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Obsession by Fantasy Weaver


1: I hate using the word "brunette" to describe black-haired people, and the phrasing "the dark/black-haired person did this and that" is too long. So I use the word "raven" to describe Sebastian as dark-haired without wording it that way.
2: This originally contains explicit content. It has been edited for this site.
3: The story will be divided into ten parts.
4: I have compared my writing style to others on this site. You might not like my writing style, and yet you might like it. If you like it, awesome, if not, oh well.
-Fantasy Weaver


Part one


It all started one February afternoon, after classes, when he saw that the bridge was closed to pedestrians.

On his usual route home from his high school, Sebastian always had to pass over this bridge. However, it had collapsed on itself and workers now blocked the pass to drivers and pedestrians alike. It was nothing too major, Sebastian thought. He would just have to pass through the city. Perhaps he would be able to catch up to his friends if he moved quickly enough.

Nicolas and Scarlet were his two best friends. They formed a small group of teens that were outcasts by "normal" standards. Nicolas, with his clownish attitude and small frame were an easy target for bullies. Scarlet, with her natural fiery red hair and small chest was always teased and branded as "ugly" the moment she entered her freshman year.

Him, Sebastian, was tall, well built but lean with regal good looks. What was the problem? He had crippling social anxiety, that was the problem. He made himself as small as could be, never spoke and was terribly shy. He had trouble speaking with teachers he even liked. However, no one would dare speak ill of or confront the other two if he was in the vicinity. His timid nature hid a feral beast that could bludgeon lesser mortals if one would dare bully his friends. Most got so scared they would never speak of it.

But what made the three really outcasts was the fact that they were bisexual. Most people in the school knew, which made them targets for all kinds of humiliating treatments. Nonetheless, the three stuck together until this, their senior year, and with only a few months left, they were more than ready to attend college.

Sebastian now took to the streets of the place he had grown up in. He knew the roads like the back of his hand and in no time at all, was able to catch up to his duo of oddballs.
"Sebastian? Why are you here?" Scarlet asked.
"My road’s blocked off, so I’m taking the long way around" he replied casually.
While shy, the raven haired teen was able to speak perfectly in the presence of the two. It was good, better even than talking to his parents. Well, better than talking to his father particularly.
"Sweet!" Nicolas cheered, happy that their social circle would be complete for a few days. "That means I can tease you even more than usual" he grinned.
The three ensued in conversation, joking, laughing, making remarks about the people they didn’t like; all things any teenagers would speak of.

They passed by shops. They stopped by a grocer to buy pastries to snack on while walking home. Different buildings went by; clothes boutiques, jewelry stores, restaurants. Sebastian was oblivious to all these, as were his red-haired and blonde friends.

However, one building had him lifting his eyes up from under his dark fringe -something he kept long to hide his face, being shy as he was. It was a quaint one-story building in front of a bench by the sidewalk. A bell was displayed over the door on the right hand side while a large window took up most of the left side and then some. The teen figured if one would open the door, the bell would give off a small chime. Beside the door was a red, white and blue pole.

He chanced a glance inside the window. It was a barbershop, evidently, as there was a chair right there in front of the mirror. A client was sitting in the chair, caped and getting a haircut. The barber attending him looked no older than twenty-five. His looks intrigued Sebastian.

The man was suffering from some skin disease for sure; one that affected his hair and eyes as well. Probably albinism. His skin was pale and his hair was nearly platinum white and had gleaming red eyes. In different lighting, the eyes could almost appear pale purple.

To say his interest was piqued was an understatement.

Sebastian didn’t think it was his looks that did it. Mind you the barber’s white smile made his knees wobble. It was the way he cut…and combed…and shaved…and essentially did his job as a barber. He couldn’t help but stare as he and his two friends walked by. Time moved as if it was in slow motion, but all too soon he could no longer see inside the shop.

Nicolas and Scarlet noticed nothing.

The next day, after classes were over, Sebastian told his friends to go ahead of him as he had something to do. They obliged without a word.

Truthfully, the raven had been thinking about the barber all day. He had been on his mind ever since he caught a glimpse of the man in his shop. Through his classes, he tried dispelling the thoughts of the good looking man, but it was all for nothing; a losing battle. After having slapped himself mentally, he told himself he would walk alone, take a closer look at the man, and then he would be okay. He had to be.

God was he ever wrong.

As he arrived in front of the shop, he was disappointed to see another barber instead of the beauty he’d seen yesterday. But the man quickly disappeared and lo! The pale-skinned barber came into view. He was just capping up a male client with shoulder-length hair, perhaps a bit on the shorter side. Sebastian, being used to hiding himself from people’s view, easily slid himself just in a spot near the window where he shouldn’t be seen. He was still able to clearly see what was going on though, which made him glad for a reason he’d only find out later.

The barber had spoken with his client, and after what seemed like an agreement, he grabbed a clipper and began shaving the male’s head. This action caused a sort of warm tingling sensation to build in the raven’s abdomen.

In all honesty, the teen had always had a small inkling of a fascination with getting a haircut. His hair was usually attend by his mother’s stylist; a nice lady who did a good job of trimming his hair. He always liked it when, on certain occasions (weddings, family reunions, going to his father’s work meetings as a family) the woman would trim his neck down with a small clipper, just to clean around the edges. It was pleasant. Seeing the barber take a much heavier-duty clipper straight through a man’s hair like that was…

He didn’t have a word for it. He stayed glued there for what seemed like an eternity, observing the confident, no-nonsense strokes the barber’s steady hands made. It was hypnotizing, watching brown locks fall to the floor like that.

But Sebastian soon removed his gaze -reluctantly- from the window. The experience was making him feel things he didn’t think were normal for such an innocent peek at the barber. He left hurriedly, trying to put as much distance between the shop and himself to break the spell that had been woven in his mind. This was the last time he was going to look into that shop. The last time he told himself.

A set of red eyes followed the youth as he took off from his "hiding place". The barber laughed lightly to himself.

He would be back. He just knew it.

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