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Obsession part 4 by Fantasy Weaver


1:Some slightly adult content ahead.
2:Some foul language ahead.


Part four


The first week of April brought with it the flowering of trees and Sebastian’s embarrassment budding into acceptance.

His routine stayed the same, but he felt more comfortable in it as opposed to a few weeks prior. When he thought about it, he couldn’t think of a time before he would pass in front of the barbershop. The time seemed long passed; like ancient history. Once or twice, his brother would surprise him waiting at school for him to give him a ride home. This was accepted, but inside Sebastian always felt disappointed when he couldn’t peek inside the now familiar window.

He found it never got boring to stare inside the shop. He felt like an escaped fugitive every time he got noticed, but the thrill of being there, of being on edge the entire time, basking in the way the barber’s hands would cut, style, shave or comb was worth it.

He was just starting to embrace this new sense of satisfaction at watching the barber, looking at pictures and the likes. He didn’t touch himself much when on his computer in his room, but he gave his clothed member a rub or a squeeze every now and then. The pleasure would bring a lazy sort of satisfied grin to his face and he knew he must have looked like an idiot, but he couldn’t care less.

He was watching a male client getting his face shaved by his favorite barber. Those red eyes watched their hands as swipe after swipe was made.

For the first time, Sebastian watched and made note of the exact movement of those hands, watched as the face was denuded and stored the information in his mind for safe keeping. He left before the barber was finished.

As he made his way home, an urge to touch himself manifested itself. He was struck by how much his erection was showing and quickly grabbed a binder from his book bag to hide it. He couldn’t very well walk home like this, what would people think?

He spied the wooded land beside him. He knew for a fact that there were no houses too close, and he shouldn’t be discovered…

The teen told himself this was crazy, but his erection just wouldn’t subside. The rich imagery of the ashen barber shaving a client was just too arousing. With resolve, he went into the forested area and surveyed his surroundings. When he was sure no one would see him, he pressed himself against a tree trunk and did his business.

He did his best to hide the evidence of what he had done and hurried home.


By the end of the first week of the month, Sebastian had added a new twist to his routine. After arriving home, having done his homework and eaten, he would cover up his computer chair and the floor below with towels, put a video on -preferably a head shaving or face shaving video- would take off his pants, get comfortable with his headphones on and masturbate.

When he was done, he would clean his space up and take a well deserved hot shower. Falling asleep after this activity was easy and he felt great the next day.

Nicolas and Scarlet were not oblivious to his change in demeanor.
"You look like you just got laid" Scarlet would tease him.
Nicolas would then laugh his ass off for a good five minutes before Sebastian threatened to knock him on the head.

The peeks at the shop never stopped. His mood seemed to soar upon his arrival there and he felt amazing. For the first time in a long while, the raven felt happy.


The second week of April rolled by.

While witnessing the shearing down of a young male client by the hands of the barber he was pinning after, he thought about how it would feel. What would it be like, if Sebastian were the one in that chair right now, at the mercy of those clippers?

His mind didn’t travel much further than that at the moment.

Perhaps he was scared of what would come of those thoughts.


Sebastian turned from his computer -that was thankfully filled with his homework- to look at his mother.
"Yes?" he asked her, uncertain. He eyed her purse, knowing she might be going out with a friend for the weekend night.
"I’m going to Shelly for a trim, do you want to come? Your hair is starting to get long."
Sebastian considered her request. True to her words, his hair had been growing out for over two months. The last time he had a trim was in mid-February. His hand unconsciously flew up to touch the hair at the back of his neck. It was well past his collar.

But then his mind traveled to the barbershop and, with it, the platinum-haired young man who had taken up his thoughts since.

While Shelly did her job well and was nice -nice enough to get him to speak with her- it wasn’t her hands he wanted to feel in his hair. It wasn’t her gentle touches, her careful trimming or her sweet demeanor that he needed. He craved the confident, iron like grip of a man, the no-nonsense shearing and dominating aura that exhumed from the barber in his shop. Sebastian wanted HIS hands in his hair, wanted to surrender to HIM; not to sweet little Shelly.
"I think I’ll pass, but thanks for offering" Sebastian told his mother. Little did he know that his mother’s keen ears caught the tension laden in his voice. She felt his disappointment. She said nothing though, knowing he would spill his guts to her sooner or later. He always did.

A few hours later, the need to have something done to his hair was dominating him. But the beast of desire from before was now but a whining creature with its tail between its legs. Gone was the confident need to get into one of those barber chairs and let himself trust the man at his head.

Still, while he told himself he could never muster up the courage to even LOOK at the barber, let alone sit in his chair, he still needed something done.

The trimmer in the bathroom cupboard came to mind.

It was still there, still fully charged as he took it out with the various accessories. Sebastian was not thinking about using it on his head, definitely not, but the need to do something, ANYTHING, clawed at him from the inside.

Without really thinking about it, he started to strip right down to his nudity. He piled his clothes on the bathroom counter and observed himself in the mirror. His chest had some hair on it and, truthfully, he never really liked it. He missed the days of having smooth pectorals.

Those days could come back, he thought, as he eyed the trimmer in his hand.

Sebastian wasted no time in turning it on, the sound making him jump only a bit this time compared to last. It had no guard on it; it was going to get rid of most of the hair if he left it like this. ‘Good’, he thought to himself. He wasn’t going to chicken out on a little chest shaving.

