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Unexpected haircut by Aaron

I like my hair long, and it's always been that way. Getting a haircut wasn't a big deal I would see the same guy every time and he knew exactly how I liked it, but things changed He has currently moved to a different country, with his absence I now need a new barber, Unfortunately my mom made this a real easy decision she sent me to one of those cheap small barbershops hidden in the mall. I treaded through the mall nervous whether the hairdresser would mess up my hair or not. I continued treading through the mall, the three the barbershop was. I could see the logo on the big oblong glass structure that spread across the perimeter of the shop. I gazed inside for a brief second, I saw two nice ladies cutting their clients hair, and from the looks it didn’t seem that bad the shop was full of middle-aged men. There was three chairs, and only two barbers, the other chair had a pile of hair around it.
I entered the shop slowly, all the men looked at my long hair, I took a seat when another barber came in, she grabbed the chair and turned it towards me, "you’re up" she said meanly. I hopped into the chair. The barber or shall I say barberette was buzzed close to the scalp, she wore tattered jeans a black shirt, I got a feeling something was going to go wrong, she fastened a neck strip she had gotten form a nearby dispenser, she fastened it tightly as she said ‘what will we be doing today?" I replied, "Maybe just a trim?" "Alright I’ll make you look like a man in no time". I suddenly got scared
My haircut is always done with scissors, but this time it was different, she grabbed the clippers from her station the roaring of the clippers could be heard all the way through the shop, before I knew it patched of my hair flew away from my head, leaving buzzed patches on my sides, she continued to aggressively press the clippers against my scalp, I stood there shocked, as this was not what I meant by a trim. I took a look at her shirt, which was covered from the hair buzzed off her clients. She had almost finished buzzing away at my hair, before I knew it she brushed the clippers back on my forehead after she took a moment to switch to a longer guard. I could feel my long bangs fall to the floor with the rest of my hair, as it piled up. I never knew the amount of hair I had. Meanwhile I drew attention to myself by all the other men getting there haircut, they gazed in amazement. The barber kept going over what was left of my hair to make sure NO bits of hair would remain after the intense clippering. I stood there struck with a nervous sensation. My hair has never been sort before, this was a total change for me I wondered what my friends would think, my thoughts were cut short (get it?) when the roaring of the clippers stopped, she undid the cape and removed the neck strip "I think we’re done Come back again!" I paid her money for whatever reason and made my exit as I ran to the bathroom, I looked at myself, with little to no hair. This was a disaster, but then I began to realize it wasn’t that bad, it felt nice maybe it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

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