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Obsession part 8 by Fantasy Weaver


1: Some slightly adult content ahead.
2: Some foul language ahead.


Part eight

Right before Sebastian could muster the strength and will (and composure to cease his erection) to get up off his chair, he felt someone else looking at him. Without thinking, stormy eyes lifted to see Jasper’s own red ones gazing at him. He had also finished with his client and the man had paid and gone out.

Jasper broke their eye contact and looked at his colleague. The older man also looked at him.

"It’s alright Kent, I’ll take care of him. You can go home early today" the pale man told the other.

The man named Kent narrowed his eyes slightly, but then a look of comprehension passed over his features. "Of course. Have a good evening then." He took up what seemed to be his work bag and went out the door.

Sebastian felt really nervous and really excited when the man of his infatuation locked the door and lowered the blinds over the window. But Jasper acted as if this were completely normal and was casual as he went over to his chair and took up his linen cape. His eyes seemed to soften when he looked at the teen.

"Come have a seat" he offered with a smile.

The raven gulped audibly. His erection was a bothersome thing, but his pants were loose enough to hide most of it. He took a breath before removing his bag and standing up. He placed it on the chair before taking the few steps towards the barber chair. His palms were sweating and his hands shook.

The chair was facing the waiting seats. He turned and sat rigidly on the plush material of the chair and rested his feet on the chrome footrest. He could feel the beginnings of a blush forming under his long fringe. Then Jasper swiveled the chair around to face the mirror. Sebastian swallowed down more excess saliva as he saw his reflection and the barber’s.

As he put his arms on the armrests, he thought: ‘What are you thinking? You should just apologize and leave!’ But with a resolve that scared him a bit, he trampled those thoughts and sat there, ready to feel what it was like to get a trim by this man.

The barber unfolded the linen and caped him up. The way his strong hands tightened the cape around his neck had the teen swallowing back an indecent sound. He loved the way the heavy material clung to his body and essentially made him a prisoner. He no longer had the will to get up, much less leave this place, as one part of his mind had wanted him to.

When he felt Jasper’s hands on his shoulders, he figured he wasn’t seated properly and let the man bring his back into complete contact with the seat. God, his fantasies were coming to life.

"So" the barber asked him, a light smile on his face and a gleam of something Sebastian couldn’t name in his eyes. "What do you have in mind, Sebastian?"

The teen felt honored every time the older man said his name. But his mind registered the question a second after that thought and he took up his courage. "J-just a trim…" he said in a quiet voice.

‘Bullsh**’, Jasper thought as he eyed the boy. But then, he softened up a little, and laughed in his mind. He looked at the teen’s reflection in the mirror and searched for the gleam of his eyes under his long fringe.

"No" he said simply.

Sebastian blushed and felt a bit dizzy with nervousness. "W-what?" he stuttered.

The barber clarified. "You don’t want a trim."

"That’s what I want…" Sebastian said uncertainly with a twinge of fright.

"No, you don’t" Jasper persisted with an even wider grin. "You don’t think I don’t see you peeking at the window? Don’t you like watching when I’m shaving a guy’s head or giving more than a trim - something you clearly don’t want?"

Sebastian now knew there was a guilty blush on his face.

"And," the barber leaned in a bit closer, his voice a little above a whisper, "I saw you getting hard while I was shaving the other guy’s head before."

By now, the teen had wished he had listened to his inner voice and ran for his home. This was mortifying. But he still couldn’t help but feel excited by the notion that Jasper KNEW.

"If you get hard by just watching," he suggested, his voice layered in rich baritones, "imagine how much you’ll enjoy getting it done to you."

Sebastian snapped his eyes up to look into blazing red ones. The erection he had been loosing was now coming back to life, and it was starting to show through the cape. A shudder coursed through his body. His fantasies had been really NOTHING compared to this. The darkness of Jasper’s voice -contradictory to his looks- stirred things inside him that even his own wet dreams couldn’t.

But the best, or worst, he didn’t know which one yet, was that Jasper actually WANTED him to get shaved. He WANTED to see him get aroused. And if one asked the barber later if this was true, he would reply that it was the one hundred percent truth.

