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Obsession part 2 by Fantasy Weaver


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-Fantasy Weaver


Part two

As much as he tried, over the next three days, Sebastian could not take his mind off the barber and his bout of eavesdropping on a client getting shaved. The thought took up his every waking hour.

He walked with his friends to give himself an excuse to 1: not look at the shop, and 2: to look at the shop anyways. His composure would snap every time he walked by, thinking this is the last time he would peek in. Long after the bridge had been repaired, and he could take his usual route home, did he still take this path.

After the third day he gave in a bit. When he got home, he went straight to his room and opened his computer. He fired up his search engine and sat there, thinking. ‘Take it easy, slow down a minute’, he told himself firmly. At first he had no idea what he was doing, sitting there like an idiot with the image of a certain barber in his mind.

But then his fingers flew over a few keys rapidly. His mind had barely registered that he had written "barbershop" when the search results showed up. As if his hand had a mind of its own, it guided his mouse to "images" and he stared at the pictures flowing onto his screen. He scrolled down and observed.

He was greeted with images of different shops, chairs and whatnot. Some shops seemed as old as their barbers, while others were gleaming and new, more modern. An urge took the raven, and he searched "barber chairs" and was greeted with a fresh result of pictures displaying the different seats.

Some were black leather and chrome, looking more like stylish armchairs, while other’s had age. Some seemed fit for royalty, being made of gleaming gold and black. His favorites were the older looking ones, made of metal and an assortment of either red, white or black cushioned material. They looked like the ones in the shop he liked.

His grey eyes traveled over a picture of one of those chairs in its leaned back position. Sebastian dimly wondered what it must feel like to be reclined in there, having one’s face shaved. Then, an idea popped into mind.

"Face shave" his fingers wrote as they flew over more keys. He pressed the enter key and waited. The images changed again, but he wasn’t satisfied, at all, at the pictures. Men and women alike were shown shaving their faces with a normal disposable razor. He thought for a moment, then retyped. "Barber shave".


Sebastian found himself looking at various men, reclined, face full of lather, getting shaved with some shaving implement he did not know the name of by various barbers. Opening a new tab he quickly did a search on different razors. He found the name of the shaving tool to be a "straight razor" or "cut-throat razor". In the back of his mind he could definitely see that blade slice through skin.

He closed the tab and clicked on one of the picture that caught his attention. The barber was caught mid-motion while sliding his razor over a man’s cheek. It looked nice, to be shaved as such.

But it still wasn’t enough. What more could he search for? Sebastian was thinking of what he could search next, as he thought he wished he could see the shave in action-


With a rapidity that startled him, the teen went on Youtube and searched for a video of a shave in action. He clicked on a video that seemed interesting and sat back to watch, making sure his headphones were plugged and on his ears.

He stayed up until one in the morning, going to bed with his head swimming with images of shaves and barber chairs.


February turned to March. With the coming of spring, Sebastian’s fascination with the barber blossomed.

It had only been a week, but his mind was now firmly attached to the new routine that he had established that first day by looking in the quaint shop. Every day after school, he would stay a good fifteen minutes longer to avoid having to be with Nicolas and Scarlet. Then he would briskly walk the distance to the barbershop, peek inside and, if a client was getting their heads shaved or getting more than just a trim, he would plant himself in his spot by the window and watch. If not, he would look in and force himself to continue on his way.

He would wait until either the client was done with or someone noticed him. On the latter occasions, he would quickly hide his face beneath his bangs and walk swiftly away as if he had never been there. Afterwards his head would be filled with the scenes that would have just unfurled themselves.

When he got home, his routine was mostly unchanged. The raven would be greeted by his mother -a digital artist who worked from home- and, if his father finished work early, give him a curt nod. Unfortunately his older brother, Isaac, was rarely ever home, having already moved into a house of his own with a well-paying job. Thereafter the teen would go up to his room and do his homework until his mother called him down to eat.

After supper however, he would indulge himself in pictures of barbers, shaving implements and do a fastidious research on all things hair. By the time he would drag himself into bed, Sebastian was spent, tingling all over and filled with thoughts of being at the hand of a barber like the one he knew so well and so little of.

The routine would stay like that for a good long while.


"Man, I don’t have my umbrella and it’s raining!" Nicolas whined as he and Scarlet left before him.
"I have mine, and Sebastian has his-" the red-haired girl started.
"I’m staying after school, don’t think you can hide under mine" Sebastian cut in, making his blonde friend complain about stupid friends and being a jerk.

After they left, Sebastian went out of the school building, looking into the overcast March sky. It wasn’t raining hard, but enough to make puddles. And it was still pretty cold from the winter; enough so that his breath showed. He took out his umbrella and tightened his jacket around his shoulders.

The teen did his usual walk in town, anticipating when he would pass by the barbershop. A small, almost imperceptible smile tugged at his lips. He would admit it to himself; this change in his usual routine was welcome.

Being anxious in social situations meant that Sebastian never fully enjoyed going out and doing things other teenagers would. He preferred being at home, doing what he wants, or having Nicolas and Scarlet over to change things up. But going out of his way to get into a certain social situation was unheard of from him.

It had been a week and a half now, since his visits to peek in the shop. And every time he would approach his spot by the window, his face heated up. He was glad his bangs covered his face.

Rain pelted down on the sidewalk and atop his umbrella, leaving droplets of water to fall off the nylon edges. As he came into the vicinity of his now favorite barbershop -though he had never been inside- he was grateful for the way the umbrella could hide part of his face, which meant he could watch from under its edge as he walked by.

