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02 Charity's New Man by burrlypup

*Perspective changes to Dylan*

Sunday, 10am:

"So, you never told me this girls name?" Rob asked as he glided the razor over my head.

"Charity." I replied.

"Well, at least you can say you shaved your head for 'Charity' if anyone asks and you wouldn't be lying." Rob laughed as he rinsed the blade.

"You're right! How am I going to explain going from hair to my shoulders to absolutely none? My mom is going to freak out, she loved my hair." I said as I felt the side of my head that Rob shaved smooth again. For so long I couldn't imagine getting a short haircut and now I was becoming obsessed with the slightest stubble. Fortunately, Rob had been shaving his head since he was on the high school swim team, so he was an expert at shaving a head totally smooth.

"You like to try new things, and this is definitely new." Rob winked at me, then took a hot wet towel and wiped my head with it. It felt amazing as he massaged in some aftershave.

"I'm open to trying more new things," I said as I pulled Rob in close by the the waistband of his briefs and he leaned in for a kiss.

"I'm glad you're so open minded, Dylan." I just smiled back.

Sunday, 1pm:

The gym was perfectly empty. It was great not having to wait for any equipment. Then I saw her. Charity was doing squats in her hot pants and while she rested for a moment, she caught my gaze and smiled at me. I started to walk over when an imposing figure came into view: her new beau, Brad. He grabbed her butt and kissed her, and all I could think was 'Enjoy it while it lasts, buddy.' Brad was much bigger than I, with a solid 30 lbs more muscle. If he wasn't such a jerk I'd probably ask to workout with him, but his vanity ran deep and he didn't miss a chance to boast his muscles or his hair. His hair! I glanced over and noticed it was already shorter than Friday. The thick ginger braid reached his knees just days before, now it was bluntly cut to his waist. Almost two feet of hair was gone!

I continued to workout and every so often I caught another glimpse of Charity working her charms on a mesmerized Brad, stroking his muscles and long braid of fiery red hair. I overheard her say something about 'donating his hair' and how 'generous' he was. I smiled as I realized her game changed with each dude. Before my workout was over, I heard Brad agree to donate another foot of his magnificent braid - then Charity writhed her body against his and as I walked towards the locker room, I saw the two enter a tanning booth, with Charity's shears visible in her back pocket. Still curious, I occupied the booth next to them so I could hear everything.

"Let's do this." Brad said emphatically.

"Are you sure you want to cut this much off, Brad? I'm sure any little girl would love the two feet you already donated." Charity dug in her claws and twisted.

"No, you were right, I can always grow my hair back."

"So here, at the nape sweetie?" My jaw dropped. There was silence for a moment.

"No, let's do that thing you were talking about with the clippers where you shave off every last inch."

"Oh honey! I wasn't being serious." She went on.

"No, I've made of my mind. It doesn't make a huge difference if we cut it at the nape or all off." Brad explained, obviously now completely seduced by Charity's charm.

Then I heard the two kiss, and within seconds, the sound of clippers. I could hear Brad purr through the paper thin walls. Within five minutes, the clippers fell silent and I heard a loud thud as I imagined the thick red braid hit the floor.

"Thanks so much sweetie, I'll go send this off right now. Are you coming over tonight? I promise I'll make it worth your time." Charity asked.

"Anything for you sweetie." The last word cut off by the two kissing. My curiosity was quenched and I headed off to the showers.

Ten minutes later in the locker room showers:

So maybe I did dawdle for a bit, as I looked forward to seeing the makeover I audibly experienced moments before, and I was not disappointed. Brad took the shower next to mine and I got a good glimpse of his clipped bare head. It was a sight to see his long ginger hair flow beneath the water, but now only a dense coppery pelt adorned his scalp.

"Hey! Dylan, is that you?" Brad practically shouted. I acted surprised.

"Hey! Yeah! Wow, where's your hair man!?" I kind of shouted back.

"I could ask you the same thing, no more man bun?"

"No, I needed a change. Seems you did, too!" I replied.

"Yeah, my babe thought it would be cool to donate some of my hair to kids who can't grow any. So I one upped her and told her I would donate every last inch."

"Man, that is some commitment! At least we're rocking the same hairstyle." I said as I rubbed my smooth head.

"Wow, that is short! Mind if I cop a feel?" Brad asked, holding out his hand, so I nodded yes and he gave my head a firm rub. I expected him to withdraw but he kept rubbing my bald head as if something clicked.

"This feels so awesome! I have a razor in my gym bag, maybe I should go all the way, 'skin bald' ... what do you think?" Brad asked me, and of course I agreed. Maybe I was helping Charity get her way, or maybe I was depriving her of peeling away that last bit of stubble. Either way I didn't want to miss out on some prime male bonding that could lead to a new gym buddy.

A few moments later, with towels around our waists at the gym sinks, I helped lather Brad's head and he ran the razor down the middle of his head, then touched the smooth skin. The same reaction every time he cleared another strip of shaving lather. I offered to shave the back of his head and he complied. I stretched the skin taut as Charity had done with me so I could shave as close as possible. After a few minutes, all of the red stubble was in the sink and Brad stared into the mirror. With a quick rinse, his scalp was visibly whiter than his face. Brad took a selfie to show Charity his gleaming bald scalp.

"She loves it!" Brad exclaimed, before reading her next message. 'Hey sweetums, I'm sorry but I have to work tonight. Can we meet up next weekend?' His smile relaxed and he messaged her back, 'Sure!'

As much of a jerk as Brad had been in the past, it was depressing seeing him lose his awesome mane for a girl who probably had another three dudes lined up.

"Hey, my girlfriend has to work, would you like to hang out?" Brad asked, to which I simply nodded and rubbed his bald head.

"Welcome to the club." I told him.

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