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my foolish haircut by sanjay

hello friends ;i a 4th grade student and my name is Sanjay , i am here to express a situation which i have faced last month with my haircut that i have ever get before in my life ,it is actually a foolish haircut that gave me a bad impression among my friends at school ,i feel shame to face them because of this bad haircut that my mummy forcefully put on me ,every one whom i come across will stare at me looking on my face having a laugh in their mind ;my friends at school laughed and teased me a lot at the school when i went to school with this bad haircut and that teasing last for one week after the haircut; any how now it is the time to get another haircut but my mummy was totally impressed with that foolish haircut and she had told me two days back that this time also she is planning to give the same haircut that i get last time and she is so happy to see me in that haircut ;i pleased not to get the same haircut but she is not willing ;i don't know what is going to happen in this week any how i am hopping nothing bad will happen
This story happen one month before on September 25th and it was a Sunday where my mummy had planned to go for an outing along with me in the evening for monthly purchase which we will be doing every month ,as per the plan we will be first go to a barbershop for my haircut and later we will go to hypermarket for purchase this will be my mum’s plan every time and that same plan was implemented on that day also ,we first approached to a barbershop
On the mid way my mum had told me something regarding my haircut which actually trilled me until she revealed the surprise to me at the barbershop; the words she speaks out gives excitement but later it made burden on me "i am going to give you a surprise haircut " she told
Yes ;usually all the time you get a normal and same haircut but today i am having a plan of try something different ;what is your opinion?
Tell me what is your plan?
That is surprise ;be patient for ten minutes until we reach the barbershop
Ok ,i said ;but one thing i understood before we reached there, she had a plan of get a fancy haircut for me this time but i don’t know what is it until i was seated in the chair for haircut in the barbershop
I was shocked hearing what she spokes to the barber regarding the haircut ;i looked on her face while she was explaining how my hair to be look like after having the haircut ;but she gave a smile looking at me as she believe that i will be more happy with the haircut she demanded to the barber i pleased to hear not to get that haircut when she told about the haircut but she convinced me telling that "you will be more cute in that haircut and you will definitely ask the same next time if you get this once"
Mum, everyone will laugh at me if i get that haircut
No son, it is only your belief so get that haircut one time and realize what will happen next
As there is no way to escape from that i sit calmly with a dull face to became a joker ,the words that she spoke to the barber came again and again in my mind several times while i get that foolish haircut and those words increases my heart beat
When we reached there at barbershop the shop was empty so i was directly get seated for my haircut; the barber welcomed me with a smiling face and caped me with a green color cloth when i was seated on the chair; while capping my mum came near to barber and explained everything that make a big burden on me
This time i am having the plan of trying something different on his hair
Tell me madam how can i help your son; what is your demand?
I think this time he will go for a mushroom haircut
Mushroom haircut! It is quiet easy job for me
Yes ,i know it will be easy for you but i need him back with a modified mushroom haircut and you must follow me to get it
What all modification should i follow?
Listen, first give decent trim all over to reduce the hair length then get a mushroom haircut with clean shave at nape and side not leaving anything under the hair line
That means you are demanding a shaved mushroom haircut
Yes, i need my son s haircut to be noticeable with its beauty and i need him to be different among the others and he should be highlighted in a crowd with his unique haircut
Hearing my mum barber took the clipper and comb in his hands seeing that i closed my eyes as i am not will to see that entire process but my mum’s words struck several times which hurt my mind
I didn’t heard the snipping noise of scissors only one word mushroom cut.....mushroom cut....mushroom cut....mushroom.......and that was from my mind
After sometime the barber called me as waking someone from a sleep "it is over" hearing that i slowly opened my eyes to see me as a joker and that first sight that i saw in the mirror in front of me was mind blowing
I can’t even realize that as a truth for some time until i saw every one whom i come across only stare at me when i and my mum comes out of the barbershop;on the very next day at school who ever i saw was laughing at me and many of my friends teased me a lot for this foolish haircut and ;i am totally regretted with it for about two weeks
My mum’s believe that i will be happy with that haircut but that bad haircut only gives burden for me and now i am afraid of getting it again but my mummy is not hearing my words ;i don’t know what is going to happen this month ;whether i have to get the same haircut this time or my mother change her decision any how i am hoping the best favoring to me to be happen in the next week

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