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Obsession part 6 by Fantasy Weaver


1: Some slightly adult content ahead.
2: Some foul language ahead.


Part six

The lunch hour was almost over when Scarlet decided to talk the boys into something. Well, it took more convincing on Sebastian’s part.

"Have you lost your mind!?" was his outburst. His eyes were wide under his bangs. "I can barely look at him and you want me to sit with you two on the bench in front of the shop? That’s just an invitation for him!"

Scarlet looked at him with a look that said she wasn’t buying his nervous attitude. "We just sat in the stairwell for an hour discussing how much you want this guy to f*** your brains out and give you a snip while doing it." She crossed her arms. "And now you’re telling me you’re too chicken to even talk with him? I know you have social anxiety and all that, but honestly Sebastian. We’ll be right there with you."

More arguments flew back and forth between the two while Nicolas watched the show. He was certain Scarlet was going to drag Sebastian over there if need be. Fortunately Sebastian gave in. Fortunately for Scarlet that is. Sebastian felt like he was going on death row and that’s all he could think about for the rest of the day.

Eventually the final period ended and with it, Sebastian’s freedom. He was probably exaggerating, but it was as though Scarlet and Nicolas were slowly walking him to his doom. For such a thing, it was much too bright and sunny and hot outside.

Scarlet had them stop for food, but Sebastian refused to buy anything. The sight of food was nauseating right now. He felt like he was about to throw up. Still, his two best friends succeeded in calming him down a little with their constant banter. It got to a point where Sebastian felt relaxed enough to talk normally with them.

But like all good things, this too came to an end. The barbershop was right there, not but a few meters away. The bench sat facing the shop, so when Scarlet had the three of them sit down, with Sebastian in the middle, in case he felt like running away, they had a decent view inside the shop.

And there, Sebastian could see him. The barber was busy chatting up a middle aged man while he gave him a very short business cut. A small pair of clippers were working a clean line behind the man’s ear and, like every time he peeked in, Sebastian wondered how it must feel to be in the client’s place.

"Enjoying the show?" Scarlet asked him teasingly, poking his face in the process.

"Shut up" he clipped, a small blush on his face.

He was glad when Nicolas steered him into a conversation. He was able to look away from the shop and concentrate on simply speaking with his friends. It was cleansing in a way.

From inside the shop, the barber had finished with his client and had him pay. Since Kent was working on their only costumer, the snow-skinned man decided to get a cold drink.

He poured himself some water from the jug in their small fridge. Ice cubes clinked against the glass as they tumbled in.

"I’ll be in front of the shop" he called out to Kent.

"Alright" the man replied as he combed locks of hair from his client’s face.

Before he left, he checked the window and was glad to see his timid fan on the bench with two other teens.

"I’ll wager twenty dollars that I can get him in my chair today" he proposed confidently to his colleague.

Kent laughed at his antics. "You’re on. I’m quite sure the boy will slip away before you can even say ‘shave’."

Outside, the three teens heard the bell chime but it was only the client that had been under the cape moments prior. Sebastian didn’t really focus on the client and resumed his conversation with his friends. But when the bell chimed a second time, his eyes lifted.

And they froze.

The barber was there, outside his shop with a glass of iced water in his hand. And he noticed them. The smile that cracked his face was so big you’d think it was his birthday; and Sebastian, in every definition of the book, was his present.

The way he approached them was like a lion stalking its prey. Sebastian was powerless not to hide his face behind his bangs. He shrunk in his seat when the tall man stopped just short of them. His form was even more imposing up close like this. Without lifting his lowered gaze, he felt Scarlet and Nicolas shift, probably to better greet the man, unlike him.

"Hello there. It’s nice to see some young faces around here" the man greeted them in his low timbre voice. God, just the sound of his voice was enough to send chills up his spine.

Scarlet was quick to speak in their name. "Come on, you have to give yourself credit! You can’t be that old" she said in a cheery voice.

The barber laughed, and the deep baritone reverberated in the teen’s body. "Well, I can’t be much older than you. I’m twenty-three."

Sebastian stored that information in mind for later.

The man continued after taking a sip of water. "I’m Jasper White by the way. You can just call me Jasper." He said the last part while pointedly looking at the long bangs that hid Sebastian’s eyes.

Sebastian didn’t concentrate on the conversation that ensued after that. He was too focused on the coincidence of the man’s last name to care.