Sebastian took shallow breaths. He looked at himself in the mirror. He looked at his mop of dark hair.

How many times had he told himself he wanted this? How many times had he told Scarlet and Nicolas? How many times had he dreamed, fantasized about this? How many times had he read stories, and had imagined Jasper as the barber and himself in the client’s place?

How many times was he going to keep denying himself want he truly wanted?

And then Jasper was looking at him with those eyes and that smile.

"You know you want it done badly" he stated, as if this was something everyone knew.

And Sebastian, with all his willpower, told himself: ‘yes, I do know.’

"Okay…" he whispered meekly.

The smile that broke out on the barber’s face was worth it. The platinum haired man straightened up. His hands went to the youth’s luscious mane and dug his fingers into the scalp. Sebastian gave a delightful shiver. Finally. Those hands were finally in his hair, just like he had always wanted.

As the man’s fingers scraped his head, he spoke something that made the teen even more excited. "But don’t even think of touching yourself while I’m doing it."

Sebastian felt terrorized by the authority in the tone. "Yes sir…" he whimpered.

The man chuckled. "Just Jasper is fine."

Then his fingers left his hair and the raven was shaking all over. His eyes followed the barber as he picked up a clipper. No guard. ‘Oh God’, the teen thought. It was really happening. He was going to get his head shaved.

The barber oiled it and did some adjustments before unrolling the cable and coming behind the chair. The raven’s eyes were as wide as saucers and glazed over. His face was red. And then, there was the deafening SNAP that announced the clipper had been turned on; it was followed by the purring of the motor. Now, not only were the clippers turned on, but so was Sebastian. His organ hardened and was struggling against the confines of his pants.

No touching, the barber had said. How in the world was he going to survive this?

When the barber’s hand came to push his head down to his chest, slowly, gently, but with undeniable authority, Sebastian couldn’t stop the helpless little moan that passed through his lips.

"Shh," the man shushed him, bringing the clipper VERY close to his nape, almost touching it. "Relax."

And then the clipper made the first swipe up his neck to his crown.

Sebastian had to admit, he lost himself a bit there. His senses got flooded with different things. The first thing was the sound of the clipper shearing through his thick locks and, not even a second after, the loud moan that came out of his mouth. The way he felt cool air hit the back of his head for the first time and just the feeling of the clipper running up his neck was…It was indescribable. His fantasies were nothing to this. They had been dark, but this was infinitely darker and richer and definitely more euphoric. The pleasure was absolute; so pure and strong that it brought tears to his eyes.

He didn’t know when his hands had left the armrests to unbutton his pants, but they were there, and he couldn’t help himself. He felt like he was no longer in control of his own body. He couldn’t even think straight! But the sound of the clipper turning off got him out of his daze even if it was only partially.

Jasper’s hands went under the cape, grabbed his wrists in and iron-like hold and jerked them away from their job of getting his shaft out. He flinched, just now recalling that the barber had forbidden him from touching himself. The snow-skinned man nailed him with red eyes so dark one would think they were looking at dim firelight.

"Sebastian" he said his name, elongating the vowels wonderfully. He wasn’t helping his situation. "I thought we had made it clear you weren’t supposed to touch yourself." His tone was teasingly disappointed. "It’s alright though; I think I have a solution for that."

The raven’s wrists were released. He had an urge to bring his hand up to where the clipper had cleared a patch of skin when Jasper spoke again.

"No touching your head yet."

Sebastian didn’t need to be told twice. It was wonderfully arousing, being under the mercy of the barber and obeying to his every demand. The dominating aura he was sure hung around the man was much better than what he dreamed of. He panted, shaking uncontrollably.

When Jasper turned back around from fumbling in one of the counter drawers, he was holding two leather straps. The raven, without even having to think about it, knew that the white haired man was going to restrain him. And this, he knew, would only add to the experience.

His right wrist was placed on the armrest again and held there until the strap had been firmly tightened. The same was done to the left wrist. By the time he was restrained, Sebastian was a panting mess. They had only started and already he felt like he was going to pass out from the pleasure. The barber hadn’t even touched his privates!

