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Chris and huss by Chris

I'm Chris, 18 years old, tall and average build. I've always had a hair fetish for as long as I could remember. My hair at the moment is about a #7 buzz. I've never really had my hair shorter then that except for when I was younger my parents used to get my head buzzed to a #3 I used to hate it back then.

So this true story all started when I was 18. I was in high school in my final year, I was sitting with my friend huss. We always used to make silly bets and dares for each other which really never led to anything, this time we raised the stakes. We made a bet that who ever didn't get a date by the end of our final day the other person gets to cut the others hair how ever they wanted. At this time Huss's hair was shoulder length and always silky smooth and shiny. Huss hesitated with this bet but he thought he had it in the bag.

By coincidence the day before the end of school I asked out my high school crush, she said yes! My stomach was full of butterflies, mainly because I was excited about Huss's hair cut. I told Huss the news and I'm sure I saw a tear in his eye, while I was telling him I could feel a slight bulge in my pants.

On the way home from school I told Huss it's time for his cut, with out warning! We went to the local shopping centre to buy the supplies, we grabbed clippers, razors, scissors, shaving foam and baby oil. I already had in plan what cut Huss was to receive.

I couldn't wait to get home with Huss, so I decided to just go to the public disabled bathroom in the shopping centre. We got in, locked the door, and I told Huss to remove his clothes. He stood there shaking and nervous in his briefs. I got him to sit on the toilet as I plugged the clippers in. He's only words was "not too short please" sadly I had no comment and had other plans for him. I turned the clippers on "POP" he jumped as it startled him, I removed the #3 Gaurd and I placed the clippers at his forehead, but he resisted and tried to move. The struggle caused the clippers to buzz of his bangs he was mortified. I then saw a change in his mood, he actually had a smile and said "let's get it done" so with out hesitation I buzzed his head from front to back, I could see his bulge actually growing in his briefs, at this moment I was rock hard, and was trying not to make it too obvious. Huss's head was now feeling like sand paper, I got Huss to stand up so I could wet his stubble, he was excited for the razor shave, I pulled his underwear off and I sat on the toilet after removing my underwear. (Revised for pg guidelines) I spread the foam on his head and scraped away all the ugly stubble. In a matter of minutes huss was completely smooth, I dried his bald head, and it started to shine, I rubbed the baby oil into his scalp and he shine and smoothness of rubbing his head made me so excited (revised for pg guidelines). We got up cleaned each other off and walked out of the toilets like nothing happened, on the way out of the shopping centre a couple of friends from school seen us and started asking questions about Huss's new style and asked where he got it done, huss just winked, and pointed to me "he's the one who can get you smooth" they were asking when I was free, I have them my
Number and walked off

As I was walking off I wondered, will I ever have my head shaved? Will huss shave it for me and return the special favours.........

To be continued

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