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23 to 63 - part 8 by Titan

Sorry this has taken so long. Trying to do a few stories at the same time. Not a good idea I've found.

Chapter 8

Brian looked in the mirror, curious at the changes in his appearance already. Despite using the barbers shampoo there was no sign of any new hair let alone shadow on his smooth scalp.

His horseshoe of hair had grown even thicker exaggerating the male pattern balding look he so hated. At the same time he was fascinated with his smooth crown even having stopped wearing his toupee for a while and a subsequent tan had started to develop making it look like he'd been bald for years. He rubbed his belly feeling the rumbling of his stomach. He needed some breakfast and decided to open his shop late today.

He couldn't believe the food he'd been putting away and it was starting to show. But something in his head told him it would be okay. He also liked the stubble that was filling in on his face. He didn't like his little moustache and wanted to grow a beard. He wasn't sure why? He'd never had a beard before but now he was looking a little more rugged and he liked it. He still was unsure about the hair though. Maybe he should visit that barber. He was the one who messed his hair up in the first place.

"So you want my advice Brian." The barber said marvelling at the changes already in his least popular customer. "Why don't we go for a more natural look. A little edgier if you like."
Back in Clyde's chair he soon forgot how mad he'd been with the results of that 'magic shampoo.'
Squirming a little in the oversized, chair he couldn't understand why he'd eaten such a big breakfast. He was stuffed and his belly was much bigger than ever.
He knew he'd have to go on a diet soon but he didn't have the willpower.

Brian had been downing some of Clyde's special Whisky. In fact he was on his third glass already and it was having the desired effect.
"I like the weight your putting on and the beard is a good idea. And I'm so glad you stopped wearing the rug. What about letting me shave your head bald. No horseshoe of hair to worry about then, Laddie."
"Bald!" Brian shouted.
"Now calm down. It's what you've really wanted all along, isn't it?"
"No...I mean....bald! It's too much.....its its...."
"Just relax Brian." Clyde interrupted. " I only will do whatever you're comfortable with."
Taking another gulp of the Whisky he started to calm down. "Yeah...ok...."
"Now relax and let go. You are feeling more and more at ease."
Brian's eyes started to feel heavy, his body light.
"You can only hear my voice as you relax in my chair." Clyde went on putting the man under his control once again.

On the way home Brian kept looking at himself in the windows he passed. He ran his hand over his head and marvelled at the smoothness. He had to admit the barber was an expert at his craft. He couldn't feel any stubble as he swept his hand back and forward. He loved the bald feel and had to admit it suited him. He was so glad he'd asked Clyde to shave him bald. Of course he'd been made believe it was his idea. As he passed a bar he felt thirsty. He wasn't sure why he was walking home this way but he was glad to rest up with a icy-cold beer.

What he didn't know was he'd been programmed to walk home by this particular bar where he would need to go in for a drink
Settling in at the bar Brian ordered a beer.
"Haven't seen you in here before." The barman said as he watched the man down his beer rapidly. "You sure seemed parched friend."
"Yeah! Not sure why I was so thirsty man." Even Brians speech had changed. Kind of rougher and deeper. "Just glad you're opened!"
"How about I shout you your next round. I like a man that enjoys his food and drink." The barman said with a smile as he eyed the belly now protruding on Brian.
"Thanks. Sure nice of you." Brian returned looking more closely at the barman.
He was handsome in a rough way and much younger than Brian. Probably about 35 or so. He was tall, carrying a beer belly as well but what he noticed most was the bald head and thick goatee. Looking around the quiet bar he then realised it was a gay bar. He hadn't really noticed because he was so focused on his drink.

"Quiet isn't it." Brian said as he drank the next beer.
"It's early, it'll build up soon. The names Avery." The barman offered his hand.
"Brian." Brian felt a surge of lust as he shook the firm hand.
"Mind if I smoke my pipe?"
Avery couldn't believe his luck. A bald older man that liked a pipe. Just the way he liked his men. He hoped he'd stay for a few more drinks. Of course Brian did.

Clyde had known all about Avery, the barman at the Rose and Thistle pub. He was a frequent customer of the Scottish themed bar. He'd also been Averys barber. Not so long ago Avery had had a full head of hair until he admitted to Clyde his smooth head fetish. Before the night was over Brian would be happy to do what ever Avery wanted. Clyde had made sure of that.

