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Obsession part 10 by Fantasy Weaver


1:Some slightly adult content ahead.
2:If you have read this far, then thank you very much for having enjoyed my story. This is the final part of Obsession but fear not, there will be a sequel to Sebastian's adventures with Jasper. The story is currently under writing (as we speak, there are about five pages done). For those who are interested, the story will be called Passion. If there are things you would have wished to have seen in this story that I did not put in (let's face it, I had this all written out even before posting the first part, so I wasn't going to be adding much more other than editing some of the "juicier" parts) feel free to leave suggestions in the comments and I will consider them, as I already have the storyline prepared for Passion.

-Fantasy Weaver


Part ten

Sebastian gave a groan as his shaft was fondled in its confines.

"Let’s get you comfortable" the barber then suggested.

Sebastian felt himself flush as his organ jumped and, of course, Jasper noticed since his hand was still on his groin. He smirked. "O-okay…" was the meek little reply the teen gave.

He gave a sigh when the hand at his privates moved away. Jasper attached the headrest to the back of the chair.

The pale man went to one side of the barber chair and reclined it. The boy jumped a bit when he felt himself get into a semi-laying position, but tried to relax as his naked head brushed the headrest. The material was cool and sent tingles in his scalp.

In his lying position, Sebastian felt vulnerable as the barber loomed over him. The red eyes were alight with mischievousness and eroticism, but there was a gentle flicker of reassurance in them as well. ‘He’s going to make me feel god, that’s all’, Sebastian told himself with a flip in his belly.

He tried not to whine impatiently when the older man started to unbutton his pants slowly. He pulled down the fly and slid his hands up to the teen’s hips. Sebastian shivered when his large hands caressed the skin showing just under his shirt and over the waistband of his jeans.

"You ready?" Jasper asked him, his fingers making circles on his hip bones.

"Y-yeah" Sebastian stuttered out his consent. He couldn’t quite believe his wish to get the man’s hands in his pants was actually reality.

The barber wasted no more time after that. His fingers slipped into the waistband of his pants, and of his briefs. He pulled the soiled pieces of clothing down a bit, smirking at the caught lip between Sebastian’s teeth. He teased him a bit by bending down and removing his laced up boots. The teen sighed impatiently.

When the boots and socks were calmly removed and put aside, the man resumed the task of sliding the pants and undergarments down the slim legs. When the soaked clothing was removed, and Sebastian was left with only his shirt on, Jasper observed him a bit.

The boy was now feeling self-conscious. He told himself it was only normal; no one except himself had ever seen him naked, and no one had ever touched him skin to skin before. He dimly wondered if Jasper was going to criticize his shaving job down between his legs…

Well, the barber did laugh a little at seeing the denuded area. The teen had done a good job at it too. But he composed himself quickly when Sebastian flushed in embarrassment. He wanted to make him feel good; not humiliated.

His hand reached for the same bottle of lotion he had applied to the teen’s head and put some in his palm before replacing it back down.

"Relax" Jasper said.

His hands rubbed together to spread the lotion in them equally. Then they came to rest at Sebastian’s genitalia.

Sebastian was now moaning non-stop. The leather straps were really getting tested with all his tugging and pulling. His wrists were raw but the pain was so much less important than the pleasure. The pleasure the barber was inducing was fogging his mind and making tears form in the corner of his eyes. He wanted more, he want SO MUCH more.

"Jasper…" he called out pleadingly.

Jasper felt his own member standing to attention.

He looked at Sebastian again and slowed down to get his attention.

"Do you want to…?" He asked with a husky voice laden with desire.

He nodded, patiently waiting for Jasper to take his clothes off.

His clouded stormy eyes watched unabashedly as Jasper unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants open. He removed his footwear and then shoved his pants down, leaving him in his white button-up shirt.

With a graceful motion, the barber swung his right leg over Sebastian’s and leaned his muscular arms on the chair’s back. The position was one of authority and power, but the teen didn’t have much more time to ponder over this, as the older man lowered his hips to his, bringing his pale hand down between them.