Just then he chanced a glance at Jasper and licked his lips at what his eyes saw. The man’s pale hand had brought the glass up to his forehead in an attempt to cool off. He could understand why he did it, he was hot under his hair, but the point was that the drop of water that slid down that perfect face must have been much more courageous than him, if it wasn’t disappearing to steam on the barber. The man then brushed his long platinum locks back.

"You know…" the barber started as he surveyed the two young men, particularly the one who was cowering under his scrutinizing gaze. "It’s pretty hot out here with those heads of hair you have. I think I might be getting mine sheared down soon in this heat. The shop’s empty if you want to get a cut."

Sebastian froze while Nicolas spoke. "Nah, I’m okay. I’m blond with pretty fine hair, so I don’t get all that hot. I don’t know how Sebastian does it though!" he finished with a small shove on Sebastian’s side.

Sebastian didn’t look up when he heard Jasper laugh. "I don’t know either. Black thick hair like that? Long on top of that."

Sebastian felt heated under the man’s constant attention. He reached with a shaking hand to his collar and loosened it a bit.

"You look hot."

The raven looked up at THAT. His eyes were probably big dark saucers under his fringe as he looked at the barber, REALLY looked at him, for the first time. The glass the man had been drinking in was presented to him. Oh. He looked hot, as in, temperature. Not…

He let his gaze slip to the glass. He was offering his drink. Okay. He was quite thirsty, what with that heated red gaze on him. His hand lifted to wrap around the cool glass and -luckily or unluckily, he would decide later- his fingers brushed against Jasper’s. The touch was fleeting, but it made him squirm as he looked at the glass.

His eyes caught something on the rim. Were those…lip markings? Sebastian didn’t know if the barber had intentionally given him the side he had his lips on or if it was pure coincidence, but either way, the raven happily drank from the same spot. ‘His lips were here, and my lips are where his were. God what am I thinking?’ Sebastian thought to himself as he gulped down a bit of the water and handed the glass back. This felt like some very small form of foreplay.

When Jasper retrieved his glass, he made a point of turning it around to drink where Sebastian had, and with the way his eyes were shining with mirth, the teen concluded the man was enjoying watching him squirm. Then a snow-white hand reached out and grasped a lock of black hair from his head. He sat very still as the man held it between thumb and forefinger.

The barber’s eyes bore into his startled grey ones. "Are you sure you’re okay under all that hair? I could give you a nice shorter style. Maybe taper the sides to a longer top?"

Sebastian felt his nether regions stirring. Scarlet, bless her, knew that he needed to leave.

"Oh! I forgot I have to be home early today! Come on you two!" She grabbed a handful of both boys’ shirts and yanked much harder than most people would give her credit for. "Nice meeting you, Jasper!" She hurriedly added before the man could say anything.

To say Jasper was stunned was an understatement. He watched the receding back of the three teens, but paid more attention to Sebastian’s. He was sure the boy would have succumbed. Well, he shrugged. Perhaps next time.

As he came back into his shop, Kent watched him carefully as he finished with his client.

Jasper laughed on a sigh. "Looks like I lost to you this time, Kent." Then he thought about the encounter. "And for your information, he did run away before I could propose a shave."


It felt odd to know that his friends were waiting for him to finish his "business". But the intensity of his erection had him nearly pissing himself.

When he had tidied himself enough to be presentable, he left the woods to rejoin his friends on the sidewalk. Nicolas was trying not to laugh too much at the look of pure horror mixed excitement that was still present on the raven’s face. Scarlet fixed the blond with a deadly glare, and the boy shut himself up with a profuse apology.

"But this could have been your chance to get that fantasy you want. Why didn’t you say yes?" Nicolas questioned.

Sebastian knew the blond was trying to help him. And at times, Nicolas was a bit clueless. He didn’t blame him. Scarlet though was a bigger help. She seemed to know what was going on in his mind better than even himself.

"I think Sebastian wasn’t ready for something like that. I mean, he basically went from no contact or conversation with the guy to nearly getting an erection while talking with him. That was a big step, and maybe he needs to back up a bit." Scarlet looked at him with her all-knowing green eyes. "Is that how you feel?" she asked.

Sebastian nodded. It was exactly how he felt.


The next day, Scarlet brought him what she called her "secret stash of hairy goodness." Sebastian tried not to choke at the name. Thankfully she had been good enough to wrap her novels in plastic bags AND put them in a used paper bags.

"Have fun while reading them, as long as you wash your hands and the cover and don’t leave drops on the pages." Nicolas proceeded to laugh hysterically.

