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Tight cape. by Mattew

This is a true story.
Hello, I am a young man i've 19 year old, and since I was 13, I dreamed of this moment. As a child I liked to play the barber with my grandfather, took huge sheets and gave them clutching his neck, pretending to give him a beard, also over time I also developed a passion for ties and sometimes I could tie me by my grandfather for game. As time passed I combined these two "fetish" and yesterday I heard for the first time. For about two years often change barber, but since I live in a small town the choice is not much. I attend barbers looks a little dated, those barbers still old-fashioned, so I can afford to go there with a tie, the tie feeling and tight coat is unparalleled in the neck. These days I lost a bet with my friends and I had to shave my head, I had a great desire to do it but at the same time I was afraid that my mother did stories but it was not so. Yesterday, September 16, 2016 I come to the barber in blue shirt and dark blue tie jilet dark blue. The barber was shaving a customer, both staring at me and I shake his tie, not knowing what to do / say. A last toccatina my thick hair, and chair. The barber puts me a red cape around his neck, I ask you to tighten it to prevent hair from falling over his shirt and he does so with force. Then he asks me what he could do for me, and I told him I wanted to be shaved everything. He asks me if I'm sure, I nod. I feel the blades back and sides while holding my head firmly and my chin touching the sternum. Then begins to mow over and wrapped excitement ask him if he could make them shorter, he immediately changes the clipper and takes half a millimeter and starts to shave yet forcefully. Eventually takes shaving cream and razor and finish me all the sides and back, lever my clothes and even adjust my tie, gives me a pat on the back and says they are a fashion, I pay and walk out proud and excited.

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