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Haircutting Experience at saloon, India by Rahul_hairfetishguyindia

Hello guys.
I am Rahul from indore, i am publishing my 3rd story of my haircutting in indore saloon.

i am having haircut fetish since childhood, it was always an important event for me getting ready for haircut.
i always do search local saloons near by areas & this time i am going to a small saloon with 4 chairs, on sunday a bit rush in saloon, waiting 2 more guys before me, barbers in the shop are all young guys. I was always been soo afraid of getting haircut from new barbers, all though i love to try the different techniques of barbers.
i was waiting for my turn, the sounds of scissors makes my heart beat soo fast, by watching others haircut my was in standing position & i always try to hide below my hands folded.
so now was my turn, my hairs is kind of silky shiny fine 5inch type mop of hairs, my forehead is always covered with my hair flicks & a bit over my ears.
so barber called me, aaeye bhiya aapka turn hai, (come dude you are next for haircut) my chair was interior corner one,
barber covered me with a white cape, barber asked me how would you like to have your haircut?.. barber said, you have nice dense medium long hairs, he was playing my hairs with his hands between this talks.. i said, i wants medium length point cut, do not cut it short just give me a trim with same hairstyle flicks like justin bieber. he said ok.
He opened a drawer & took a wide teeth comb & a scissor i dint notice that was thinning shear. he dint wet my hairs, he was started combing my hairs to front & sides, my forehead is covered with my fringes touching my eyes, now he started the action as i said i dint notice he is having thinning shears with him, he pushed my head down, & chopping with scissors & wide tooth comb from back side, he cuts again & again with combing after every cut, i was in shock & thinking i told him not to cut too short, & barber is cutting & cutting, now i looked a bit upper in mirror & i saw lots of long hairs falling on shoulder & stucked hairs in thinning scissor & in comb too, i was in full standing position, it was my favorite part of haircutting,.. but on dry hairs & before starting haircut this type of wild thinning it was great to watching, now he came side of me over my ears with lots of hairs in comb, Silky hairs falling on white cap on lap, now he started wildly on my sides hairs, same cutting pattern with wide comb & cut repeated many times, after each cut lots of hairs falling short & full lenght & then he did on the other side too, now comes the crown part he is still wildly thinning out, this time i feels falling hairs on my nose, on my eyes & falling on my lap.
i was cummed that time during the crown part thinning cut.
now he massaged my head & took the cutted hairs out, hairs are falling over white cape touching my face & ears.
thinning scissor session is now ends, he took other type of comb with fine & wide tooth & wetting my hairs, he combed side parted my hairs, water is dropping from hairs ends over cape & face, he now combed in a good manner side part,
he took a scissor & started cutting scissor over comb technique on back, i was enjoying a lot, as that was my first haircut in indore, barber was very good with their techniques, as i needed a long haircut he dint took much time to done my back side & came on sides & crown part, he did just trimmed on crown & front line by combing all hairs front side, he was bit harsh sometimes when he comb my hairs from side to making it front, due to medium length wet hairs it was a bit heavy during combing even me too feels the heavy feel of flicks, he given me a good front line cut which was touching my eyes, now trimming ends here, now he hot blower dry my hairs with combing to front like justin bieber type flippy hairs, now all my hairs getting a sexy look, now he took a scissor & cutting the end for getting points of flicks. He just ends with a smile with blow dryer & yes a cute smile on my face also.

so it was a very unexpected haircutting Experience of thinning scissors sessions & getting justin bieber type flippy hairs. Other barbers also appreciating his work by seeing my perfect hairs.

with a great memorable my haircut story ends here, please give your precious comments here or mail me hairfetishguyindia@gmail.com.

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