The first stroke of the trimmer sent little black hairs falling to the sink and made the raven’s shaft stand to attention. Perhaps it was only him, but the sensation was marvelous. He smiled lightly, enjoying watching himself shave away at his chest. It was almost like an out of body experience, seeing himself hard at the touch of something as innocent as an electric shaver.

When his chest was done, he felt he wasn’t quite finished. He lifted his left arm and brought the trimmer to his pit. The hair here was a bit denser, but softer than his chest hair. When the area was nothing more than stubble, he switched the tool to his left hand and shaved his right armpit.

He turned the trimmer off, put it down and lifted both his arms and admired his handiwork. He smirked, liking it. But his eyes caught the happy trail around his navel leading down to his dark brush of pubic hair.

He was still erect as he looked down. Then his stormy gaze lifted back to the trimmer. He turned it back on. He went over to the tub to make less of a mess while he shaved his crotch. On more than one occasion, he had to stifle a few moans as he slid the trimmer along the sensitive skin. Hair flew to the white ceramic, creating a contrast.

When there was only a light dusting of stubble left, he still felt like he wasn’t quite finished. A hand reached into the bathroom cupboard again to search for something he had bought a few days prior after the urge had presented itself. He took the product out. It was a can of shaving gel.

Sebastian squeezed a small mound of it into his hand and applied it to his chest first, after having rubbed warm water over his skin. His hand then attached the razor blade accessory as indicated by the instructions and made careful strokes on his skin, making sure to be vigilant around his nipples. He repeated the process for the armpits.

His crotch was a bit more difficult terrain however. He nicked himself twice; nothing major, but it wounded his confidence greatly. He was more careful as the blade made a clear path across his skin there. After it was over, he cleaned the bathroom, making sure no evidence of what he had done stayed.

Even if the teen had gotten clumsy near his crotch, the results were still good. He would be shaving regularly, he knew that.


More than halfway through the month, the weather was still a bit chilly. Sebastian’s walks home were done in a black leather jacket to fight against the persistent chill. It didn’t matter too much to him; he rather liked wearing long sleeved shirts. He felt much less vulnerable in them.

But even with his jacket on, nothing could prepare him for the feeling of nakedness that passed through him today.

The barber, HIS barber, was outside his shop, taking some fresh air. And he would have to pass in front of him.

The older man hadn’t noticed him yet, which was a good thing for him. He had time to devise a very simple strategy that would do well in this emergency. He drew the hood of his jacket over his head and took out the shaded sunglasses he kept in the pocket for sunnier days. These were put on his face. Then he put his ear buds in his ears and took out his phone. He couldn’t put music on, but he could pretend to listen to some; he could pretend he couldn’t hear anything. The final touch was to place his fringe in front of his eyes (this is where he thanked himself for not having it trimmed, as it was now long enough to cover him up to his nose).

With his hastily made disguise, he walked at what he considered was a normal pace and tried not to react when the barber’s red eyes watched him stroll pass. Sebastian on his part used up all his will power to fix his eyes on his phone’s screen. He remembered he should text Scarlet about that book she lent him…

He didn’t lift his gaze from the hasty message he was writing as he passed right beside the barber.
"I know you can hear me" the barber then spoke, and the raven was glad he didn’t flinch. ‘Just pretend you can’t hear him, just pretend you can’t hear him…’ he chanted in his mind.
The barber watched as the youth passed beside him with nothing more than a tensing of his shoulders.
He smiled, even though the boy couldn’t see it. "You don’t need to be shy" he called.
Sebastian walked a little faster to get far away from the flame-like aura the barber exhumed. He felt as helpless as a moth attracted to that hot flame.

The barber laughed silently at the teen’s persistence. He knew very well there was no music playing in those ear buds; the boy could hear him. To say he was entertained was untrue. He was more intrigued by this boy than anything else.

The man went back in his shop, let their last client go through the door and grinned at Kent.
"You owe me twenty" he proclaimed proudly.
Kent at first didn’t quite get it, but then he remembered the bet they had made not but a few minutes ago.
"Did he really ignore you?" the older man asked, laughing.
"He was pretending to listen to music. He tensed when I tried speaking with him."
The barbers laughed together for awhile. But then the younger one simply smiled a sad smile.
"Poor kid. He looked like he wanted to shrivel up and die when I told him not to be shy."
Kent sympathized with him.
"Perhaps," the older barber started, a tone of sadness in his voice as well. "Perhaps one day you’ll be able to get him in you chair."
The white haired man thought about this. ‘Perhaps…’


Sebastian panted hard. As soon as he had reached the forested area between the shop and his home, he had immediately taken to his tree and relieved himself.

‘You don’t need to be shy.’

A hand flew over his mouth as a sound he was unfamiliar with left his lips. What was wrong with him?

When the barber had said that, scenes began to flood his mind. He had seen himself accept the statement and make conversation with the man, had seen himself ushered to one of those chairs, seen himself getting caped, seen that barber smile reassuringly as he took the clippers and turned them on and took them to his-
"F***…" Sebastian gasped as his hand rose to his eyes.
The imagery was rich and powerful. It was alluring.

He was obsessed.

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