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It's Not What I Wanted by Teddy (recovered)

It's Not What I Wanted
By Teddy

Marty looked in the mirror. His crowning glory shone back at him. Long, thick, wavy locks covered his head. He lovingly brushed them, applied a touch of gel, and got out the blow dryer. He loved his hair and he enjoyed the time he spent caring for it. He was a big man on campus, letter man in two sports and an academic all-star. He also had girls lining up for the chance of his asking them out. It was the spring semester of his sophomore year and life was good. Marty was looking forward to playing on the varsity baseball team. Practice was about to start. Coach Ryder called a meeting of all players. As the meeting got underway, Marty looked around the room. There were several guys he knew from Football and Basketball. But there were some guys he hadn`t seen since little league. Coach Ryder announced that he wanted the Seniors to buddy up with the Sophomores to show them the ropes and teach them the "Tiger Way." Marty got teamed up with Jack Edwards, like him, a shortstop, and a great athlete. Unlike Marty, Jack sported an old fashioned flat top haircut. Jack was a really nice guy and he told Marty how they needed to work together so that Marty would be ready to be the first string shortstop. Marty was excited about that.

That Saturday, Marty invited Jack over to work on some basics. Marty`s dad was home working in the garage when Jack came over. When Jack had gone, Marty`s dad called him into the kitchen. Marty was just getting out of the shower and came downstairs with his hair still wet. "Marty, your new pal Jack certainly has a sharp looking haircut." "Oh come on dad, that block head look is so last century. My hair is fine just the way it is."

The season began and Marty found himself hanging around with Jack quite a bit. They even double dated a couple of times. Marty`s dad had taken Marty over to Jack`s house one weekend and noticed that Jack`s two brothers sported the same sharp flat tops as Jack. Jack`s dad came out of the house. The father`s had met briefly at a parents meeting but did not know each other well. On this occasion, Marty`s dad complimented Mr. Edwards on the "fine haircuts your son`s have." Mr. Edwards grinned broadly. "Jack `s mother had them in long hair for years. When Jack got into sports, I convinced him to try a flat top. He wasn`t crazy about the idea at first. But, I took him up Cooperstown to the Baseball Hall of Fame and showed him some of the greats who sported that cut. I told him that he would be honoring them if he wore the cut. In fact, every summer, I get one myself."

That Summer, Marty`s dad took him up to Cooperstown to see the Hall of Fame. Cooperstown, NY is a nice little town and has a couple of fine barber shops, in addition to the Hall of Fame, the Farmer`s Museum and the James Fennimore Cooper House. After they had visited the hall, Marty`s dad took him into a little cafe for lunch. He told Marty that their next stop was the barber shop. You and I are getting flat tops, just like your pal Jack. This is a way you can honor the greats of the game, like Roger Maris, he hit his home run record without the help of any performance enhancers." "But dad..." "No buts, Marty, this is happening. And get used to it. You and Jack can be haircut buddies when you get home. It just doesn`t make sense for you to spend all that time on your hair when you are playing sports all year."

Marty knew when the battle was lost and followed his dad into the shop. "Yes sir," said the barber, "you`re new to my shop." Marty`s dad explained that they had just visited the Hall and were inspired to get haircuts like the great Roger Maris. "Two flat tops coming up!" Marty emerged from the barbershop lightheaded, and looking like a different young man. His father looked about 10 years younger and was smiling broadly as he rubbed his hand up and down the back of his head. "Man, these haircuts are the greatest," his father said. "I wish I could keep this all year, but my boss thinks I need the gravitas of some hair, so I can only get one flatty a year." Marty snorted and said "I feel like I could use some of that gravitas for football too, maybe I should start growing mine back." "No way, boy," his father retorted, "its flat and its staying flat."

Marty got used to having a flat top but didn`t really like it. He had to admit that that it was much easier than long hair when it came to getting up and out in the morning and after practice. Jack was pleased to have his buddy joining him for flat tops the rest of the summer. But when Jack came home at Christmas, Marty was shocked to see his hair had grown out. "Dude," Marty said, "the hair looks great man." Jack smiled. "It's my new girlfriend`s doing. Dad is being cool with it, but I know he is disappointed. The other boys are pushing to let him grow theirs." He asked me to ask you if you`d be their haircut buddy and keep them flat." "Oh man, I thought this was my ticket back to "hair-ville"," said Marty. Look Buddy, if I do this for your dad, you have to convince my dad to let me have hair like yours when you come home for the summer." "You're on."

So, Marty became the keeper of the flat top flame for the Edwards boys. As May came around, Marty could hardly wait for Jack to get home. He found himself in the conditioner aisle of the drug store. Jack got home and called Marty and said, I`m coming over to show you my new look. I hope you are ready." The doorbell rang and Marty came down the stairs as his father reached the door. "Jack, it's good to see you, you look great!" "Yeah, dad, I was hoping you`d think so" said Marty," I want to talk to you about having a haircut like his." With that, Jack stepped into the room and to Marty`s shock, had the shortest tightest flat top Marty had ever seen. "What the..." What do you think, buddy?" asked Jack. This is the team cut up at State." Marty`s dad smiled and said, "sure son, that can be your new cut from now on."

The End

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