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Big Change by drummer16

It had been about two months since my last haircut. My hair was below my collar, over my ears, and definitely in my eyes often, but life had just kept getting busy. Being a senior in high school isn't easy. I had to keep up with my job, my grades, and any extra circulars I added. There were some college interviews soon and my Dad had been bothering me for a while to get my haircut. He never liked my long hair, but I guess tonight was the breaking point.
"Don't you have college interviews tomorrow?" He asked me as I was doing homework.
"Yes," I responded.
"Well, I won't have any son of mine going to an interview with that hair."
"Really, now? I've got so much to do."
Thats when I turned my seat around and he saw it, before I fix my hair he saw that it was covering my eyes completely.
"Well, get in the car. Maybe you'll work faster without all that rag in your face."
I hopped in the car expecting him
to take me to my usual place to get my
hair trimmed up. That's when we pulled into the old barbershop, that's where my
Dad gets his haircut.
"I need to get mine cut too, thought we could stop here."
We entered the shop and Dad went first. He was just getting his short business type cut trimmed up. I was looking at my
phone waiting for it to my turn.
Once my Dad was done, I went into the car and clipped and caped.
"Ok, Dad what are we doing?" The barber asked. Before I could say anything my Dad started speaking.
"All of it has got to go. Short back and sides, just so he has some
hair on the top. Thin it out though, and taper the sides close, it shouldn't get back to this state for a long time."
I was in shock and the next thing I knew the barber pushed my head down and the clippers were running through my long hair. I could suddenly tell the difference and boy was it short. More and more hair fell onto the cape as it was all clipped down to a #3.
"Sides can be shorter." That's all my dad said and the guard was switched to a #1 and everything that was already shorter got buzzed further down.

The barber pulled out the scissors and started a attacked the top of my hair. About five inches fell off. He then combed my bangs into my face and cut then an inch about my eye brows.
"He's been having trouble seeing, take them up more," my dad said.
And then another inch fell. The barber took out the thinning shears and cut away even more of my hair.

He then threw some grease it in.
"Now that looks better," my dad said. When I saw myself in the mirror, I was shocked. I didn't even look like myself.

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