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Obsession part 7 by Fantasy Weaver


1: Some slightly adult content ahead.


Part seven

‘The young man woke up from his slumber to find himself in a dark room. This might have been normal; usually he woke up before dawn when his bedroom was still in shadow. But he wasn’t on his back, nor did what he sat in feel like his bed. In fact, he was sitting in what felt like a cushioned armchair.

The raven haired teen tried moving, to see his surroundings, or maybe find a light switch, but found the task impossible. His arms were strapped down individually by the arm and forearm; his legs were given the same treatment, though they were strapped together. He moved a bit again, testing his restraints. Another strap ran across his torso. There was no escape.

He noticed he was feeling cold, and the leather straps seemed to be digging directly into his skin. That was when he noticed he was naked.

"I see you’re awake" a deep voice called out in the darkness, switching a light on to the raven’s relief.
The long haired boy stared dumbstruck at the man in front of him. It was his father’s barber. No, it wasn’t his barber, but one who worked at the same shop. They had seen each other a few times before now that he thought about it. Of course, of those times he had refused to cut his luscious locks.

But panic seized him as an idea started bubbling in his mind, and a dawning sense of horror filled him. "Why am I here? And why am I strapped down to-" his eyes could finally see that he was sitting in a barber chair. It was the only thing he could see in his limited field of vision. "-A barber chair?"

The man approached him in long steady strides. He circled him as he gave a deep chuckle. "Barbering is my profession is it not?" In a darker voice, he added "I’ve been trying to get you in my chair for years. Those black locks of yours just make me go mad."

The boy swallowed. His eyes followed the red ones in fright. "What are you going to do?" he all but whispered.

The barber slipped behind the chair, out of sight, and fumbled around with something he had purposefully put out of his field of vision. A white linen cape obscured his vision for a bit before it was tied securely around his neck. "What do you think I’m going to do Sebastian?" He made a point of tightening the cape ever so slightly.

The man fumbled around again before a "snap" filled the room. Then the sound of a motor purring could be heard. Sebastian struggled in his restraints in a desperate attempt to get away. "No! Please don’t do it!" he cried out. Secretly though, the boy felt excited. A dark sort of thrill filled his body and an erection began to form.

The barber returned in his field of vision with the clippers in his hands. His red eyes lingered on the growing bulge beneath the cape. "No? Then what is this down here?" He roughly palmed the boy’s member.

Sebastian gasped. "Jasper" he remembered the man’s name, "Please…" he whimpered meekly.

The hand was removed. It was then placed at the back of the teen’s head. "Enjoy it Sebastian. You’ll thank me later." And with that, the barber brought the clipper right to the boy’s forehead and pushed back, the clipper shearing through his thick locks like a hot knife through butter.

The clipper made a straight white path right down the middle of his head, from his forehead to the nape of his neck. Sebastian was too stunned to do nothing more than open his mouth in shock.

The barber’s calloused hand ran its fingers all the way down this denuded path. The feel of cold air and a warm hand at his sensitive, and recently stripped scalp made the raven moan despite himself.’


"What!?" Sebastian nearly jumped out of his skin when he heard the three knocks on his bedroom door. He quickly removed his headphones and minimized the Youtube tab, which had been playing clipper sounds he had on to accompany his little fantasy. His computer now displayed his secret weapon for occasions such as these: his homework and search sites.

The door to his room opened and his brother’s head popped in. Sebastian thought he should be thankful; Isaac was the only one that didn’t go past the threshold of his room. The man believed in privacy and for that, the raven was grateful.

"Sebastian, did you want to go out for dinner? Mom and dad are leaving for her art show."

"Sure, just give me a minute to get ready" the teen replied.

His brother nodded before closing the door.

Sebastian closed the tabs on his computer screen and saved the changes he had made on his homework before locking his home screen. Ever since he discovered his fetish, he made sure to keep it secret. That meant even putting a password -a long one- on his devices. His computer and his phone were examples of this.

He supposed he could use a bit of a distraction. With this, the third week of May, the weather had finally settled itself on being hot. It was sunny and bright, with a pleasant breeze. Going outside would definitely do him some good.


The week after, he was standing in his usual spot by the barbershop window and observing as a young boy was uncapped. The kid’s father then sat in Jasper’s chair, trusting the man with his full head of hair.

The man was getting a flattop. And as the barber ran the clipper all over the guy’s head, Sebastian, for the millionth time wondered what it would feel like.

When he got home, he decided he would do something a little different, something he told himself was stupid, but he went with it anyway. His parents were out, and his brother was at work. He wouldn’t be disturbed for a good long while.

He went into his bathroom with a white sheet from his bed. He had his headphones plugged into his phone which was displaying an ASMR video of a virtual clipper cut.

After locking his bathroom door to make doubly sure he wouldn’t be bothered, even if he was alone in the house, he stripped down to nothing. Now, he grabbed the bed sheet and tried his best to wrap it around his neck tightly, using a few bobby pins to secure it in place. The sheet flowed around him as he sat on the toilet with its cover down. He proceeded to put his head phones on his ears and, with a press of his finger, started playing the sound compilation.

He closed his eyes to let a little fantasy take place as the sound of a spray bottle filled his ears. He could see Jasper wetting his hair down as he spoke to him of many things. Just a casual conversation, as if he was just another customer. ‘A haircut?’ He might ask, as Sebastian’s ears were now filled with the sound of snipping.

The raven shivered as the sound of the scissors seemed to pass right beside his right ear. An erection was forming. He let out a little moan.

