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Conversations 1980: Mike's story pt 1 by Archon 2

CONVERSATIONS 1980: Mike’s Story

We resume our series with Dave and his brothers (Mike and Matt) at a local campsite, with Dave’s best friend Steve. It’s June, 1980. They had earlier gone to the Naval Postgraduate School’s barbershop, where Mike had just treated everyone to a clipper-shave haircut (Induction cut).

The boys had just finished setting up their campground, 2 tents arranged with the open flaps towards the requisite low fire pit that they would gather around once it had become dark. It probably wouldn’t get that cold being that it was summer, but they would gather nonetheless around a fire, sitting on the very logs that they had just sat down on for a rest.

They had been on the peninsula for most of the day; starting out with Mike treating them all to a haircut at the Defense Language Institute (DLI) barbershop and then an outing at the nearby wharf before they headed down south to the nearby campgrounds. And as they sat down for a rest, they once again rubbed their heads and commented on how stimulating it was to feel the sun on their heads (they were using sun-blocking lotion), how they could feel even the slightest breeze, and how they looked like real Marine recruits.

It was Mike who commented that the boys looked ‘damn fine’ with their haircuts, and he wasn’t wrong. In fact, they all looked good with whatever short haircut they wore (or were forced to get!), even a simple butch or burr. Their latest return to an induction cut had started last night, actually. They had all been together in Dave and Mike’s backyard as usual, when Mike commenting that he was finally taking them all for haircuts tomorrow before they went to the campground. Dave and Matt hadn’t had a haircut since May, when Dave had taken Matt to their neighborhood barbershop where they both got induction cuts: Matt had received his first, a one Zero cut, and Dave had decided to wipe out his salon short haircut with tramlines that he had just received with a five Zero cut.

But the boys had to wait a little more than a month before Mike had the time to take them. They had been looking forward to going back to the barbershop with Mike, as he had promised them that he would take them to the DLI barbershop. They liked the idea of going there with Mike again, surrounded as they were with all of the young soldiers getting their weekly haircuts. And they loved the ‘feel’ of the barbershop: Basically a converted classroom with 6 chairs, a few chairs in the waiting area, and on busy days, a line going out into the hallway.

Though all of them didn’t really care for the high-n-tight flattop, Mike was currently sporting one, and they figured they would just have the sides and back clipper shaved instead of shaved bald (Which was the big reason they didn’t like their high-n-tight flattops the last time they got them)—after all, if they wanted to look like Marines, they would have to wear the quintessential Marine haircut. Dave and Matt’s hair was a little more than half an inch all over, and with Steve’s grown-out crew cut about an inch and a half at the longest, it was judged that they all had just enough hair for the barber to carve a flattop. The enthusiasm for the upcoming haircuts, however, was tempered by Mike’s comment that "you guys just chose a haircut so that you look a certain way, so you should understand why your parents chose your haircuts. Everyone acknowledged that their parents had a point, but it was good to be able to choose for yourself.

Saturday morning was a busy time, and they found themselves lined up in the hallways, waiting to get into the barbershop. Though there was a fair level of conversation, it was not so loud that they didn’t hear the motors of the clippers, which only got louder as they moved up the line. Every now and then they would hear ‘next’ from one of the barbers, and as they got nearer they were asking what instructions they would give to their barbers, so that they would all come out with exactly the same haircuts. And as they entered into the barbershop, Steve asked Mike if this was just like how recruits got their first induction cut at boot camp; with everyone standing in line waiting to be sheared. Before Mike could answer, Matt eagerly suggested that they all get induction cuts just like they were at boot camp, with the barber quickly shaving them nearly bald. And they all agreed.

So when it was their turn, they decided that they would all line up at one barber’s chair, and Mike would go first, and then stand there ordering the next one into the chair, until everyone was done. As Mike was being caped by the barber, he pointed to the boys and told the barber to ‘show them how a real Marine boot camp induction haircut is done—take it all off as quickly as you can, so that they can see what they’re in for.’ Barber: ‘Induction cuts for all of them?’ Mike ‘Yes!’

