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Obsession part 9 by Fantasy Weaver


1:Some slightly adult content ahead.


Part nine

Even as Jasper was finishing up his handiwork, Sebastian panted, clenching and releasing his fists in an attempt to calm down. He turned the clipper off and gave Sebastian a minute to compose himself while he brushed away the clumps of hair.

His red eyes watched him as he stood back. The boy had orgasmed so hard he was still twitching in the aftermath. The barber took pity.

Sebastian had his eyes closed even as more tears leaked out. He had never had such a powerful orgasm. His whole body was slumped in the barber chair as spasms rolled through his body. He barely noticed the barber’s hands coming to rest on his head.

But he did feel it when those hand started rubbing something into his now bald scalp. His stormy eyes slowly opened to gaze tiredly up at the man of his infatuation. Jasper was smiling softly.

"It’s pre-shave oil" the barber answered the silent question.

‘Oh God’, Sebastian thought. He had really gone through with it. This wasn’t a dream. He really was shaved. And Jasper intended on giving him the full treatment.

Funny… Hadn’t he been thinking how unfortunate it was, when he was not going to be able to view the client’s head getting a wet shave, and now he was about to experience one first hand? It was nice how things had turned out.

He let his eyes close again to better enjoy the rubbing on his scalp. It was so different, to not feel his head heavy with hair. Jasper rubbed firmly and massaged greatly, attuned to how sensitive he was. The boy’s sleeping organ started acting up again, but having come already, it was finding it difficult to get up again.

The white hands left him long enough to go prepare a hot towel. The teen started reopening his eyes to look at himself in the mirror when the man blocked his view. Sebastian didn’t know if it was intentional or not, but he didn’t say anything as the warm, wet towel was draped over his head.

The warmth on his scalp had Sebastian giving a small moan, one that conveyed that he was not at all opposed to the action. It was a quiet sound; one that spoke of a satisfied -and tired- young man. Jasper gave a small chuckle as he pressed his hands to the towel, making sure the warmth was seeping into the scalp thoroughly.

The barber turned around, his fairly large frame hiding the mirror as he prepared the lather at the sink. The thought of having Jasper put a blade to his head sent shivers through his body.

The barber took his time preparing his straight razor. He took a new blade and inserted it. To say he was in a hurry would be wrong. He was taking his time, making sure Sebastian would remember this and, perhaps, maybe, hopefully, want to return.

He took his badger hair brush and soaked it through with hot water after having put a dollop of shaving lotion in the middle. He rather liked making the lather directly on his client’s head. It makes a nice foam and gives them a soft massage of sorts. Sebastian, he was sure, could hardly wait.

And Sebastian was getting agitated waiting for the barber to lather him. He remembered how he felt when he watched clips of the treatment. He wasn’t deluding himself though; he was positive the feeling would be exponentially better than that. He wasn’t stupid enough to think it was going to be just as good, as he had thought when the clipper started shaving him. He had been unprepared; the teen wouldn’t make the same mistake twice.

Sebastian wouldn’t say he was entirely ready though, when the barber came to remove the towel on his head. Heat was flooding his cheeks before he knew it. Small whimpers were emanating from his throat as the pale man brought the brush to his head.

"Don’t forget to breathe" Jasper teased him, that infuriatingly handsome smirk on his face.

Sebastian felt his face get hotter when he started rubbing circles over his head. It felt so good just then. The warm lather that was forming and covering his head was very relaxing.

He melted inside when the barber cupped his chin. And Sebastian, well, he couldn’t hold himself from not leaning in. He gave a shuddering breath when Jasper used his hand to turn his head this way and that to cover its entirety. A shudder ran through him when the warm lather was applied to his nape. Just NO. How could something like this feel so damn good?

When the older man had finished covering him up, he placed the brush in the sink and rinsed it out. His hand grabbed a towel and covered the boy’s lean shoulders. His red eyes looked down in his covered lap. A small bulge was forming; it wasn’t as big as when he was using the clipper, but seeing how powerful his climax had been, he wasn’t surprised. Sebastian saw him looking and turned an even darker shade of red.

The barber took up his preferred barbering tool. The straight razor felt at home in his adept hand. It was his shaving implement par excellence. It was a tool few could handle perfectly and its regal beauty appealed to the artist in him. He brought it forth and Sebastian remained still.

"Don’t move…" Jasper said absentmindedly as he focused on the shave.

Sebastian complied and took a cleansing breath. The older man’s hand was stretching his skin taught and shaving with the other. The blade made small clean swipes on his head, making a scraping noise in the process.

