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Time for a haircut by nigel

In recent years, my trips to the barbers have been non existent,as my girlfriend June as been more than willing to the honours and treat me to that much needed short back and sides.

At times I been more than overdue to be scalped and she has left me wait until she suddenly states "right you are getting your haircut now, I will go and set up, be ready in a few minutes". I will then have this thrill of being under her control over the next half hour or so. On one particular occasion, I had just gone out into the garden for a few minutes or so when June was setting up her "barbers station" in the kitchen when I just about heard the front door knock. I heard June say I will get that. I Peered through the window and saw it was June's daughter, Sonia, who only lived down the road and must have taken the day off work to come and spend some time with her mum. I thought then, the haircut the haircut will be off and I will have to wait till later. I then proceeded to open the garden shed to do some tidying up whilst June gets into deep conversation with her daughter. However,I heard Sonia come up to the shed and shout through the door, "you alright nigel, my mum is waiting for you". I said OK and I rushed back in and said to June you OK cutting my hair with Sonia here, feeling a little embarrassed that I would have an audience of one. June said no problem at all, I can talk to Sonia whilst I am cutting. I promptly sat down on the kitchen chair and a sheet and towel was placed round my neck.June than got into conversation with Sonia as she wet my hair down and then started get to work with the comb and scissors,I said to Sonia, your mum will make sure this is going to be a short one.. As June was cutting away and the hair was falling onto the sheet, I was really in relaxed mood and any thoughts of embarrassment of Sonia watching her mum cutting my hair had gone. June was sure multi tasking in true barber style whilst talking. Whilst cutting closer to my scalp, June said to Sonia, I spoke to Martin earlier (that is June's son) and we are invited to his on sunday for a barbecue.Sonia said, yes I know, I spoke to
him yesterday and he said we are all invited. Sonia then said I am taking note on how you are cutting nigel's hair as I have said that I would have a go at cutting Finlay'S hair (June's grandson) and Sunday will be an ideal time when visiting. In the meantime, I was really enjoying this haircut as my hair was going shorter and I particularly like the feeling of the shaping around my ears. The conversation continued and June duly plugged the clippers in for the buzz part of the haircut. Due to the noise voices were raised to hear. I then felt the cold sensation of the clippers against my neck as June proceeded to shape my neck
Whilst clipping June said to Sonia, are you busy at work and then a new conversation started over the motoring of the clippers. The clippers then moved to shape around my ears where the hair had been snipped away with the scissors. By now the floor was also covered in my cut hair. The clipping eventuaLly stopped and the converstation reverted to normal. June then lathered some shaving cream right on the back of my neck, picked up a razor blades and proceeded to wet shave between my neck and back to get rid of unwanted hair which the clippers could not reach. The haircut was then finished with a few final snips of the scissors, just to tidy up. June than said, that shall for you for now. The sheet and towel were removed and as I stood uplease June was busily brushing off all of the loose hair which had stuck on me. I said to Sonia how does that look. She was mightily imprested by her mum's work. Sonia then said, do you mind popping out mum, being I have the day off work. June said yes, if Nigel can clear up all of this hair off the floor I will go & get my coat, put my boots on and we can go & look around a few shops.June got ready quickly and they both left the house. As I was sweeping up, I saw mother & daughter walking down the path to Sonia's car, from the kitchen window, both smartly coated and both wearing identical black knee high boots. I looked at my new short back and sides and I realised that only a few minutes before, this had been done by the senion of those ladies working down that path.

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