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My First Head Shave – True Story! by Jason S.

Summer 2001

I was 17 years old and just finished my Junior Year in High School. I was not a popular kid at school by any means. I had been fascinated with hair cutting for a few years by this time. The first time I can remember my fetish being real was when I witnessed my brother having his head buzzed when I was 13. I remember lurking around the bathroom taking peeks as my one brother buzzed the other. They were having difficulties because the old clippers they had borrowed from my Grandma were dull and lacking power. At one point, one of brothers asked me if I was next. I yelled no and ran out of the room! That night taking a bath, I was washing my privates and I ejaculated for the first time by accident. Obviously, I related this to watching my brothers haircut and the rest was history!

Fast Forward 5 years. The last day of school for the summer was a half day for me. It was a Wednesday. I had been to my local salon, Haircutz, that Monday and had the top trimmed down to ¾ inch or so and the back and sides taken down to a #1. It was a great summer cut but I had the overwhelming feeling that I wanted more. Monday night and Tuesday night I stayed awake in bed thinking about it. Should I have it cut again? What will the stylist think if I come back 2 days later? It will be summer vacation and nobody will see me after school lets out besides my family. How do I do this?
Wednesday came around and the bell rang releasing the high school for the summer. My peers ran out of the building with excitement, some to the bus and some to their cars. I walked to my car in the parking lot with knots in my stomach. I reluctantly drove to Wal-Mart and purchased the cheapest set of clippers I could find. After all, I was only making $5/hr mowing lawns with my dad’s friend. I drove home knowing I had to make quick work of this because I had to pick up my little sister from school in the afternoon.

When I got home, my older brother was there. I started to wonder if I should ask him to help. It could be a good bonding experience. It could take me back to the day I saw him getting buzzed by my other brother. Then, embarrassment came over me and I decided not to. I put my new clippers in my backpack and snuck them from my bedroom to my mom’s bathroom which was much bigger and had better light. Boy was I nervous!
I unboxed the clippers and examined everything closely. I took my shirt off and played with them a little. I plugged them in and would turn them on and off. There was a loud clack and a loud humming noise. These were pretty cheap so they were really loud. Not like the ones at the salon. I turned on the exhaust fan and the shower to try and cover up the noise. I didn’t want my brother to hear me.

I used the biggest guard which was a #4 or ½ inch and flicked the clippers on. Then I would flick them off and just stand there and look at myself. I grabbed a towel and put it over my shoulders, turned on the clippers, took a big breath, and then shut them back off again. How nerve wrecking. Finally, I turned the clippers on and just started cutting little by little at the crown of my head. I would do little bits at a time until I got comfortable. Then I did it, I ran the ½ "guard right down the middle of my head. HOLY COW what have I done. My hair had never been this short but suddenly I could clearly see my scalp for the first time ever. From here on out, I was hooked.

I took the ½" guard off and reduced my hair to a #2 or 1/4". I then got real brave and put the #1 guard on. It was no big deal to me now so I just shoved the clippers right down the middle of my head. My jaw dropped! What had I just done? I was practically bald now. I had to finish the job. Soon my whole head was reduced to a #1 because that was the length I had the back and sides cut down to earlier in the week.
After I was done, I shut off the clippers and set them down on the counter. I reached up and felt my head and shivers went down my spine. I had felt this all the time on the back and sides so why did it feel different on the top? It was AMAZING! I had the urge to even go shorter but I was out of guards and I had no idea you could use the clippers without.

I had to go pick up my little sister so I quickly cleaned everything up, put on a hat and went out the door. I picked her up and we returned home. I spent the next hour in my room rubbing my head and reading a book before I had to go to work. I mowed lawns without my hat to try and tan the top of my head. When I had to mow grass where my boss could see me, I would put my hat back on. I don’t know why, but I was embarrassed to be seen with my newly bald head.

That night I got home from work and showered. I could not believe how good the warm water felt on my head. I was obsessed with rubbing it. I went into my bedroom and locked the door. Once again, I sat rubbing my head reading but I started to think about cutting more again. I walked over to my dresser and picked up my electric razor that used on my face. I turned it on and just wondered what it would be like. I raised it up to the side of my head and for some reason, gently moved it onto my scalp. The tone changed. I left it here for a couple seconds and then shut it off. I felt the spot and it was pretty smooth. Once again, what had I done? I snuck into the bathroom to observe the damage. It was much higher than I had thought. It was darn near the top of my head. I could not fix this by just doing the sides

I knew what I had to do. I used the razor to go over my whole head. I started on the top and had to clean out the electric razor head several times. I moved to the sides and almost forgot to do the back. When I got done, I starred at the top of my head which was white and pale while the back and sides were nice and tan. At least the amount of hair I had covered that paleness of my scalp. I didn’t know what I was going to do. I was so freaked out. How long would it take to grow back? Not to mention, everyone would notice how bald the back and sides were now even if I were wearing a hat.
I actually went to sleep with a hat on that night. It fell off while I tossed and turned and when my mom and dad brought clean laundry into my room the next morning, I could hear my dad say "look at your sons head… what did he do?" I pretended to sleep but I was so embarrassed. I did notice how good my bald head felt on the cool sheets and pillow case. It was not completely smooth but I was not even thinking about shaving it the rest of the way. I just wanted it to grow back!

From there on out, I let it grow back. I loved it nice and short but I also loved my hair. It would not shave my head for more than 2 years. I often thought about that first time though and would occasionally get the urge but it would go away after styling my hair for a night out with my girl.
It was an amazing experience and one that I will never forget! Now, I can’t grow hair like that and am forced to keep it buzzed short due to MPB. I wish I could go back and experience that again.

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