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The Groom Gets Groomed by Manny

Matthew carefully cracked open the door to the barber shop. The place seemed frozen in time. Neon, witch hazel, vinyl and clumps of shorn hair on the floor melded together, emiting and odor and feel of yesteryear. The shop seemed empty.

"Uncle Joe, are you here? It's Matthew -- Susie's finance."

The floor squeaked in the room behind the public area of the barber shop as the profile of a large man emerged in the doorway. The old geezer was clad in white from head to toe -- an outfit which matched his snowy hair that was clipped relatively close to his scull all over.

"I'm Matthew Mo...." the young man began to say as he advanced toward the back of the shop with his hand outstreteched.

"No need to introduce yourself. I seen your photo in the paper with my Susie." The barber's tone was definitely no-nonsense. He surveyed the thick mane of glistening golden hair that swooped back and flowed in dense layers over the young man's ears and collar.

"Susie's told me how fond she is of you, sir," Matt gushed as he grabbed the barber's hand to shake.

"She's the apple of my eye -- like a daughter to me since I don't have children of my own," the man replied, crushing Matt's hand in a painfully strong shake. "You better treat her right," he snapped ominously. "And the two of us need to become friends."

"Well, thanks for inviting me to drop by. Susie said you had sometime to give us -- for the wedding," said Matt.

"Something to give YOU!" he replied firmly -- then he pointed to the big red vinyl barber chair near him. "Hop up there. We can't have you meeting Susie at the altar looking like that," he commented with disdain as he glanced at the perfectly coiffed mane of honey blond locks.

Matthew was flabberghasted. The old man couldn't possibly think he would..... "But, uh," Matt stammered.

"Haven't got all day," the barber snapped as he reached for the light blue cape that was draped over the back of the chair. He dusted away some stray strands from the seat and patted it. "Sit, now," he ordered.

Susie's admonishing to "get on Uncle Joe's good side" rang in Matt's ears. How could he make a scene? He looked at his hair in the mirror. To be honest, he had considered getting a bit of a trim before the ceremony. But time had slipped away and the big event was less than 24 hours away. He might let Uncle Joe..... No way! Placing his cherished locks into the care of grumpy Uncle Joe?! But, what would he tell Susie if he didn't? Matt moved gingerly towards the chair, as he admitted to himself he really didn't have a choice. He consoled himself rationalizing that he would ask for 'just a light trim'. And, he could always get it fixed if Uncle Joe didn't trim it right.

Matt eased into the soft, padded vinyl chair. The old man let a slight smile slip onto this firm lips as he cast the pale blue cape around Matt's neck. Uncle Joe tugged it shut tightly and secured the cloth in place with a large metal clip.

'Man that's tight!' Matt thought. His head spun as he conceded to himself that the situation was spiraling out of control.

Uncle Joe swiveled the cahir so that Matt had a clear view of himself caped and looking quite nervous. The white shroud concealed everthing except for the mounds of shimmering golden hair that framed his frightened face. He'd never been in a traditional barber shop before -- and Uncle Joe seemed like every pretty boy's nightmare.

The stern barber grabbed a comb and began yanking it forcefully through the dense mane. "Seems like whoever's been cutting your hair's been rather timid, Matthew. We can't have the guests mistaking you for one of the bridesmaids tomorrow."

He combed the long fringe forward and it reached Matt's upper lip. Through the clumps of the doomed forelock Matt could see the barber's disapproving eyes. Then the old geezer combed the hair back away from Matt's face.

"I'd been meaning to get a trim," ventured Matt hesitantly. "Ran out of time with all the out-of-town guests to entertain, including my brother Bobby and cousin Paul who are going to be the groomsmen." Matt watched Uncle Joe pick up a huge set of black electric hair clippers. His heart rate shot through the roof and his nervous chatter hit top speed. "So it's actually very kind of you that you were willing to pinch hit for me this one time, Uncle Joe."

The barber snapped on the machine right in front of Matt's face with one hand and clamped the other right atop his head and wrenched it to one side. With the screaming maching poised at the base of Matt's sideburn, the barber stated flatly, "Oh no, once you're family, you'll use the family barber. I've cut all Susie's brothers' hair since they were tykes."