Needless to say, the boys were transfixed with what they saw. All of them noticed how in control the barber was with his hand on Mike’s head; first pushing his head back so that the top of Mike’s head was out of view, so all that they saw was the barber quickly working the clippers back and forth from the front to the crown, ostensibly cutting off Mike’s flattop, though they didn’t see much hair falling onto the cape. However, when the barber positioned his head forward, the boys saw that the top looked nearly bald, just like the sides looked when the barber positioned his head from side to side to clip them as well. Mike’s head wasn’t that white anymore due to some inevitable tanning, but the overall effect of a 5-Zero induction cut made Mike look so much different from when he first sat down with a high-n-tight flattop; though there wasn’t much hair on the cape, the transformation was just as startling as if he had come in with a long feathered hairstyle and ended up with an induction cut. This wasn’t lost on the boys, as they were always aware with how much more different they looked when they went from any other short haircut to an induction cut. Of course, the totally different look of an induction cut wasn’t lost on the boys’ classmates, who really gave it to Dave when showed up to school with an induction cut from an almost as short boot cut. But that was then, and now the boys were actually excited to get their haircuts so that they could look like Mike.

With just a few more swipes of the clippers, Mike was done, in a little more than a minute, if that. "Thanks for the haircut, SIR," said Mike to the barber as he was uncaped and took his place at the head of the line. So there they were, all lined up; though unlike real boot camp recruits who dreaded the induction cut, they were looking forward to it. And since all of them were still mandated by their fathers (and mothers as well) to wear short haircuts, their choosing to get their heads shaved made them feel like they were in charge. :

--Matt, who could hardly contain his excitement when Mike told him "in the chair recruit" quickly hopped onto the chair without any hesitation. Matt’s "take it all off" as he was caped was followed by a sharp "keep quiet, recruit!" from Mike, followed by a wink and a smile. Still excited, Matt put his head back without being prompted, though he still smiled broadly when the barber positioned his head back up while at the same time telling Matt that that he was the one to tell Matt what position his head was to be in; and besides, he was short enough that his head didn’t have to go back. So Dave and Steve got to watch Matt’s top being peeled down to nearly bald with each swipe of the clippers; his thick hair gave way to a growing white scalp, with each swipe of the clippers. After the top, the back and sides were peeled off quickly. Unlike Mike’s haircut, there was a lot more hair on the cape, though the person under the cape had the same nearly bald haircut that made him look so much different than when he first sat down with an already short haircut. "Thank the barber for your haircut and then get back in line, recruit" came out of Mike’s mouth as Matt was rubbing his head excitedly. "Thank you SIR for the haircut," Matt barked out as he hopped down and went to stand in back of Steve, all the while still rubbing his head.
--Dave was next; and he walked smartly to the chair when Mike gave him the signal. Complying with the barber’s firm hand grip on his head, Dave found the quick action quite interesting; and thinking back to the times when he was at a different barbershop getting an induction cut, he wondered if it would have been better if the barber had done as quick a job so that he could have got out the chair and not provided a show for the other kids in the barbershop. Suddenly he was brought back to the present as he felt the now warm clipper blade on the top of his head, he realized how much he was enjoying this, though he snapped back to attention when he heard Mike’s "Thank the Barber and get back in line, recruit." "SIR, thanks for the haircut SIR," said Dave with a wry smile, as he realized that though he had been ordered to thank the barber, he really meant it—unlike all the other times when he had thanked the barber after each haircut because it was expected from his father, knowing that the barber knew he didn’t mean it. Nonetheless, he went back to the line smiling and rubbing his head as well.
--Steve, who was last, was actually enjoying the ‘show’ like one of the other kids in the barbershop who used to watch him get his haircut. Like the other two, he noticed how everyone’s white scalp was quickly exposed, and how ‘in charge’ the barber was. No stranger to clippers on his head, he nonetheless wondered if the other three got nicked anywhere, and if it would hurt. And despite the fact that the other three didn’t seem to have any cuts on their head, he went to the chair when instructed by Mike with some trepidation; not because he was basically going to get shaved nearly bald, but because something just might happen…so his eyes were squeezed shut with an expression of waiting for something to happen. But what happened was that the barber made short work of ‘taking it all off,’ exposing the whitest scalp of the four of them. Dave laughed at Steve because he had kept his eyes shut the whole time, and sprung out of the chair when he was uncaped. As he grunted out the requisite "Sir, thanks for the haircut, SIR," he had been rubbing his head—not to feel how cool it felt, but to make sure he didn’t have any nicks or blood…so that when he looked at his hand he saw that he was ok, a big smile broke out as he went to the back of the line.

