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The Dominant Barber by Barberette615

I am a 17 years old boy with tall height and fair complexion. I have brownish-black hair with thick texture. It is the story of summers of last year. The temperature had risen as high as 40 degrees. And my hair had over grown past my collar and 2 months had gone since my last haircut.
One day, I decided to get a trim. I booked an appointment at a nearby salon for the coming sunday morning. The moment I booked my appointment I started to fantasize about all the scenerios of the haircut. For example; getting into the chair, the wetting of the hair, the moment when the barber lifts the nape hair and makes the first snip. Thinking about all this made me very horny.
Sunday morning came with a blink of eye. I got ready in no time and arrived at the salon to get my hair cut.
I entered the salon and proceeded to the reception. "How may I help you?";The receptionist asked in a polite tone. "I have booked an appointment with John for 10:00 AM for a haircut."; I replied rather nervously. In no time, john, the hairdresser arrivied. The moment I saw him, a shiver went through my body. He asked me to take a seat in the barber's chair. I obediently followed his instruction and took a seat in that big barber chair. He draped a very big white cape on my and fastened it very tightly around my neck and went away. At this moment, only client at the salon was me. And I was waiting for the barber in the chair like a sheep is waiting to get sheared. While waiting in the chair, I heard someone giggling from behind.
Afterwards, the barber came behind me with a comb and a scissor in his hands. He put the scissor and comb infront of me and took a spray bottle and thoroughly dampened my hair. At this time I was getting very horny. After this, he started playing with my hair at the back and then asked how about getting rid of this mess on the sides and the back. He asked this in a very intimidating tone. I was just thinking about it when he took a clipper in his hands without any guards on it. I made a slight nod and he wasted no time. He right away pushed my head forward as my chin was touching my chest. With one hand on my head, he pushed the clippers up into my nape hair. I could feel the cold blade of clippers on my nape. Just after he made the first pass, I saw a big chunk of hair making its way to the floor. Pass after pass he shaved my nape and big clumps of hair kept on falling on the floor and on the cape. After shaving the nape, now was the turn of side burns. He came on my right side, with a grin on his face he lifted my right sideburn with the comb and inserted the clipper and passed it up, revealing white skin and a short sideburn. Then he blended the sideburn area with naoe area. Same was done on the other side. At this point I was about to cry, but there was no turning back. I could do nothing except sitting and watching.
The massacre had not ended yet. He took the spray bottle again and dampened the top hair again. The hair on top had grown to 6 inches.
After damping the hair, he took the scissors and a comb. He held a section of hair in between his two fingers and left only 1 inch under his fingers and chopped whatever came above without even asking me how short I want. I asked like a 4 year old year old child in a low tone that why are you cutting the top so short. He made an excuse the top hair should be cut in accordance to the sides and sunce the sides are very short, long hair on the top would look absurd. Actually he was a scissor happy stylish and probably a hair fetishist. Consequently, he chopped section after section on the top and huge clumps of shiney black hair came to fall on the white cape. After he was done, he blow dried my hair and took the cape off. The moment I stood up, I saw huge piles of hair around the barber's chair. At this moment, I was about to cry hard but controlled myself somehow. I just went to the reception, paid for my haircut and came home.

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