Matt's stomach churned. Susie's brother all sported tight military-like haircuts. Butched to a single length all over!

"First cut is free, by the way," Uncle Joe quipped as he drove the clippers firmly up the side of Matt's head. The hungry teeth hugged his scalp closely.

Sheaves of Matt's glorious golden hair fell to the cape in copious mounds. Uncle Joe smiled broadly for the first time since the two met. "You might turn out to be an okay fellow after all," the old man commented.

Then he abrupted took the clippers to the root of the massive forelock and drove the screaming machine straight back across the top of Matt's head. The dense mane resisted momentarily and then succumbed to Uncle Joe's determination. Mounds of copious hair fell down past Matt's disbelieving eyes. It was like the old man was torturing him! He surpressed a gasp as he realized just how short the haircut was going to be -- like a marine induction haircut. All the way to the bone!

His hair littered the cape. Matt felt numb....and surprisingly erect!!

Uncle Joe shoved Matt's head forward so that his chin hit his chest. The barber's grip was firm. Matt stared at the large cock which throbbed underneath the cauldron of shorn blond hair. He sat submissively, feeling aroused by the way the forceful barber stripped away his pampered, cultivated tresses.

Uncle Joe's hulking white-clad presence virtually overwhelmed the cowering Matt whose horror of being forcebly shorn had curiously morphed into excitement. His identity was being stripped away -- the confident, handsome, executive design producer now reduced to a cowed, silent, shorn, awkward recruit!

Uncle Joe was determined that not one strand of Matt's lush head of hair would survive longer than 1/16 of an inch. With the punishing clippers, he effectively inducted Matt into the family hierarchy -- with the new guy at the very bottom rung. Once the chattering machine was finally silenced by the satsified barber, the old man let the clipped lad survey his shorn head freely for the first time. Before that, he'd only been able to glimpse the knob-like shape through furtive glances.

The barber smiled and rubbed the stubbled head with an endearing touch. "This is a real practical haircut, Matt, my boy. Ideal for the new husband -- less time spent on haircare and more time spent helping wash the dishes and take out the trash. And for Susie, less of a girly boy to be ashamed of and more of a manly stud to be proud of."

Without warning, Uncle Joe reached into the cauldron of hair in Matt's lap and pulled a wad of the shorn tresses as he yanked the boy's woodie about. "What were you thinking about?!" he demanded. Matt panicked. Then the barber quickly added, "...with all this mess on your head?!" Matt was fairly confident Uncle Joe knew about his erection. But the old man didn't make a fuss about it.

Matt's reddened slowly returned to its normal color. "You're right, Uncle Joe. The haircut you gave me is much better," Matt felt so much better about Uncle Joe -- he had discovered his secret, unexpected excitement under the barber's cape, yet not kidded him about it.

"Ah, that's my boy!" exclaimed the barber as he gave the stubble a final rub and then unfastened the cape.

Matt felt light headed. He ran his own hand over the stubble for the first time and smiled broadly. "I can't believe this!!" the newly balded exclaimed.

"I can!" quipped the old geezer. "Now hurry back to Susie so she can see her new and improved husband-to-be! And careful in that strong sun out there. You've got plenty of virgin white skin that's probably seeing the light of day for the first time, back here," he said as he reached to the back of Matt's neck and smacked it gently with his palm.

Then the barber pulled the lad to him and gave him a bear-hug. "Wecome to our family!"

Matt relaxed in the old man's warm embrace and squeezed him tightly too. He'd never had the comfort of a father of his own that he could remember - the family had been abandoned when Matt was only three years old. "You'll be like a father to me, Uncle Joe!"

"You bet. And as soon as you're back from your honeymoon, I want you back in my chair. I'm going to keep you clipped down tight, my boy! Just like a good recruit!"

"Yes, sir!" said Matt as he snapped to attention and saluted. He turned to leave the shop a very happy groom.....and better yet, one very fortunate nephew-in-law!

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