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punishment by Peter

I have always enjoyed reading the stories posted on here and some of them have brought back long forgotten memories.Some not so good!!
I read a story by John Grant and that stirred my memory bank so I decided to tell my story.
This happened in 1965 I was 14yrs old and I thought I was fire proof.
I had been stealing from a local shop using my friend Allen to distract the owner.
I was just stealing sweets it was so easy then I moved on to cigarettes.
Big Big mistake!!!
We got caught well Allen did but he soon told on me.
The owner called our parents and in no time our Dads were there boy they were like MAD.
My Dad was all for giving us a dam good hiding there and then but Allen's Dad had other ideas.He was taking Allen for a haircut first!!!
I will never understand were that came from why do that??
My Dad went along with it regardless of my protests and of we went to the local Barber.
Allen was soon in the chair and his Dad said give him a short back and sides.The clippers were soon going up the back of his head and in no time he had like NO hair at the back and sides just above his ears.He looked like a 10yr old real bad.Then the barber cut the rest of his hair short.
Then I was in the chair begging him not to cut mine that short.
My Dad turned to Allen and said who's idea was the stealing and yea Allen said it was mine.
My Dad told the Barber to give me a short back and sides but clip it higher.
I'm begging now I would never steal again I'm sorry all that stuff but the barber just pushed my head forward and started clipping.He clipped me to the crown when he had finished I had NO hair at the back and sides NO HAIR!!!
He then completed the "haircut" and left me with a 1 inch fringe and hardly any hair on top I looked like a 5yr old boy just starting school.
I was in shock but it was not over yet we went back to the shop.
It was a newsagents so all the paperboys were there getting the papers we were told to say we were sorry to the owner.
Then Allen's Dad took hold of Allen and asked the owner for a chair.This was produced and his Dad sat down took Allens shorts down and started to smack his bottom.
I was horrified he had left his underpants on but he was still smacking him real hard.
I looked at my Dad and said please no not that not in front of everyone no no.
Allen's Dad finally stopped and Allen just hopped about crying.
Then it was my turn over my Dads knee and down came my jeans then to my shame so did my underpants.
He smacked my bare bottom in front of everyone I cried they laughed and laughed.I was 2yrs older than Allen and I got spanked on the bare bottom in front of all those boys that was not fair.I had already had my hair cut much much shorter.
We went home and my Dad told me that I would be keeping my new "style" for 6 months How was that fair.
At school I was the joke of the class they all knew Allen was allowed to regrow his hair mine stayed like it was.I went to the Barbers every 3 weeks there was always some boy from school there giggling.
I never stole again!!!!

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