Mike then marched them out in line to applause from the onlookers in line, some of them reaching out to rub the boys’ heads and give them a ‘good job,’ or ‘great haircut young man.’ At the car they took off their shirts to wipe off their buzzed heads—much like the recruits who used towels after their induction cuts—and put on their extra shirts that they had brought with them. Bringing extra shirts was something that they had learned to do, as it lessened any itching from the short hairs that made it down their back and clung to their shirts while they went shopping or wherever before they got home.

But here they were in the present, resting on the logs when Dave, who had been just been thinking about what kind of haircut he wanted to wear after the summer, introduced the topic to the others by asking out loud, "What should I grow my hair out into after the summer?" and then continued with "It’s fun getting an induction cut--feeling the steel blades against my head, taking it all off; but I’m thinking I should wear something like an Ivy League most of the time, with enough hair at the front to comb it up and over. I kind of miss having some hair to comb how I want it, now that I appreciate how good a sharp haircut with a part can make you look...but it would be fun to have a ‘summer haircut’ so I can also appreciate having a short haircut that I don’t have to spend any time on.

"Yeah, I’m thinking of wearing some kind of crewcut from now on as well," Steve chimed in, then added while rubbing his nearly bald head, "but I love getting skinned as well, so I will be definitely be getting summer haircuts from now on."

"Like you have a choice about wearing a crew cut, Steve" interjected Dave, taking pleasure in ribbing his best friend.

"Shut up!" replied Steve, who countered with "Yeah, so my dad recently made me wear a crew cut—but now I don’t mind it much now, and I chose to get my head shaved today, whereas your dad made you get an induction cut many times before this."

Sounding sure of himself, Dave replied with "Well that was in the past. And just recently he allowed me to go to a salon to get my hair cut. Though he didn’t specify how short it had to be, I think he’ll be ok with me with an Ivy--and I certainly think he would appreciate me wearing something like the boot cut I used to have; you remember, mostly shaved all over with just enough hair in the front to comb into a quiff," replied Dave, continuing with "especially since I looked great with it. Wow, I guess I have to admit that I really liked standing in front of the mirror and combing that little bit of hair, thinking how cool I looked.""

Then Mike, who had been relaxing in his chair listening to the others just then decided to have a little fun with Dave and Steve, suddenly chiming in with "I hate to tell you this guys, but I had a talk with our dad and yours, Steve, before I took you all to the barbershop, just to make sure that it was OK with them, since at that time you had all decided to get high-n-tights like mine at that time, and they actually wanted me to ‘suggest’ that you get induction cuts…because they really liked how you looked with them, and that’s what you were going to wear from now on! So imagine how relieved I was that you all decided on induction cuts, made it easy for me. I meant to tell you when we were leaving the barbershop…thought it would be easy when you guys were making such a big deal of how cool we all looked with them—rubbing each other’s heads, but I thought it would be better just to let you have your fun and enjoy it. So you can stop thinking about your haircuts from now on."

"No way," exclaimed Steve, continuing with "I mean, I admit I actually look good with an induction cut, but I want to decide."

Dave, more circumspect and used to having his father dictate the haircut he wore, said with a note of resignation in his voice, "like I said, just a couple of months ago he told me I could continue to get my hair cut at a salon—a salon—as long as I paid for them, and I’m sure he was ok with me letting me choose my haircut. Why did he change his mind?

Matt, who had be silent up till now, and who was still happy and excited that he finally had a ‘real’ induction cut and looked like his two older brothers, chimed in with "I don’t care, I want to keep it, and don’t mind going with Mike every week to get a haircut!"

Mike, seeing that Dave and Steve were still processing the news and its’ implications for them, went over and stood between them, rubbing their heads and said, "It’s OK boys, you’ll be good role models for others, and you’ll look damn fine the whole time…no one else looks as good as you two with short haircuts!" He then taunted them a little more, suggesting that perhaps since they were so interested in getting ‘summer haircuts,’ he would talk to their parents and suggest that they allow the boys to grow it out just enough so that they could have a little at the front to comb over for the summer.

"How is that better," Steve and Dave said simultaneously.