Sebastian had been secretly excited to read the short stories and had been happy to receive a text message, courtesy of Scarlet, full of reliable story sites for hair fetishes. A smile appeared on his face even as he walked by the barbershop, nervous still, but disappointed to see just a normal trim. He walked by and headed home.

After having a silent meal with his parents, he was ready to retire to his room for a night of reading, but his mother called him when his father left for an emergency meeting at his work place.

"Can we talk, like we used to when you were young?" she said in a slightly pleading voice.

Sebastian knew she would confront him sooner or later. She seemed to know when something was eating him and no matter how secret he would keep his thoughts, she always knew. And the way she asked him to talk like "when he was young" meant she was really concerned.

He sighed, leading her away from his room; it was probably best for her and his sake to speak in the living room.

"I know it has something to do with why you keep growing your hair out. You haven’t trimmed it since February."

Sebastian self-consciously ran a hand through his long locks. He supposed he could water down his ordeal with the discovery of his fetish. Well, he wasn’t going to tell her he had a hair fetish; that was something too personal to tell his mother.

"I met, well, saw someone when the bridge had collapsed around that time. You remember I told you I had taken the longer way home with Nicolas and Scarlet? We passed in front of…" courage was leaving him fast. He felt embarrassed about this.

His mother draped her hand over his. "You know you can tell me anything" she reassured.

‘But not everything’, Sebastian thought sourly. "We passed in front of a…barbershop…" he resumed, wringing his hands together nervously. "And the guy inside just, I don’t know, caught my attention. I just kept going down the longer way just to see him in there." His mother said nothing as he went on. "Sometimes he would try getting me into conversations, but… I can’t even look at him without feeling like my tongue is in knots. Nicolas and Scarlet gave me an excuse to actually talk with him yesterday, by sitting on the bench in front of the shop just to talk. The guy came to talk with us… He was nice." God, now he was rambling. He took a deep breath. "When you asked me if I wanted to get my hair trimmed I just couldn’t picture myself in the Salon with Shelly anymore. If anything…I really want to just sit in the guy’s shop and let him do it, even if it’s only for a bit of attention…"

When his partial confession was over, he lifted his gaze to look at his mother. To his shock, she was laughing at him. Not the mean kind of laughter he was used to experiencing in high school, but the kind of laugh that someone would puff out when they knew something more than they let on.

"What?" Sebastian asked, anger slipping into his voice. "I don’t find it funny…"

"I’m sorry; I don’t think it’s funny." She smiled. "I’m just happy you’re putting yourself in situations which are out of your comfort zone. It’s boosting your confidence."

Sebastian was stunned.

They didn’t talk much after that and the raven went to his room. He didn’t do anything but think about how his mother’s words had affected him. Those words in themselves boosted his self-esteem.

He slept long and hard.


The week that followed had Sebastian pouring over the short stories that Scarlet had lent him. Some of them had been nice, and had even succeeded in making his shaft jerk. But he didn’t touch himself while reading. The descriptions were nice, the stories typical of the erotica genre, but they were not the rich imagery he would fantasize about. He had given them back by the weekend.

The written contents of the sites Scarlet had recommended him were good. Some were poorly written, but every now and then a jewel would show up and have him pleasuring himself in no time. Sometimes he would imagine it was Jasper and him instead of the characters in the stories.


In the middle of the second week of May, as he was walking by the barbershop, Jasper hung back in the open doorway.

After the confession he made to his mother and help from his two best friends, and especially after having gotten an ego boost from his mother’s remark, he felt a bit braver while treading on the sidewalk, only a few feet away from the receptacle of his infatuation. He didn’t hunch his shoulders, but his hair still remained to hide part of his face. It was like his shield. ‘A shield Jasper can easily get rid of’, he reminded himself.

The barber smiled at him when he walked by, his red eyes following his every move. Those eyes were searing though his bangs and right into his hidden grey ones, though the teen didn’t know if the pale-skinned man was aware of it. He fidgeted slightly as he walked by. He noticed that Jasper had gotten his hair cut short. The man bun was gone, but the short look suited him.

"Have a nice evening Sebastian" the barber said with a gentle voice. The way his tongue had elongated the vowels of his name had the raven shivering in delight.

The teen said nothing as he walked by, feeling slightly bad for not responding to the older man, but, as he had confessed to his mother, his tongue felt like it was tied in a knot and couldn’t form words.

True to the man’s word though, Sebastian ended up having a pleasant evening in his room.

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