The skin to skin touch sent a jolt of pleasure through Sebastian. And, after recovering from this, he could see that it had affected Jasper also. The man was starting to breathe as raggedly as he was.

Jasper was breathing hotly in his face as his lips came ever closer to his. And the barber wasn’t able to hold back from crashing his full masculine lips to the teen’s smaller ones. Sebastian, having never kissed before, was in shock at first, but then let himself drown in a sea of senses as he opened his mouth at the silent demand of a tongue against his lip. He was drowned in the taste of the man -cinnamon toothpaste mixed with his natural taste- and the smell of aftershave on his face. The combination was intoxicating as he moved his soft lips to the ones above his.

Soon enough, Sebastian’s climax came crashing through him. Wave after wave of pleasure made him shudder. Jasper, through this, found his own impending orgasm.

Jasper slumped his form in the boy’s, making the teen give an "oof". Their ragged breathing was the only sound in the empty shop for a while. Their hearts could be felt thumping against the other’s chest, slowly regaining their resting rhythm.

Sebastian’s eyes were closed. He didn’t open them when he felt the leather straps being loosened. He still didn’t open them when he felt a warm wet towel cleaning him. His two consecutive mind blowing orgasms were making him tired and spent. He had never felt so relaxed. And the gentle way Jasper was taking care of him was just what he needed.

His wrists were taken one at a time and rubbed with a soothing ointment where the restraints had chaffed him. Then they were wrapped in gauze. By the time his hands were placed back on the armrests, the teen was ready to fall asleep.

Jasper lifted the chair’s back so it was put back into its normal position. At this Sebastian’s head rolled on his shoulder. He didn’t want to move.

He couldn’t resist however, when Jasper placed his warm hand on his cheek affectionately. His head leaned in; his face nuzzled the large palm. The barber’s deep laugh had him lifting his tired eyes to meet amused -but satisfied- red ones. The barber ran his hand up the teen’s smooth head, making said teen blush ever so slightly. He liked getting his scalp rubbed.

"Did you enjoy yourself?" Jasper asked quietly, truly interested in knowing what the teen thought of the experience.

A smile curved the boy’s kiss swollen lips. "A lot" he replied; no stutter, quietly but clearly.

The older man let his forehead rest against the top of the teen’s head. His fair hair tickled Sebastian’s shaven skull.

Jasper helped him put his pants and boots back on, and Sebastian watched the man fasten his own trousers around his waist. The barber held a white hand out and the boy accepted it. He put his smaller hand in the man’s larger one and let him help him out of the chair. Sebastian stood in front of the mirror for a moment, taking in his new look.

A thought occurred to him then. A sense of horror struck him.

"How am I going to explain this to my parents?" he asked himself.

Jasper came up before him and placed both hands on his shoulders. In his red eyes was an aura of calm that permeated the boy’s senses.

"Sebastian," he started, "the only thing you need to explain was that this" he stated as one of his hands vaguely pointed to his head, "was YOUR decision."

This didn’t help Sebastian much, as he responded with "That’s not it. I…I’m scared they’re going to take this the wrong way or something is going to happen or-"

"Sebastian" the barber interrupted, one fine brow raised.

The raven shut his mouth. He was about to protest again when Jasper placed a hand on his head.

"Stop worrying so much. Stop having no confidence in yourself. Stop over thinking things. I don’t know anything about your parents, but I know you" he emphasized. "And I have a feeling that you’re not the kind of person that does something they want very often. Your parents probably won’t even mind the change."

Sebastian lowered his eyes.

"Besides," Jasper took on again. "It’s not like it doesn’t look good on you." He sent the boy a wink.

Despite everything, Sebastian smiled at this. He lifted his eyes back up to the platinum haired man and sighed. Then Jasper made for him to lift his head up. Their eyes met, for the briefest of moments, before they engaged in a soft, chaste kiss.

