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Short, Shorter, Shaved! by Mike S.

This is a story about my headshave I had 2 years ago. (I was 19 years old)
I had been playing around with the idea of shaving my head for a long time. I dont know why my desire to do so started but everytime I saw a man sporting a very short haircut or a shaved head in combination with a trained body made me nervous. I wanted to have the same so badly!
But I could not do it. I was afraid of looking stupid and of what my father would say. So I decided that buzzing my hair off completly would be to radical but I was also very into shorter one-lenght buzzcuts. In order to cut it on my own I orderd a clipper and guards on amazon.
When thinking about the delivery time my hands start shaking. I was so nervous but when it arrived my heart made a jump. :)  I couldnt wait but didnt want my family to know what I had in mind. So I waited untill everyone left home the next day.

When they closed the door behind them I immediately pulled off my shirt, unboxed the clippers, put a number #4 on it and turned the maschine on. It summed so beautifly. I have to admit I was a bit horny. My heartbeat inceased dramatically and it was hard to hold those clippers. So I placed and pressed them on my forehead, took a deapt breath and started pushing them backwards through my medium long hair. It left a patch that was nicely trimmed. 'There is no going back now', I thought and smiled. I was so happy I did it! My haertbeat went back to normal and I continued buzzing my hair to an even lenght. I enjoyed every stroke I made. When I was finished I loved what I saw in the mirror of my bath. I looked so manly and strong. The cut fit perfectly to my big chest and neck that I worked out for quite some time.
In order to see the full result I took off my underwear. That was when I noticed I had a very strong boner. (;  My naked body and the buzzcut formed a perfect unit. To get rid of the off cut hair I took a shower.

When I stepped infront of the mirror and took a second look at the result it looked a bit 'unshaped'. The top hair was behaving deferently than the others. The hair at my neck could also be slightly shorter. I said to myself 'Why not the difference wont be that big', while I took the clippers and changed the guard to a number #3. Without hesitation I again pushed the machine against my forehead and carefully started cutting my buzzcut one lenght shorter. When I finished it I was amazed how much better it was looking. But my neck was a bit fuzzy though the new lenght. But I was afraid of going any shorter. My skin should not be too visable. Otherwise the change would be to radical.

I decided that buzzing the sides and neck with a number #2 is a good method to shape up the edges. I again attached a new guard and started trimming. The sides were pretty easy, but it turned out that fading the #2 into the #3 at the back of my head is rather difficult. After trying it for a while the line I tried to fade got higher and higher into the crown of my head. When I noticed it is too high to look good anymore I thought 'There is no going back now' again with a smile on my face. I Immediately buzzed all my hair to a number #2. Wow it was the best feeling ever! It felt so fesh and looked so good! I felt new born! The wind flowing past my head. My skin was clearly visible though the buzzcut. With the short hair I could almost see how I would look with a shaved head.

Within seconds I got so horny and excited I couldnt resist! My extremly shaking hand grabbed after the clipper and ripped off the guard. I rapidly placed them on my head and shaved off everything that got in the way of the clipper blades. When most of the hair was completely clipped away, I stabilized my body on the sink and took a deep breath. I instinctly knew I was not finished and grabbed my razor and shaving gel. I spread some of it on the remaining stubble. Every stroke felt so amazing! I cant describe it...

When I was done I dropped the razor instantly. The look in the mirror was too wonderful to be true. 'That is how I always wanted to look like!', I thought.

At that moment I did not care about what others would say. I was absolutely focused on what I was seeing. My body and my head had become one! I swear to myself I will never let it grow back again. That was my new Me!

I wanted to celebrate my change and decided to party all night in a club. That night I drank a lot of alcohol and had a nice chat with a some cool guys and girls. All were interested in my shaved head.

Thats the story of me becoming a man with a shaved head. I shave it till this day reguarly. My friends and family got used to it very quickly. One of my friends liked it so much, he did the same! He is very happy with it, despite his first concerns.
Before I end here I want to say to everybody out there who thinks about shaving his head: Find the courage to do it! It is worth it! And even if you do not like it, hair grows back!
Good Luck!

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