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Hazel Hair by blakebabe

Hazel Hair

I swept the salon as I waited for someone to come in. It had been a slow day. So slow I had literally had no customers so far, glad I was working alone so I didn't have to entertain an employee. I heard the door ring as it opened. In stepped a man with a messy, grown out cut, that I couldn't even identify what it used to be really. I sat down my stuff and scurried over to welcome him. I told him to take a seat as I pointed at a chair. He kept playing with his hair, which was weird because whenever guys play with their hair it usually means they either want a very light trim or a dramatic cut. I perked up at the thought of the second option. I ran over to him and put on my cape. I layed out my scissors and smiled. We greeted each other and he introduced himself. I unconsciously did the same and didn't even acknowledge his name.
He sat down and ran his hands through his hazel hair one last time before I strapped the cape on his neck, covering his arms from touching it anymore. "What are we doing today?" I asked. "I let my undercut grow out." He said as I noticed that this cut was once an undercut. "And I just want to take it back to an undercut. Just trim the top and fade the back and sides down to a #3" he said as he rotated his head examining his hair.
It wasn't drastic enough, what he described. I smiled and ran my hands through his hair as I thought of a plan to get him to let me cut it shorter. I sighed as I walked over and opened up my drawer. He looked over at me, confused and asked why I sighed. As I rambled through my drawer acting like I was looking for something I responded, "Well, it's too bad you don't wanna take it to a #2 or #1 on the back and sides." "Why do you say that?" "With your face shape and how you want it to look, I think it'd look more proportional if you let me cut it shorter. He looked nervous, then shrugged. "Sure, go for what you think will look best on me."
I stuck my face in the drawer to hide my devious expression as I realized he had used his words too loosely. Technically, now he said "Do what you think will look best on me" which is exactly what I had hoped to hear and had been milking for: loose terms.
I picked out the #2 guard and held it as I plugged in my clippers and held them behind his back. I acted as if I was putting the guard on them, but I slipped them in my pocket instead. I spun his chair around to face the back, so there was no mirror for him to see what I was doing to him. I struck up small talk and let him begin to ramble about himself as I switched on the guard-less clippers and ran them up the back of his head a few times. I waited a minute as he talked to see if he noticed. He had not even broken from his thought to realize it. I shrugged and continued clipping down the back and sides of his hair. Chunks of 2 inch brown hair cascaded down the cape and onto the ground. I grinned as I looked at the pile of hair I had collected on the ground.
I stopped him in his story to ask what he wanted to do with the top again. He sat for a minute and then said, "Since you took the back and sides down to a #2 guard, you can cut more than a trim for the top so it's not unproportional." I said okay and put down the clippers in the place of the scissors. I picked up a piece of his hair and measured about 2 inches from the scalp and clipped off about 3 inches of hair and sent it to the floor. I continued cutting hair as I slowly rotated his chair back around to face the mirror. He closed his eyes as I cut his hair. I smiled because that made it easier for me to finish.
He stopped talking as I was cutting the last chunk off. He opened his eyes as he asked, "So what exactly did you have in mi-". He stopped mid sentence and just sat in shock. I stared back in the mirror trying to keep a straight face. I began explaining to him what I had done. "You have some very nice bones, so the shorter the cut, the better it will look on you, so I went ahead and cut it like it will look best on you, like you said." He still sat in shock as his stared at his head. He blinked and began trying to speak as he was at a loss of words almost. "Fix it." He said. I looked at him confused. His shocked expression turned more into disbelief as he looked at me in the mirror. "Fix it." He said again. I asked him what he wanted me to do to fix it and he responded, "Just take it down all the way." I smiled and spun his chair away from the mirror and got the clippers again. I sat them at the base of his forehead and ran them over his head until his head was all down to a no guard. I spun him back around as he murmured under his breath. He looked up and glared at me in the mirror. I smiled and uncapped him. He stood up and aggressively walked over to the counter where I check out customers. He handed me his card and I scanned it and asked him how he liked his cut. He glared and said under his breath, "I don't know who think you are, but this complete and utter crap." I made myself look disappointed as he walked out. I smiled devilishly as he turned away and walked out the door.

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