He came back around the chair and Sebastian could only watch him in the mirror as he took the clipper in his hand again and turned it on. His free hand pushed his head back down to his chest and rested on his crown. In this position, Sebastian could see the chunk of hair that had been freed from his head. The sight of it had him whimpering.

But he had not much more time to think about it, as Jasper guided the clipper up the back of his head again. Sebastian’s eyes drifted closed and he was helpless not to moan again. The barber was doing such an amazing job. He wasn’t afraid of pressing the tool firmly to his scalp and run it up to his crown. The blades vibrated against him, and oddly, they felt a bit warm. It only made the experience more pleasurable.

When the clipper cleared yet another patch of skin, and Jasper flicked the locks onto the cape, the teen felt the need to touch himself for all he was worth. Of course, he was kept from doing this because of the leather straps binding his wrists to the chair. It didn’t keep him from pulling and struggling against his bonds as he expressed himself vocally.

Every time the clipper ran up his neck he felt a sort of tugging inside his abdomen. His body was rigid, yet it felt lax even as this sort of tugging deep inside gave him a jolt of pleasure. He panted as he writhed in his seat, desperate. This was torture; and he loved it.

As Jasper came to his left side, he put one of his large hands on the youth’s chest and pushed him into the barber chair. Sebastian slumped in his seat, sending a glassy-eyed look at the barber.

"Calm down, now" the man told him in a soft demand. "I don’t want to nick your ear." He sent the teen a devious smile as he held his head by the side.

Sebastian leaned into the hand as the clipper came close to his left ear. His breath was shallow and fast. The sound of the clipper was loud and clear as the tool sheared away his sideburns and went up to get rid of his long bangs.

The reflection of himself in the mirror caught Sebastian’s attention and he saw the patch of white skin that had just appeared where hair once was. The fact that he no longer had hair there both excited and terrified him. His breath came quick and loud.

"You’re hyperventilating. Calm down Sebastian" Jasper told him again, running the hand that was holding his head up and down.

The gesture was calming. And Sebastian’s breath slowed down enough to not make him so dizzy. The barber ran the clipper behind his ear. While he knew he shouldn’t move, the teen couldn’t stop his struggling against his restraints. His shaft was PAINFULLY hard and the tugging in his stomach was like a silent demand to satisfy his needs.

Jasper ran his clipper up the boy’s head again, and found himself enjoying the barely contained excitement the youth was showing. His writhing was only hinting to how much he was enjoying the shave. And the barber, with sick enjoyment, ran the clipper over and over again, until he moved to clear the boy’s right side.

And the platinum-haired man ran the tool along Sebastian’s scalp again, firmly pressing it in. This time the raven gave a shriek between clenched teeth. His struggling was getting worse.

"Let me touch myself, please!" he begged at some point, tears falling down his eyes.

"Not yet" Jasper stated firmly, making his point clear by bringing the clipper up his head again.

The boy made a whining sort of sound that made Jasper chuckle.

By now, the only hair left on Sebastian’s head was at the top, and Jasper was brushing his fingers teasingly along the denuded nape just to see the boy squirm. The feeling of his fingers on his scalp had the raven gasping and leaning his head into the hand.

When the barber came to put the clipper on his forehead, Sebastian was constantly moaning in his passion.

"Tell me what you want, Sebastian" Jasper asked him then, the clipper but a mere inch from his hairline. He had a sadistic smirk on his face and a gleam in his eye as he watched the tortured boy.

"Shave me, please…" the youth begged silently as he struggled harder.

Jasper wasted no time in complying.

The clipper made a path straight through his hair and Sebastian couldn’t take the pressure in his groin anymore.

His whole body tensed up as his struggling ceased. His eyes squeezed shut and he opened his mouth on a silent scream. He soiled his pants in complete silence, the only indication that he had in the way his body gave a jerk. After, he followed with a few sharp intakes on breath as he rode out the waves of pleasure. Euphoric tears ran down his face in a continuous stream as he came down from his high.

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