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The Best Day of my Life by Bob

Note: I guess this could be Whitewalled and Spiky Part 4, but it's not really.

The best day of my life? Hmm... This is a tough one. Oh! I know. Probably the day I got kidnapped. For those of you just joining in, I'm Patrick O'Bryan. I guess I'll be sharing my life changing experience.

It happened when I was 17. I have a shopping center near my house that my friends and I walk to. It has a good mixture of family stores and franchises like a barber shop, grocery store, fast food, etc. My friends and I were eating lunch, and I had remembered that my mom had asked me to go by the store to get something.

To get to the grocery store as fast as possible, one had to go through a large, empty ally between the barber shop and different store. I was going through the dark, damp ally. It wouldn't have been creepy if there wasn't thunder in the background. I hear faint steps and start running without turning around. However, the steps pick up speed and everything went dark.

I woke up with my arms and legs paralyzed and tape over my mouth. All my senses were fuzzy.

A mysterious voice said, "Test 6b drugged and pacified. Ready to begin experiment. Hey Roger, is it alright that he's conscious."
A second one (apparently Roger) said, "Bringing out equipment. Sure, who knows? It might make the G.E.L. work faster."

G.E.L.? At the time, all I was thinking was, "Why is he spelling out gel?" rather than, "WHAT THE F*** IS GOING ON?"

The first voice said, "Initiate haircut and then place in G.E.L."
Roger replied, "Roger."

Cold metal touches the side of my head, and it begins to feel lighter. Side note, I had unkempt, straight brown hair just over my ears and collar, so I needed a haircut anyway. At the time, I didn't want one so short, but it worked out. Anyway, back to the best day of my life. Hair falls down. He does this all around the side of my head. I hear the clip of the scissors on top of my head. I had no idea how short it was going to be, but an embarrassing bulge started forming in my pants. I was scared the kidnappers would make fun of me... Isn't kidnapping illegal? Who cares? They didn't rape me or anything. I didn't like getting haircuts because I liked keeping my hair long like my friends.

"Prepare the G.E.L."

The man who hadn't been cutting my hair who I couldn't quite see yet put a palm full of sticky stuff through my hair. Instantly, I blacked out.

I did have a dream though.

"Mom be quiet." I replied.
Suddenly, everything changed.
"Initializing... Hello, (Patrick)"
"This is G.E.L., you will without question put gel in your hair everyday and go to Roger's Barbershop every two weeks. You will maintain the spiky look and like it. You will try to show your friends how cool this style is and direct them to Roger's Barbershop so that they can receive G.E.L. You will also start working out, eating healthy, never smoking, never betray God, never take drugs, start wearing adult clothes, stop being childish, and convince your friends to do the same. This will be a Revolution"
"Okay," I shrugged. I knew I was being brainwashed, but why fight it. I knew that in the end, I would like it.

I woke up with a spiky look, and I hate-loved it. The G.E.L. was stiff in my hair. It was perfect. I convinced most of my friends to do it, and now we are perfect. I'm not friends with those who don't have it.

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