To his chagrin, the barber, HIS barber, was already done with his client and was sending the man on his way. He was out the door and ran across the street to a car. Sebastian was left to look at the young snow-skinned man seat himself in the barber chair and open up a book. The man was moving his lips, probably speaking with the other man in the shop, and proceeded to laugh at a remark the older man made.

Sebastian stared at the way this young man sat more comfortably in the seat and crossed one long leg over another. To his surprise, though he had noticed before, he had quite long hair for a barber. One would think with their job, it would be important to keep one of those tightly cut styles, a flattop perhaps, with tapered edges… It showed he had read up about these things, he thought to himself. But no, this man sported a small man bun and had a neatly trimmed beard that seemed to fade into his skin so white it was.

Suddenly the man’s red eyes left his book to gaze directly at Sebastian outside the window. Hunching his shoulder, bringing the umbrella down closer and hiding his face behind his fringe, he made a quick break for it.

Inside the shop, unbeknownst to the teen, the barber smiled and shook his head at the boy’s antics, returning to his book.


The weekend came, and with it, a sense of remorse.

Weekends were now a dreaded thing as Sebastian did not need to pass into town, and thus, could not take a peek inside his barbershop. He enjoyed the time he had to do whatever he wanted, but the day seemed incomplete without his routine peek in the shop.

But, his mother and father had left for the weekend to go to some business trip or another, which meant Sebastian had the house all to himself. At first, he was eager to call Scarlet and Nicolas, to see if they were up for hanging out. But then, an idea came to him.

Before he could even debate what his mind had made up, he was out the door, locking it, and made his way to the nearest pharmacy.

The pharmacy branch was, unfortunately, not in the same part of the city as the barbershop. ‘Soon’, he told himself firmly. As he entered the place, he was hit with the smell of old people and disinfectant, which, in Sebastian’s mindset, seem to be the smell of death in any other situation. He shook his head, reminding himself why he was here.

The raven had a fair amount of money in his name. He wasn’t a big spender, except perhaps when it came to the occasional pastry and his addiction to tomatoes of all things. He had a lot saved up, and he was about to buy something for himself, something which he would keep to himself and not show anyone.

Except the guy at the cash register.

‘Don’t think about it yet’, he thought, giving himself a mental slap on the back. No sooner after the raven had thought this, he set out to work.

Once he found what he was looking for, and jumping slightly at the price tag, he made his way over to the cash register. Thankfully there was no one else in line or in the vicinity. He could feel his heart starting to gallop a bit faster and he took a breath. And he stopped.

He knew the guy at the counter. It was Leo; a senior, like him.

He supposed he was lucky it was JUST him. Leo was lazy and didn’t get much into school gossip. Which, luckily for Sebastian, was a good thing. The guy was laid back, and on a few sparse occasions had been teamed up with him for school projects. While he was lazy, he did his work and did it well and Sebastian found himself being able to talk quite a bit with him. The brown-haired teen said nothing of his fidgety behavior or his meek voice and that had made the raven relaxed and relieved on more than one occasion.

He wouldn’t say they were friends. But they were good acquaintances. This made going to the cash register both frightening, yet okay. He didn’t know how the guy would react. Still, Sebastian took his courage in both hands and walked up to the counter. The kid stifled a yawn over his greeting and scanned the product. The whole time Sebastian kept his head bowed down, knowing full well a blush marred his features.

Leo announced the price while yawning again. Sebastian gave him the money with shaking hands and waited patiently to receive his change.

Once the exchange was over and the purchase was bagged, Sebastian left. He arrived home fifteen minutes later and went straight to his room and into his en-suite bathroom. He self-consciously locked the door though no one was home.

That’s when he carefully removed his purchase from its bag and proceeded to take it out of its packaging. Instructions were read and poured over, and eyes scanned the different accessories that came with the main product.

After carefully placing everything in a line on the bathroom counter, he observed. There were three different plastic guards, one Gillette razor head, a charger and what he had in his hand.

An electric trimmer.

He sat there, in his bathroom, for a long time, simply looking at it. He had placed it in the charger while looking at the other implements and pouring over the instruction manual. It was charged. It was a comfortable weight in his hand, black and blue. Tiny razor blades poked out the top. He hesitated touching them, but then it was off; it would be fine.

His index finger ran over the metal profusions. It was nice, feeling the tiny grooves between each blade. He passed over them a few more times, looking at the tool from different angles. His eyes were squinted to make out every tiny detail.

His grey eyes scanned the thing that seemed so alien in his hand over and over. What had possessed him to buy it? It was a spur of the moment thing. A bit of a carpe diem moment. Still, what was he to do with it? He had no beard to speak of, though he was going to be seventeen in July. There were a few places on his body that had hair. These areas included his underarms, a bit of his chest and most certainly, his crotch area.

First things first: he was going to turn it on to see if it works.

His finger pressed the button to activate it and nearly jumped out of skin. For such a small thing, it made a hell of a lot of noise! He could feel the vibrations caused by the blades and hear the whir of them.

He stood there, with it on for God knew how long. He enjoyed the sound it made. It made a nice warmth gather in his-

His eyes flew open wide when he felt his clothed shaft jolt.

He wasted no time in turning the trimmer off and hiding the set away in his bathroom cupboard. Then he got out of the bathroom briskly and sat in his computer chair.

The next day he was researching about hair again and fell on a word.


He searched a definition of this word. It meant "Love of hair" and encompassed any and all hair-related fetishes.

Sebastian sat there for a long time, thinking.

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