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Muscle Dude Gets Shorn, part 4 by Alex

Brad was almost speechless. The horseshoe haircut definitely made him look more manly. He looked in the mirror and liked what he saw.

"Holy sh*t, dude!" Dan said. "That looks f*ckin' awesome."

"Good," Mac the barber said. "You're next."

Brad got out of the barber's chair, still admiring his looks in the mirror, as Dan took his place. Dan could see Brad, sitting in a nearby chair, running his hand across his nearly-shaven head.

"What'll it be, son?" the barber asked, as he caped Dan tightly.

Dan thought for a moment, and then said, "It's a bit on the long side. Maybe just take off an inch or so."

Mac began brushing Dan's hair. "Just an inch?" he asked. "I don't think that's going to do it, son. Look at your buddy, there, all clean-cut. You don't want him to get all the girls, do you?"

Dan looked over at Brad, with his extremely short horseshoe cut. The ladies already fawned all over Brad, with his big muscles. His extremely short haircut made him look hyper-masculine; it would attract babes like a magnet. Dan already felt a bit jealous, knowing what would happen.

"Yeah, I guess you're right," Dan said. "You could... You could take a little more off, I suppose."

"Maybe a 'shoe like your friend?" Mac suggested.

"Oh, no!" Dan exclaimed. "That's way too short for me. Just a trim, please."

"Suit yourself," the barber said.

Mac swiveled the chair away from the mirror. He took his scissors and began scissoring Dan's hair off to about two inches in length on top. Dan looked like he was going to say something, maybe that Mac was cutting it much shorter than he wanted, but he stayed silent.

Mac kept snipping away on Dan's hair. Snip, snip, snip went the scissors, uncovering the left ear, then the right, and then across the back of Dan's head. After about fifteen minutes of chopping away at Dan's hair, Mac picked up a pair of clippers and put on a #1 guard.

Dan said, "Uh, I don't think I want it that short, Mac."

"I'll leave it a little longer on top, son," Mac said. "Trust me. You'll look much better once this long hair is dealt with."

Dan reluctantly nodded. He'd never thought of his hair as "long", but certainly in comparison to Brad's hair, it was very long.

The barber steadied Dan's head and pushed his chin down with one hand. Then he took the buzzing clippers up the back of Dan's head. Dan felt the clippers bite into the hair on the back of his head and go up higher and higher, ultimately progressing up through the crown and straight forward towards the fringe. Piles of hair fell down around Dan's shoulders and into his lap as the Osters chopped through his hair. Then Mac turned his attention to the sides, which he also plowed through with the #1 guard.

"It, uh, feels really short," Dan said, as Mac continued buzzing away.

"You'll be a new man when I'm done, son," Mac said. "Clean-cut. A man's man."

Mac stopped the clippers for a moment as he changed the guard. Dan now had a #1 all over, but Mac didn't seem to be finished just yet.

"Gotta take the back and sides down a bit further, son," Mac said, as he replaced the guard. As he began buzzing once more, it became clear that he was using a #0 guard. The hair on the back and sides of Dan's head was being stripped away, leaving only a little stubble behind.

Dan's heart was racing. Was this too short? Should he stop the barber? But he didn't. He just waited as the hair on the sides and the back were slowly buzzed down to almost nothing. Then the top was faded in, blending the nearly-bald back and sides with the #1 on top.

"Now you're starting to look like a new man," Mac said, putting down the clippers. He turned to Brad, who had been watching the process from the waiting chairs.

"What do you think, son? How's your buddy's hair looking now?"

"It looks pretty cool," Brad said. "Short, but good. But... I think... I think you should go a bit shorter on the top, now."

"Shorter on the top?"

"Yeah, it just... it still looks too long on the top."

"What do you think, son?" he asked Dan. "Your buddy thinks it's still too long on the top. You willing to go a little shorter?"

Dan hesitated. Although he couldn't see his hair while turned away from the mirror, he could tell his hair was already much shorter than he had expected the cut to be. But the short cut looked so good on Brad. Maybe it would be okay to try something really short.

"A little shorter, I guess," he said.

"A little shorter... or a lot shorter?" Mac said.

"Oh, just a little."

"C'mon, son. Let's go for a lot shorter," Mac urged. "Trust me, son. This'll look much better than that ugly longhair look. You and your buddy will turn heads."

"Okay," Dan almost whispered.

At Dan's nod, Mac flicked the Osters back on and ran them across the top of Dan's head. He said, "I'm gonna take the top down nearly as short as the back and sides, son. You'll like this look. Real clean-cut. Very sharp. Easy to take care of." He was still using the #0 guard! More hair fell down around Dan's shoulders, neck, and lap as he was given the buzzing of his life.

It only took a few minutes more to shear Dan down to the wood. Only a rough stubble was left, and with Dan's light hair, the stubble was even hard to see.

When it was finished, Mac pulled the cape off and all of Dan's cut hair ended on the floor. Then Mac swiveled the barber's chair back around to face the mirror; the sight was something amazing to behold. Dan looked like a new man. He looked more masculine.

Dan slowly stood up and felt his bald head and smiled a bit shyly. He ran his hand across the top, feeling the sandpaper-like stubble.

"I like it," he said. "What do you think, Brad?"

"It looks f*ckin' awesome," Brad said, as they made their way to the register to pay for their cuts.

To be continued...

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