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The First Time I Shaved A Head by John Nelson

I had worked with this little guy from Guatamala on my first painting job about 25 years ago. He was very dark and had long black hair over his ears. Very nice looking kid around 22 or 23. He spoke just enough English so we could communicate.

I had always been a natural at cutting hair. In college I'd cut may 15 guys hair. All trims or long buzz cuts. I kind of wanted to shave someone's head with clippers without a guard. No takers tough.

By this time in my life, late twenties I shaved my head zero guard about once a week. It was hot in my summer job and this little guy from Guatamala was assigned to be my painting partner. He was cool and I got along with him. Very quiet, shy,
Easy going dude.

Well after one hot day of painting apartments he asked me who cuts my hair. Do you go to the barbers he asked? I said no I cut it myself. I didn't realize later that week he'd ask me to cut his hair.

He would get very hot and sweaty with all that hair on his head. I will say that was the most beautiful head of hair I almost ever saw. So shiny black long enough to cover the ears and nice bangs. I wasn't really a fan of hair, but his was great.

After work and lunch breaks we'd hang out a little. We were just friends a little bit. One day he asked me if I could give him a haircut. What?? I said sure. I have clippers and scissors at home I can bring them tomorrow. Well the next day we were painting some dumpy apartment in a bad part of town. I was going to cut his hair here after work in this apartment.

I had all the guards for the clippers and some scissors with me the next day. I loved cutting hair and thought oh just give him a little trim. What I didn't realize was he liked my shaved head and it was so hot in those apartments we painted. He had all along planned for me to shave him bald.

So work was over and we had cleaned our paintbrushes and all. It was time for the haircut. Where though? No furniture in this vacant little apartment. We'd seen a old busted up chair in the alley. We got it into the kitchen. I got the clippers and scissors ready. He took off his shirt so the hair wouldn't get all on it. We were ready for the haircut.

I showed him the clipper stuff and guards. I said ok how should I cut your hair? I thought oh maybe even wet it at the sink and only use the scissors. Then to my shock he rubs the clippers with no guard and says cut with this todos. (All) No way! The little guy wants me to SHAVE HIS HEAD BALD!
I had always wanted to shave a head before. Then he said rapado. ( shave ) Like yours.

As much as I wanted to shave his head I just couldn't do it somehow. Such nice hair. Well here was my chance of course I was going to shave it. I asked him two times are you sure? Si (yes he said)

Honestly I was nervous. I don't know why, I couldn't make a mistake going zero all around. He told me he'd never had really short hair before. I gave him one more out. He said cut it. I took the clippers around the right ear first. I had never seen this guys ears before. First the hair was down to zero around the right ear. I saw he had very nice little ears. Then I went across the top. All that black hair was in his lap and on the floor.

I couldn't believe how fast all that hair was coming off. The left ear was exposed now too. Then the top and back. The guy was good looking so even bald he looked fine. Wow all done. He sat so still, so compliant. He went to look in the bathroom mirror. He let out a little oii yelp. Anyone would after losing that much hair and getting your head shaved for the first time. He sat back in the chair and I buzzed over his head one more time to get any missed spots. He was bald because they were very good clippers.

The funniest thing was when it was done he shock my hand and said thank you. I was the one that cleaned up the black hair from the floor and through it away. We left and went home. The next day he said his family was shocked about his shaved head, but he liked it. Nearly a year later after not cutting it for a year I shaved it once again. Not long after that I lost contact with this guy. It was the first and last head I ever shaved besides my own.

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