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Metals Dead Shave Your Head by Jonathan

I am Christoper and this all happened when I was in 11th grade back in 1985. I had been growing my hair out and it was the longest it had gotten. My hair was down to my neck and over my ears. It was a very light brown, almost blond color. I thought it looked good and had gotten many compliments on it. Girls were also hanging around with me now too. I thought it was because of my hair, but wasn't sure.

I was having a great time in my second to the last year of high school. Things were going well in life. I was on the school yearbook staff. I had no enemies to speak of. It was a smooth easy time in my life. This would all soon change.

One day I was driving these two girls home from school. I had just gotten my driver's license. They lived near the high school. I noticed this kid with a nearly shaved bald head starring at me as I drove near my friends house. He lived about five houses down the block from her. Suddenly as we pull in her driveway, here comes the bald kid yelling at me. What's your problem man! He says to me. Why were you giving me that dirty look? Get out of the car and I'm going to kick your ass right now! I explained I didn't really mean to give him any dirty look or anything. Boy was he mad. The two girls calmed him down. He yelled at me metals dead shave your head! Next time when your friends aren't here to protect you I'm kicking your ass, then shaving your head.

I drove away thinking oh well that was that. I might never see that kid again. I was sadly wrong. The next day he shows up in my p.e. class with an admit slip. He just moved to the area and is a new student. Oh great I thought. He's a punker, and he thinks I'm a rocker. That's why the phrase metals dead shave your head. I had long hair, but wasn't really a rocker per say.

He spots me at school right away. He remembered me! I would soon find out his name is Craig. He also found out I'm Christopher and a few kids call me pretty boy. He was tall, big and looked like a bully. I'd be his first victim at his new school. He hated my long dark blond hair!

One day in the locker room he came up to me alone and grabbed a big chunk of hair near my left ear and pulled me down hard. Christopher you have one week to cut this s**t off your head! If you don't your ass is getting kicked. He laughed and then released my hair. Then he said metals dead shave your head and walked away.

I started to have nightmares about Craig. I didn't know who to tell. If I told the school authorities he'd find out and it would be worse. If I told my mom she'd tell me to cut my hair. My dad was threatening almost daily now to take me to the barber and really get clipped! I wanted to stand up to him, but found out how strong he was that day in the locker room. If I just waited and hoped it would stop, well it wouldn't!

That Wednesday in the hall Craig grabbed my hair again and said by this Friday after school your mop needs to be shaved. He said if I didn't do it, he'd shave it himself!
Metals Dead Shave Your Head he said again. I started to seriously think about shaving all the pretty boy hair off now. He'd win, but likely leave me alone then.

I had just two more days. That next day after school he just happen to be at the hamburger place across the street from my high school. He walked over to me and my friend and said you know tomorrow Christopher is shaving his head. My friend Richie just said oh really? Then Craig grabbed the front of my hair and lifted it and made a bizzzzzttt sound.

That next day was Friday and Craig made it clear he knew now where I lived and wanted my head shaved by Monday or else. He reminded me on the field and in the locker room during p.e. class. Then he said "It" shave and I'll stop bothering you. That was "IT" I wanted all this to stop.

This made me think I'm shaving it today after school. My dad would soon get this hair off my head soon enough anyway. My dad would most likely make me get it clipper short again. This had happened many times over the years when my hair had gotten too long. Or even worse he made me get crew cuts.

I hated that Craig had won, but I hated his taunts and treats. It couldn't get worse. Well so long hair. This would be the longest my hair would ever grow, just to the shoulders.

That day after school I headed to my little car in the parking lot alone. I drove to a nearby barbershop and walked in. The barber was sweeping up some hair and no one else was in the shop. He asked me if I wanted a haircut. I sat down and was caped. He looked over my long hair and asked what are we doing today? Shave it all off I said. All off, no hair he said. Yes all off. He showed me a bare clipper blade and said with this all around zero. Yes I told him. I had never had my head shaved zero before this moment. I was so scared, but just wanted this all over with. The shearing began. All my wonderful long hair was quickly falling all on the white barber cape or the floor. I felt myself start to cry, but stopped myself. I thought about Craig and my dad. I had shaved my head now. Neither one could say get rid of that pretty boy hair again. It was just about all gone now. I soon was shaved and uncaped. I walked over to the wall mirror. Who was that? I looked so different. I paid and left.

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