The fantasy kept playing out in his head. He could see the barber’s red eyes concentrating on the movement of his hands and scissors while talking him into a lulled state. ‘Relax’ he could almost hear the baritone murmur. The sound of snipping made shudder after shudder pass through his body.

The sound of clippers turning on darkened his fantasy incredibly. ‘Perhaps we should just go all the way, don’t you agree?’ The barber said in his mind’s eyes, as he brought the tool to the back of his head.

With a helpless moan, the teen’s hand reached for his shaft. God, the sound of the buzzing near his ears was to die for. He felt as though his hair was really getting sheared off. He could almost see his raven hair on the whiteness of the barber cape.

‘Dear me, looks like someone is enjoying himself’, Jasper now said in his mind. It didn’t take long after that, with the clipper in his headphones and the hand on his shaft. He came with a drawn out groan.

But when he opened his eyes, he was still in his bathroom; his headphones were on his head, which was still full of hair, the bed sheet around him soiled, and a sense of dissatisfaction was taking hold of him.



June came. The end of the school year was near. And that thought struck a cord in Sebastian.

After summer, he would be attending college; which meant he would no longer pass by the barbershop on his way home.

While everyone else was happy to see the end of their high school days, Sebastian wished he could stay if only to pass beside his favorite barbershop. Nicolas and Scarlet had immediately felt the raven’s sad mood and had tried to cheer him up, but nothing seemed to lighten his glum mood.

He embraced the last two weeks he would have to see the barber.


A few days into June, he was walking home from high school and the barbershop was just in view. He stopped by the window, as usual, to sneak a peek inside.

A young man with thick hair down to his shoulder blades was caped. Jasper was speaking with the man and after a minute, came up with a clipper in hand. He started at the man’s nape.

Something inside Sebastian broke then. He would later find out it was the dam of his emotions, impulsive and obsessive thoughts. He had grown more confident in the last month, and he felt something stir inside him as he stood by the window.

He wanted to get a closer look. Hell, he just wanted to be in there to feel Jasper’s intimidating -yet oddly calming- presence, while being not but a few steps from him. Watching him. Watching his client…

He wanted to go IN the shop.

He barely had time to think things through. His legs seemed to just take him to the door to the quaint building on their own.

But what would he say once inside? People went in to get their hair cut; he couldn’t just sit in there, watch a guy getting his head shaved and just leave. People didn’t do that. Or at least, normal people didn’t.

His hand went up the back of his neck to feel his hair. It was a good two or three inches past his collar. He had been due for a trim for almost three months, maybe even more. He could…he could ask to get a trim. The thought made him blush. He just didn’t want the other barber to be the one attending him.

‘Whoa’, he told himself firmly, ‘you’re thinking as if you’re actually going through with it.’ The thought was a bit scary. But, he had always wanted Jasper to run his hands in hair. He wouldn’t have many more chances, if any, after finishing high school, and he knew that his current impulse would probably not show itself again.

He had to take his chance now, while he still had the courage. Without further delay, and without giving himself time to chicken out, he opened the door and heard the shop’s bell chime his presence.

Immediately as he walked in and nervously sat down in one of the waiting chairs, he was struck with the scent of cut hair and aftershave. The smell, to other people, might have been unpleasant. While it was a peculiar scent, to Sebastian it smelled wonderful.

Nervously, but with an excited flip in his belly, he took in his surroundings. The wall he was sitting against had five waiting seats. The floor was white as were the walls, but it didn’t feel clinical, like when you go in a hospital or dentist. It felt homely despite the whiteness. The wall to his left had the window and the door in it as the one to the right had a mini-fridge, a door with a bathroom sign on it and another door with a fogged window. Sebastian supposed that door might lead to a supply room.

Of course, these details were taken in with minor interest compared to what lay directly before Sebastian. The wall opposite him had three mirrors, the separations marked by wooden borders which sported small shelves. These shelves were lined with different products and small tools (a cup full of small-toothed combs, a box of what Sebastian recognized as blades, pomades, etc). A counter ran from one side to the other, with three sinks set in front of the mirrors. Any other space on the counter was occupied by various equipment.

The bottom of the counter had drawers. There were labels on them, but Sebastian couldn’t see what was written on the labels from where he sat. There were also hooks on the counter where a blow-dryer and various clippers were hung. The sight of the clippers made the raven’s stomach do a somersault.

And of course, right in front of the mirrors and counter were three -beautiful- barber chairs. They didn’t look old, in fact they looked gleaming and new, but the style was like a blast to the past. These chairs made getting a haircut seem all the more exciting, fancy even, all mixed in with that traditional barbershop feel. And Sebastian couldn’t wait to be seated in one.

But now he looked at the two clients that were currently in the chairs getting attended to. Them, along with himself, were the only customers. Sebastian had never really looked at the other barber much before, but now he saw that the older man had short dark brown hair. That was all the raven took in, because he now looked over at where the young male client was getting his head shaved by Jasper.

The barber hadn’t noticed him yet, which was a relief. He stared intently at the chunks of hair falling to the floor. His lower region stirred, and with an embarrassed flush, the raven put his bag on his lap to hide the growing bulge.

By now, most of the guy’s hair was gone and Jasper asked him if he wanted a wet shave. The client refused politely. The teen was a bit disappointed he would not get to see the full treatment.

Then he heard the other barber finishing with his client, and saw the man pay. ‘No, no, no! I wanted Jasper, not this guy’, Sebastian thought miserably. The man that had been in the chair now walked out the door and the older barber looked at him expectantly.

"You’re next young man" he called out.

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