Then, suddenly laughing, Mike told them both "relax dudes, I was just messing with you both. I am sure everything will work out, especially since you’re all ok with how you look with short hair. And there’s nothing wrong with wanting a longer haircut, with enough on the top to put a sharp part in it—I liked having a short taper, or really just having enough hair to comb. But I’m in the Marines now, and I have to ‘look’ the part with the sharp extra-short haircut. And you boys have to conform as well to your parents expectations; clean-cut with short haircuts that make you stand out from your peers. It may not seem fair to you now, but we always have expectations to live up to."

"Ok with me," replied Matt. "I’m just thinking how cool it will be to get the next one—all of us getting shaved down at the barbershop at the same time; today was the best" exclaimed Matt, who then added, "I like getting my haircut with you Mike, thanks for taking us today."

"It’s ok with me as well," began Dave, who continued with "I never really wanted to have really long hair, I just always wanted to decide on how short my haircuts should be."

Steve, visibly relieved that he wouldn’t have to wear an induction cut from now on, reflected that "yeah, it’s cool that we all have the same haircuts now, but we should all try something different during the rest of the year…the we can look forward to our summer haircuts!" "That reminds me," Steve continued, "it seems to me that you brothers usually didn’t have the same haircuts growing up. You would think since your father is in to you wearing military haircuts, you would just have the same haircut all the time. I mean, you all had crewcuts, flattops, tapers and induction cuts growing up, but seldom did you have the same haircuts."

"Mike and Matt never had an induction cut till now, when they chose them," retorted Dave, continuing with "and they never had a boot cut like me, now that I think about it."

Then Steve added, "How come your dad never had an induction cut, I mean, that would be fair if he had one as well…think about it, Dave…when you got yours, if he had one too then at least you could tell everyone that he got one as well, so it wasn’t a punishment for whatever, like a lot of them thought at the time."

"Dad would look cool with an induction cut, we should ask him to get one with us the next time," Matt said enthusiastically.

The Mike interrupted them with "Here you guys go again…yeah it was tough going to school and not getting to decide on how you looked…I probably shouldn’t have complained so much myself—it was just as hard for me, maybe harder since I was the oldest son…"

"And you used to complain quite a bit," added Dave, continuing with "Well, at least you used to, even though if I remember correctly you used to have the same haircuts for years, where I had to get different ones all the time…you got to look the same for a long time, where my haircuts changed all the time, with each one usually shorter than the last."

"Is that what bothered you the most" began Mike, because the last few years I lived at home I had that short butch haircut—which was bald tapered in the back and around the ears, with a hint of a bumper at the front. My scalp showed through a little most the time, and later when I started to shave dad decided how long my sideburns were to be at the barbershop, when the barber asked where to cut them off at. Every time I looked in the mirror I saw myself with the same short haircut that I couldn’t do anything with…and then seeing you, Dave, with your different haircuts that were much longer than mine—well, at least you had some length on the top that you could comb—I would get jealous.

"Wow," said Dave, "I never knew you were jealous…now that I think about it, me having that Ivy League that I wore was a lot longer than your butch or burr, but you have to admit that the boot cut I got later was a lot shorter than your haircut…well, at least on the sides." "Man," Dave continued, "that was a real transformation going form that Ivy League to the boot cut; and, worse, it happened every two weeks—the sides would almost grow in and my scalp would disappear, only to be exposed again with each haircut. I got it every two weeks with that boot cut. And that’s why I envied you, always having the same haircut, and not looking any different from haircut to haircut. I always wished I would just get the same haircut each time; you know, that same ‘style’ but just trimmed so that you always looked the same with each haircut."

"Ok," remarked Mike, "Yes I guess you got shaved or whatever each time, but I also had an extra short haircut every now and then, and looked a lot different. Even when you have a butch or burr, there’s always a shorter clipper blade that can be used—well, until you’re bald—and that happened to me a lot. Well, maybe not a lot, but once and a while, even though I asked dad to please tell the barber to use the #1 blade each time, and just to be safe—so that he didn’t think I was trying to insist on my own haircut, I added that I wouldn’t mind getting it cut shorter during the summer…"

"So you tried to make a summer haircut deal with dad as well," interjected Dave, continuing with "Now I know why you stopped complaining to me and others…but I don’t remember you having a shorter haircut during the summer, just a shorter haircut once and a while…oh, I remember too that your little tuft of longer hair at the front came and went…"

Laughing at the memory from Dave, Mike continued with "Yeah, the little extra length or sometimes tuft of hair was just a short bumper that gave a little character to my butch—never long enough to comb any which way, and always subject to the barber asking dad if he wanted it trimmed, etc. Sometimes it would grow for a couple of haircuts, then it would be trimmed down to almost nothing. But you’re right…though dad usually specified a #1 blade, sometimes he had it cut shorter. And even when a #1A was used which is just a little shorter, you could really see a lot more scalp. So I did get transformed every now and then."

