length on my hair. It had the opposite effect; he got a little annoyed with me. He grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me up and back in the chair at the same time. I was sitting with my butt all the way back in the seat and my back pressed firmly into the back seat cushion.

The barber popped a tissue from the dispenser on the counter, wrapped it around my neck and then pulled the cape over me snapping it very tight at the back of my neck. It literally felt like I had been manacled to the barber chair and could not move.

My step dad walked over to the chair, grabbed the hair on the back of my head/neck and pulled it while saying: “say good bye to this bird’s nest”.
He then turned to the barber and told him I needed to get a real barbershop cut:
“He’s never had a barbershop haircut, can you believe that? give him a short back and sides flat, loose the sideburns and give him nice wide arches around the ears – that should make the cut last. And don’t forget the back, I want it nice and squared off as high as you can get it”

The barber picked up a huge set of electric clippers and switched it on. He attached a small black plastic clip on to the top of it. With the clippers in his hand he pushed the back of my head down and suddenly I could feel the "Buzz" of that machine on my neck. Clumps of my Brown hair fell into my lap as he applied a lot of pressure to the clippers. He moved around to my right side and pushed my head to the left. I could now see in the mirror as he was about to apply the clippers to my sideburns. I was going to ask him to stop but it was too late! He quickly shorn the hair from the side of my head and worked the clippers up to my crown. He worked on this area for a bit to get the hair right down. He pulled at my ear to get it out of the way so that he could run the clippers up behind it. I had not realized it but now I could see with the hair shorn from here how much my right ear was protruding! I could now feel his fingers rubbing the remaining stubble on this side of my head! He then moved over to my left side and pushed my head to the right and proceeded to give this side the same treatment as for the far side. I was powerless in the chair as he mowed away my good hair growth! When this was done he straightened up my head and now looking in the mirror I had "2" protruding ears!

Now the guy took off the small blade attachment and just with the clipper blade shortened my sideburns, however, my stepdad approached me, grabbed my chin and turned my head to the side, then he addressed the barber and reminded him to take them all the way off “no sideburns for this clown, if he wants to act like a little kid he should look like one, take them off”– he wanted them even w the tops of my ears. The barber tilted my head to the side once again but I pulled away, angering my uncle even more “do you want to end up with a hnt Paul?” – “no sir” I said – “then keep still!!” – he then addressed the barber again “I want them str8 with the tops of his ears”. The barber then started marking a crisp line high over my ears on both sides and down the back of my neck. Then I felt my head pushed deep into my chest - the blade buzz into my neck as he cut into my hairline and "marked" a straight line right across. He then lathered my neck and with the wet razor cut away all hair up to this line. He picked up a hand mirror and with it let me see the back of my head in its reflection. I could see that there was a dead straight fine crisp line high on my neck, about 2 inches of my neck hairline had been shaved clean away. It was such a perfectly defined square, there was no mistaking I had just been severely barbered and assured, unlike a taper, that I would need another barbershop visit soon to keep it looking blocked in such an extreme way. When I tilted my head slightly forward this tight straight line became bow shaped as it stretched with my tilting! Worse than this my ears stuck out from the back and I felt because of this he had made this shaved neck finish to show them off at their best!!

The shaving continued around my ears – my stepdad, once again, approached the barberchair and told the barber to shave it higher around the ears – that maybe this way Id learn to get haircuts when I need to and not wait to be forced into getting one – the barber then shaved a whole inch around them assuring no hair would even get close to touching my ears ever again.

The top was then cut into a flattop, which lasted for at least 20 min as he cut and recut little bits to make it perfectly flat and square – I looked like a dork from 1950.

I was dusted w talcum, and when the cape was removed and I got up, my stepfather approached, gave me a couple of gentle slaps on the cheek and said: “there ya go, no more looking like a homeless guy – how does it feel to get your hair cut at a man’s barbershop and not a woman’s salon?”
I didn’t know what to say and just smiled sheepishly.
He paid the barber and we left….

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