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The clippers.. by Hudson Mello

I was in my high school years, my hair was always long and that's how I liked it. Never had it been short, to me my hair had always kind of defined me Never have I got it cut short in my life. Every time I get a haircut which isn't often, I go to the same guy. He's perfect he knows exactly how I wanted it. Haircuts have never been an issue, until now. The barber I always go to had moved to a different country for a couple years, with his absence I had to have found a new barber, unfortunately my mom made this a very easy choice, the following saturday she sent me into the mall to get my haircut, and this time she wanted it short. She dropped me off my the mall and left after telling me where to go. I walked in the mall with fear, as this could only mean bad news for me. Soon I could see the barbershop from a distance, it was one of those cheap tiny little barbershops hidden in the malls, I traded fearfully getting closer and closer, I gazed through the big oblong glass with the logo and some writing on it "Men's barber shop". I stared it to see three buzzed female barbers clippering away at their client's. The men all were sitting down waiting for there cut. The floor was covered with sheared hair. I slowly walked in as the doorbell sounded off, everyone there froze and looked at my long hair, as not many people have long hair where I live. The barbers then went back to buzzing there clients. I took a seat on the bench and waited for my turn.

Soon one of the barbers spun her chair to me demandingly, without word I quickly jumped in as the guy who she had just finished payed her and left. She wore tattered jeans and a cotton black shirt, her skin was of dark color and her hair was cut close to the scalp, she had a waves in her short hair, I looked at her shirt and I could see patches of buzzed hair all clinging onto her clothes. "What can I do for you". My mom asked me to get it cut a bit shorter this time despite my wishes. "Alright, just trim it up but not to short". She didn't really listen, instead she just proceeded to grab her clippers and attached a guard. Never has my hair been cut with clippers before, I always got scissor cuts. She took some of the tape from a nearby dispenser and tightly fastened it. She than took her comb and aggresively combed out of my long hair, I could hear the roaring of the clippers as she turned it on before clippering my hair, patched of my hair flew out my head, with the absence of the hair it felt weird. Soon more patches of hair flew down to the floor as she forcefully clippered my hair, I couldn't believe what was happening I started to think what would happen if my normal barber never moved away. My thoughts were cut short as she went over my buzzed back and sides again as hair tumbled down the cape. I felt the wind alot more with my buzzed hair.

She then took her clippers and put a slightly longer guard, she then brushed the clippers back my long bangs and forehead as she gripped my scalp to keep it still, the hair continued to fall down and add to the colleciton of the other sheared hair. Soon she was finished but she continued to shear my hair so absolutely no hair was left after the clippering. She than turned off the clippers and untied the cape "Is that short enough?" She asked inquisitively. I replied "Yes, yes! It's fine". I couldn't believe it, my hair was a disaster I felt my fuzzy buzzed hair realizing practically all my hair was gone. I could hardly go a day without touching my hair, but now theres hardly any hair to touch, I payed her and left. I ran straight to the restrooms.

I looked in the mirror to see my buzzed head. "Oh my god..." I looked in horror before realizing it wasn't that bad. I only feared of what my friends would think

From there on I always went to this barbershop to get my hair clipped short and tidy.

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