The straight razor cleared a patch and the barber took the blade to his palm and wiped the foam on it. Sebastian, having seen a technique like this before, found it even more amazing up close. He wondered how Jasper managed to not slice his skin open.

The man’s calloused fingertips placed themselves on the denuded skin. It felt even better than before. He stretched the skin there and shaved another patch of lather. A purr made its way to the teen’s lips. This was definitely enjoyable. And the sound of the blade across his scalp was pleasure-inducing.

He was afloat on a bubble of bliss, between sleep and arousal and he didn’t know which one he wanted more right now. His shaft was telling him arousal while his foggy mind was more towards slumber. Jasper must have noticed his silent struggle.

"How does it feel?" he asked quietly, trying to maintain the lulled state the boy was in. His eyes bore into the glassy grey ones trying to stay open.

At that moment Sebastian felt shy. He didn’t know why. Perhaps it was the quiet that had settled over them that made him conscious of his voice in the room, but his normal timidity was resurfacing.

"It feels…" The rest of his phrase fell into a quiet murmur that the barber wasn’t able to catch.

"You’ll have to be a little louder, Sebastian. I didn’t hear you." The youth blushed further.

"It f-feels like nothing I-I’ve ever felt before…" the teen said a little louder, feeling stupid for saying such a thing.

Jasper smiled in agreement. "I felt the same way the first time I had my head shaved."

Sebastian’s eyes widened. This man had felt the same way? Was it truly okay to feel like this, if even Jasper couldn’t deny just how good it felt?

Jasper took the lather off his hand and wiped it on the towel around his neck. He continued shaving, coming behind his ear. His free hand pushed it down so as not to nick him. Yes; it was okay. If the barber had hated it, he could have tossed him out of his shop. But no; he had allowed Sebastian to experience his first shave to the fullest. If he didn’t want the raven to experience that, he would have said so.

The silence that followed was punctuated only by the sound of the straight razor shaving the boy’s scalp and said boy’s quiet moans. He was fully erect again. It wasn’t painful, like it had been with the clipper, but he still wanted relief. It was uncomfortable, sitting in his soiled pants like that, unattended to.

His arms started a small struggle against his restraints again. Jasper noticed this and shook his head, rolling his eyes heavenward. He continued shaving, mindful of the small movements.
"Just a few more strokes and I’ll attend to your problem" he promised the youth.
It didn’t take more than a second for Sebastian to stop his minimal writhing. Jasper was going to…? ‘I hope this isn’t just a dream’, he prayed silently, while also feeling embarrassed that the barber actually wanted to touch him; to see him.

Within a few minutes, Sebastian’s head was completely shaved. The barber took the towel around his shoulders to wipe away excess foam from his head.
"The finishing touch" the white haired man said as he reached for a bottle of lotion. Aftershave would be too harsh on his head; a moisturizing lotion would do.
Sebastian saw him squirt some in his hands and rub them together. Then he placed his hands on his head rubbed them nicely. He moaned appreciatively.

The massage felt amazing to his virgin head. He could feel the warmth of the barber’s skin and the cool air of the shop. It was wonderful. It was a feeling similar to that he had when he shaved his genitalia for the first time. The teen savored this moment and the strong strokes on his head.

Jasper stopped and moved behind the chair then, and Sebastian was afforded the first real look at himself since he had sat down in the barber chair. He didn’t know what to say as Jasper uncapped him.

It was different that was for sure. He didn’t remember a time he had his hair under an inch long. The radical transformation from long hair to no hair was exactly that: radical. He had always like having longish hair. It had been one of his best features. But the look he now had…

He looked good. Well, he looked like he just got laid, as Scarlet would have put it, but good.

"Do you like it?" Jasper asked him, his red eyes looking directly at his in the mirror. There was no longer the shield of his fringe to cover his face -or his blush for that matter.

Did he like it? He couldn’t find the words to describe how much he liked it. He nodded, unsure whether or not he would have been able to voice his liking for his new look.

Jasper smiled at him, his eyes softening and making Sebastian’s emotions a puddle in his mind.

"Good. The bald look suits your face shape nicely. See? You jaw is a bit more prominent."

The teen nodded. "Y-yes."

"Ah, I almost forgot" the barber then said, his smile turning a bit more suggestive. He came around to the front of the chair. Sebastian still couldn’t move because of the leather straps. He swallowed audibly. "I promised to take care of this" Jasper murmured as he palmed the youth through his wet pants.

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