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A dare to far by Ken Johnson

I have always had a thing about going to the Barbers.I liked to watch boys and guys get there hair cut real short.
It was a great turn on if I was lucky enough to be there when a Dad or Mom brought there son in for a real short cut because they had been misbehaving.
I could never get my Mom to take me even though I misbehaved real bad sometimes!!!
So I had this great idea I would right a note from my Mom and in it say I had been a naughty boy please give him a short hair cut.
This worked ok and I got a few short back and sides but nothing real short.
I was about 15 at the time I wanted I think a bit of humiliation.
No matter what I wrote I never got the result I wanted.
I tried different Barbers I noticed I got the shortest from the oldest plus one or two would read out the note and his other customers [the old ones] always said cut it shorter.
I am 19 now and I look younger.I tried the letter idea 4 weeks ago and I had read a story on here about the barber finding out the guy was a thief.I put in the note I gave the barber that I had been caught stealing fro a neighbour.I also wrote my Dad had left and my Mom was at her wits end.
Wow this got a reaction he was angry!!
I got a short back and sides about an 30mm above my ear plus a razor finish.
Great result the Barber also wrote on the note and said give that to your Mother.
Now here is the problem.He wrote that if I did not stop stealing and misbehaving just send me back and with my Mom permission he would give me a very very short back and sides plus he would "tan my backside".
I want the real short haircut but I don't think I need the other!!!
It's taken years to find the barber who would give me a real short cut.
I don't know if I should risk going back with another note saying ok to just the haircut.
He is old I think I could make it out the door after the haircut.
Is it worth the risk???

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