Sean meanwhile phoned Clyde and told him about his run- in with his neighbour.
Clyde told him not to worry but it bothered the barber. Maybe it was time to get Sean out of his apartment. He didn't need another snoop like Brian.
"Let's get you back here tomorrow Sean. It's time you moved in with me." Clyde told him.

Of course as Sean was leaving his apartment the next day he ran into the nosey neighbour. Clutching his overstuffed suitcases he nearly toppled the guy on the landing.
"Sorry Keith! Didn't see you there." He said trying to compose himself.
"No problem. You sure seem in a hurry!" Keith replied. "You leaving already?"
"Ah.....yes.....mmm.......have to get going." Sean said nervous by the studied look his neighbour was giving him.
"Sean coming home today then?" Keith asked pleased to see his neighbour again.
"What? No.... In a few days.....I think."
"Would you like me to keep an eye on his mail?" Keith asked, trying to be helpful.
"Yes....that would be nice......very...ah...thoughtful of you." Sean said trying to sound relaxed. "Well, I should be going. Nice to have met you."
And with that he was gone. Keith couldn't figure it out. Uncle Seamus had only stayed a night but he seemed laden with a lot of luggage and eager to get away from Keith. There was something odd about the elderly man with those youthful eyes and Keith's over imaginative mind was working overtime. Where was Sean?

Keith wasn't sure why but he followed Uncle Seamus that moment. It was an instantaneous decision. Hailing a cab he told the driver to follow Seamus's cab. They only went a few miles before Seamus got out and quickly walked down a fairly deserted street. Keith paid his cab driver who was still getting over the words, "follow that cab!"
Maybe it was out of affection for his neighbor or just plain foolishness but here he was on a deserted street the sun having gone down a few minutes ago acting like some private eye.

Seamus rushed into a shop which had a lit barbers pole outside. Through the window he could see another man dressed as a barber approach Seamus. Then they disappeared from sight.

Keith's adrenaline kicked in as he approached the shopfront to take a closer look. It seemed deserted and he couldn't see any sign of the two men. He knew he shouldn't be here but his curiosity was winning over any fear. Suddenly he saw the barber return who noticed him straight away. Keith saw a strange look in his eye, then a smile creased his face as he motioned with his arm to come in.
Keith knew he had only one course of action, to run and that is exactly what he did. Something about the barber scared him but he wasn't sure what. As he ran all the way home he knew there was more to that barbershop and the mysterious Uncle Seamus but what. Maybe he should seek help from the authorities. But what would he tell them.

Meanwhile Clyde wondered who the guy was he scared off. Probably some hair fetisher like himself, hoping to grab some hot clipper action. He saw them all the time pretending they weren't really looking in the barbershops window. Oh well, he'll be back. They always did.

The next few days, Keith tried to put Sean and his mysterious uncle behind him. He collected the mail as he said he would but of course started to worry when after a week his neighbor had not returned.
He knew something was fishy so he returned to the barbershop where he kept a safe distance watching from a small coffee shop across the road.

It was 11.00 in the morning and the barbershop seemed busy. The barber could be seen clearly in the window. He looked about 45 or so with a smooth head surrounded by a trim dark horseshoe of stubble. With his well trimmed mustache and dark goatee he cut an imposing figure. He was a big man with a belly to match.

As he sipped slowly on his second coffee Keith couldn't help but notice every customer who left the shop had very short haircuts. He shuddered at the thought of having some military type cut. He'd always loved having longer hair, despite his receding hairline. Maybe that was the reason he'd been growing it longer at the back.
As time ticked by he didn't see any sign of Seamus. Nothing to do but return home.

The next day he returned from work to find the caretaker coming out of Sean's apartment.
"Hey Keith! How are you?" The elderly Mr Danvers said as he locked the door.
"Ah fine. What are you doing in Sean's apartment, have you heard from him?"
"Just making sure everything's in order for the next tenant."

As Keith listened to the latest news on his neighbour he couldn't help feeling saddened. Apparently Sean had spoken to the caretaker about a job he'd got in Phillidehia and he needed to start immeadiately. A removal company had already cleared all his things while Sean left 3 months rent to keep Mr Danvers happy.
"But....but I have his mail." Keith said not knowing what else to say.
"Well give it here. He has an uncle who lives locally. He asked me to forward it on."
"Let me guess, an Uncle Seamus." Keith asked.
"Yes, as a matter of fact."

As he let Mr Danvers return to his apartment Keith suddenly felt sad. He was going to miss his young neighbor.

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