"That’s right, I remember," interjected Steve, who laughed as he continued, "so I guess you did have an almost induction cut before Dave."

"Man, if I could have made a deal with dad about at least keeping the same haircut, I would have stopped complaining like you, Mike," added Dave, who continued with "though I was still the first with an induction cut."

Then Mike, who had contemplated all of this before, decided to tell them about the early years, when he was really young: "Let me clear some things up: I was the first to get an induction cut, and Matt, dad had one as well—and I guess he looked cool, though I was young and he just looked a lot different to me at that time. That was when you were still a baby, Dave, before you got your first barbershop haircut. And, dad and I having those induction cuts is when I learned why dad had us get the haircuts that we did. He never thought of them as ‘military’ haircuts, just regular haircuts that boys should have. Let me tell you about it, it’s kind of why I used to complain a lot about my haircuts, and why I didn’t complain at all after getting that butch we’ve been talking about…you remember you had one as well with me for a bit, Dave?"

"It seems I remember lots of haircuts," replied Dave, laughing somewhat, but becoming more circumspect as he continued, "I remember it, and I remember that I came to find out so many of the ‘lessons’ that you taught me were based in fact, Mike."

"Lessons…now that I’m nearly bald again I’m all ears," said Steve.

"Yeah, we all are," added Matt as he laughed.

"Ok guys," continued Mike, "it was actually mom who took us to the barbershop, just to get trims, because dad was out on field maneuvers. But Matt was the only one who got a trim, and Dave and I ended up with short butches."

"That’s right, even mom liked us to have short haircuts," interrupted Dave.

"Yes, she always thought we looked so handsome," Mike began again, continuing with "but she didn’t set out for us to get butches—though she thought they were fine as well—as we found out when dad came back from the field maneuvers and asked her about our haircuts, she had just told the barber to "cut their hair shorter," by which she meant for us to get a ‘trim,’ and still have our crew cuts. But, instead, we ended up with our short butch haircuts by mistake. And then my dad told us that he had been thinking of us getting ‘short’ haircuts recently, so we would both be wearing butches for the foreseeable future, but maybe a shorter butch for me which would make a teenager my age look like a clean-cut adolescent that also looked handsome with his very short and sharp haircut—and maybe Dave, though he was probably too young, and would just look like a kid with a butch. Of course, I thought that Dave should get the same shorter butch, but I didn’t say anything. As I told you, I knew that to dad, how we looked with our haircuts was important to him, which I will get into shortly."

Laughing hard now, Steve interjected with "thanks for reminding me about that…you two getting butches by mistake, and then having to wear them for a while…"

"Yeah, thanks for remembering Steve," said Dave. "And," he continued, "just like I said, I found out that Mike was right about a lot of things when we got those butches. The first thing we already talked about; you know, how when you have a short haircut like a butch, your hair looks like it has grown out quite a bit so that when you get your next haircut it looks like, well, you got butched."

"I’ll say," began Steve, continuing with "I remember each time you got it cut it, it looked like you got scalped."

"Yeah, yeah," Steve, retorted Dave. "Now shut up while I continue…the other thing I remember was that it was always best to get a haircut on Saturday, so that it would look a little longer on Monday when you went to school…or at least you convinced yourself that it did. Well, even if that wasn’t true, I learned that you certainly didn’t want to go to school just after you got it cut."

"Are you referring to that time that dad had to take you to the dentist…"

"Yes, Mike," Dave interrupted, continuing his story with "Since it was butches from now on, and I was at that age when it really mattered to me how I looked, I really hated the idea of having a butch. So imagine how relieved I was that I was sick when it came time for our next haircut—the only reason to not be dragged to the barbershop—though I was horrified when Mike came home with an even shorter butch, or I guess burr haircut that was basically bald tapered in the very back—you know, looked like his hairline was raised an inch or two—and his hair tapered around the ears with his sideburns tapered almost to nothing."