When their lips broke apart, Jasper said, "You’ll be alright."

Yes, Sebastian knew. Everything would be alright.



It was September.

Things had changed quite a bit over the summer. The major thing was that Sebastian was now attending college as an art student. The classes and the people were great, and he still got to hang out with Scarlet and Nicolas, as the girl was doing a photography major and the blonde was in theater. Their classes were situated in the same department, so they often got to see each other and could joke around like they did in high school.

Of course some changes had occurred a bit before summer. Like the night Sebastian had gotten home, with not a single hair on his head. THAT had been an interesting night indeed. His brother, like any good brother, made a comment on how "shiny" and "perfectly shaped" Sebastian’s head was, but didn’t really question why he had done it.

His father had looked at him like he had grown a second head. Then the interrogation had started: "Why do you not have hair?" "Why did you shave your head?" "Are you sure you’re okay with this?" and so on. The whole ordeal had been long, but not as bad as he would have thought, as his father just shrugged his shoulders and went about his business.

His mother, Sebastian realized later, had known exactly what happened. She had put two and two together and found out that the barber Sebastian had been infatuated over was the one to have sheared him down. She didn’t say anything, but she did wink at him a couple of times. It was now their little inside joke.

Of course she knew nothing of how much he had actually "enjoyed" it, to put it mildly.

Sebastian’s hair had grown back quite a bit over the summer months, and he was craving a little change in his look. Even if he no longer passed by the barbershop on his way home, he did pass in front of it on his way to work. Well, more like passed INSIDE it.

He had been able to SOMEHOW get a job at the barber shop Jasper owned. Hint: it had involved lots and lots of making out. Now he was an assistant to the two barbers. He swept the floor of hair, warmed hot towels, put the linens in the washing machine and dryer and gave drinks to thirsty clients. He also cleaned; that included the mirrors, sinks and, unfortunately, the bathroom.

But the pay was good; the PAYOFF even better. Another hint: this also included lots and lots of making out. Sebastian had a feeling Kent knew about Jasper’s and his relationship and less that innocent activities after closing hours, but the man made no comment. He did insist they made sure the chairs were clean though. That, of course, was what had tipped Sebastian off on his knowledge of their love.

The job at the shop had boosted Sebastian’s self-esteem. He was less shy and was able to have conversations with certain clients like he would with Nicolas and Scarlet. The times he felt really uncomfortable was when small children would come get their haircut. Being children meant they were loud and boisterous and, like many kids, they didn’t like having their hair messed with.

Jasper would always remedy to that though. He seemed to have a natural talent at making kids happy and relaxed in the barber chair. The promise of candy if they behaved was always a good help, but the barber did most of the job. When the raven thought about it, he had never seen a little boy in Kent’s chair. The man had been the one to explain that Jasper had a knack with children, and if they could help it, the younger barber was always the one to attend to them.

Some of the regular clients were now familiar with him. They greeted him as he greeted them when they came in for their cuts. The shop had a good variety of children, teenagers, young and older adults and elderly clients. There wasn’t a day that went by that wasn’t marked by this diversity.

The ambiance in the shop was also nice now that Sebastian was here almost daily. Kent and Jasper had a habit of making bets to spice the day up. He had learned that they had bet on HIM a lot of times before the day he came in for a trim -though Jasper took a little more off the top. That had made the teen frustrated with his barber.

The day at the shop was coming to a close. Kent was readying himself to leave while Sebastian swept the floor where their last client had been attended to. Both the younger barber and the teen bid a pleasant evening to the man as he left.

As Sebastian was putting the broom away, he felt eyes lingering on his head. He brought a hand up to the back of his neck, where he fidgeted with the inch and a half locks that had grown over the summer. He turned around to face his lover.

The barber shook a cape out and swiveled the chair to face him invitingly. A small smirk was displayed on his handsome face.
"What do you say to a nice shave today, young man?" he asked teasingly, putting on an act.
And Sebastian, of course, was not able to resist such a temptation.


The End.

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