Then Mike, remembering now that haircut, cut in with "Yes, now that you bring it up, that was the first haircut that dad was supervising like he did when we got something different, and told the barber that he liked that length…and rubbed my head while he told me how good I looked…so I asked him to ask the barber about the blade size, which is why I said earlier that I always asked dad to specify a #1 butch. Now that I think about it, our first butch must have been a #2."

"So why were you horrified, Dave," asked Steve, who continued with "after all, you were going to get the regular butch…"

"Remember I didn’t get the ‘regular," Steve, retorted Dave.

"Yeah, when we got home, dad told Dave that he was going to get the same haircut which made me look so handsome and clean-cut, to see how he looked with one as short. Then, of course, I told Dave how horrible it was to have such a short haircut, that it would look grown-out quickly between haircuts so that we would really get teased each time; and that even though dad had sort of promised to tell the barber to give us a #1 butch, we were always in danger of really getting shaved."

"That’s right, Mike," said Dave, you really put a scare into me."

"Sorry about that," Dave, offered.

"Oh well," continued Dave, "Though I was glad I didn’t get my haircut that day, I dreaded going a month between haircuts, because when I got mine cut as short as Mike’s, I would really look like I got shaved. But, as my luck would have it, that next week after Mike got that short butch had a toothache, and dad picked me up from school early in the morning for an appointment at the dentist. Didn’t take long, and I was feeling much better without the toothache. So I was expecting to be taken right back to school, but instead we go to the barbershop. And then it was like everything went into slow-motion, as everything I feared was suddenly coming true. We go through the doors, dad buys a ticket for a haircut from the machine, there’s a chair open and I am told to get up on the chair while my dad comes and gives the barber instructions: ‘short butch, use the #1 blade, taper the back and around the ears—but I want him to have a little length at the front—just a little longer than the rest of his cut.’ Then I remember the low hum of the clippers seeming to be lower and deeper as it ran over my head. And like I usually did, I looked at the cape to try to determine how short my haircut was by how much hair landed on the cape. Of course, there was hardly anything, so I started to daydream that it wasn’t so bad. But then I felt the clippers really pressing the skin at the back for the bald taper which snapped me back to attention to find out that I was facing the mirror and when the barber positioned my head up I could see that I had been really butched, except for the very front which hadn’t been cut down. But the barber was working on tapering the sides, and from the front view I couldn’t imagine what he was cutting, as short as it was already. Then, more humiliation as the barber asked about the front after he cut it down to maybe a half inch or so—tapering it from there to the #1 length, and my dad inspecting it and telling him it was ok for now."

"Yeah, I got the extra length at front on the next haircut," Mike started, continuing with "But after two weeks, my hair was only a little more than a quarter inch long, so it didn’t look like much. However, you could see the difference between the bumper or ‘tuft of hair’ that you called it and the rest of my butch, you know, how short my hair was again…which of course, is what everyone at school picked up on."

"Exactly what I saw in the mirror," continued Dave, "That was the first haircut where I really thought of myself as looking bald. And talk about how classmates would pick up on every butch as you getting shaved bald again…remember it was a school day, and dad drove me back to school. I had to go back to class with a butch that was just done about 15 minutes earlier!" I think the teacher even laughed…and everyone just couldn’t stop with the comments on how I was such a loser to have to get such a haircut, on a school day no less. So like Mike said, I found out how much worse it could get with a short haircut like a butch, and how much better it was to get your hair cut on the weekend so that it would grow out a little, and I learned how itchy you could get if you didn’t change your shirt…oh, I learned from the others that in the back where it was tapered and the clippers really dug in that I had a red rash. Now that was hell."

"The rash?" asked Steve.

"Yeah, the rash Steve," continued Dave, "geez, I can just imagine you teasing me as well if you were in the class with me. What was hell was that up till then, it was just kids teasing me; but now, it seemed more personal, like I was being shamed for letting my parents dictate my haircuts. In some ways, I learned a lot from getting those butch cuts."

"Well," said Mike, I guess that butch taught you a lot, Dave; and as I said earlier, it was a turning point for me because of the fact that I learned a lot about how dad chose our haircuts when I got the first induction cut when I was only 6."

"You were six?" asked Steve.

"Yes, six, so sit back and let me tell you about it" continued Mike

End of Part 1

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