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Boy Band Curtains to Kitchen Buzz by dukebaldfade

I had decided. I looked in the mirror at my dark blonde hair with natural sun-bleached highlights that formed into perfect 90s boy band curtains, and pushed it back to see what I'd look like without my signature hair. I could see my jawline more prominent, the maturity of my brow. This was a change I wanted to make.

I called up my pal Harry.

I tried to sound natural. "Hey man, it's Josh. Was wondering if you had time to give me a haircut tomorrow."

Harry was one of the guys on our college football team. He was an amateur barber as well and usually cut anyone's hair for a small price for his time. He trimmed my hair every couple of months or so, whenever I felt like it needed doing. Therefore it was no surprise to him. "Sure Josh. I can do it right now if you like. Handed in my psych assignment yesterday so I was just playing some Xbox. Come over, I've got beers."

"Thanks, man. I'll be there in a few." I hung up. My legs turned to jelly. I wasn't quite ready to face the cut just yet but I figured that I might chicken out if I waited until tomorrow. I glanced in the mirror again and shook my head so the hair fell in my eyes. It was still annoying.

I put my hands under the tap and then ran them through my hair to get it damp. Was I really sure I wanted to go *that* short? I took my comb out of the bathroom cabinet and combed my hair into a couple of different styles. I tried a side part but it made me look like a cross between a choir boy and a hipster. I brushed it all forward to see that young Justin Bieber look again. Last Hallowe'en I dressed up as him and everyone thought it looked great. I even managed to pull that night, miraculously with that ridiculous mop. I hoped my ears didn't stick out too much when it was gone.

I dried my hair on a towel. Fifteen minutes ago I'd been absolutely sure. Yep, this is what I wanted. I went to the front door of my flat, grabbed keys and wallet, pulled on some shoes and headed out.

The sun shone strong on my head and back as I walked. It wasn't far to Harry's because we lived in a small town. I was glad to only be wearing a t-shirt and sweatpants. Each step towards Harry's was a step closer to losing my mop. It was nerve-wracking but exciting.

I rang the bell and Harry's housemate answered. Harry was in the living room playing on the Xbox 360, some kind of online first-person shooter.

"Hey Josh, help yourself to a beer from the freezer. I'll be right in."

I crossed the hall to the kitchen and pulled a cold one out and cracked it open on the countertop bottle opener. The chair that he always cut our hair on was set out in the middle of the kitchen and his scissors and comb on the counter. I took a large swig of the beer as I realised I might have to ask him to fetch his clippers too. Harry whooped from the other room as he won his match.

"The usual trim, Josh?" Harry said. He leaned down and got himself a beer from the freezer as well.

"Er-" I hesitated for a while as he opened the bottle. "Can you give me a buzz?"

Harry coughed on his beer. "Yeah sure. Sure. I'll get my clippers." He left the room and came back with a small black bag. "You sure about this Josh? You've had your hair like this since we were kids."

"Yeah, and it's about time that changed," I replied, sitting in the chair and taking my t-shirt off.

"Always good to change it up. You'll have to take your sweatpants off too. My cape is in the wash and you don't want hair sticking to your clothes," Harry said, flicking the clippers on and off to test the charge.

Off came the sweatpants, leaving me in just my boxer shorts. This wasn't going to be ideal because without a cape, there was no disguising my inevitable boner. I'd just have to focus really hard on football.

Harry picked up the scissors and comb and stood behind me. It seemed strangely quiet in the room. He combed my hair all downwards, before lifting the hair at the back of my neck. My hair was at least eight inches on top and about four on the back and sides. The scissors scrunched across the comb and the first lock hit the floor behind me.

"Why aren't you using the clippers?"

"I gotta chop it right down or they'll get clogged with your thick luscious locks," he said with a laugh, not pausing his attack on the back of my hair.

Scrunch, scrunch, scrunch. The scissors were the only sound in the room apart from Harry's gentle breathing. Usually Harry put the radio on or there'd be a couple of other guys in here talking and laughing and watching the haircuts. Today it was just me, and he must have forgotten to turn the radio on in his surprise at my request. The comb went higher up my head and the hacking continued. I could feel the hairs dropping down my back. It was really itchy yet ticklish.

"Man you got a lot of hair," Harry said, and I felt his fingers pull a chunk up from the top of my head, a metallic swish, and he dropped the chunk right onto my lap. I'd never seen so much hair being cut off at once, let alone off my head. The chopped lock lay right on my cock, which I could feel start to throb. The hair was about six inches long.

"Looks like a woman's hair," I laughed, swigging down some more beer.

"I didn't want to say before, man, but you have super girly hair. We're gonna man you up, son."

Harry came around to the side and continued his hacking. I thought frantically of football, of my friends, anything to stop my cock from revealing how aroused I was by this emasculating yet masculinising act. Hair was starting to fall onto my broad shoulders and more into my lap. Scrunch, scrunch, scrunch. It seemed to go on forever, and yet, by the time he was going in for the longest hair on top, it seemed that it was over too quickly. There was something freeing about having the hair fall away from my ears, away from my face. All those years of long hair, severed and fallen on the kitchen floor.

The front was the most daunting bit. He combed up the bangs and chopped, sending a torrent of hair into my lap. There was so much there by now that I hoped Harry couldn't tell that I had a definite semi. Harry was enjoying himself, hacking off hanks of hair and letting them fall on me. He ran the open blades across what remained of my long hair and made the last finishing snips to anything that got in his path, brushing his hand over my roughly cropped hair and rubbing it in a brotherly way.

"Already looking better without that boy band mop!" He said, and took a photo on my phone, which I had left on the side. Harry showed me the picture - I looked really strange with unevenly chopped hair all over, the sides sticking out and the top looking really short and sticking up a bit at the parting. The bulge in my boxers was obscured by the hair pile in my lap, but I could tell it was there. The amount of hair already on the floor and scattered across my chest was mental and only made me more aroused.

"The clippers will get it really even and short all over. You'll look much better in a bit, trust me."

He snapped on the clippers. I gulped, barely feeling ready for this, but Harry was already bringing them around to the front. Did I really want this? As I was thinking this, Harry gripped the back of my head and pushed the clippers into the remnants of my forelock and back through the parting. A wild buzzing filled my head as he pressed the clippers into my skull.

"How short are you buzzing it, man?" I asked nervously. I was starting to feel a bit sick to my stomach as the first trail of hair fell back over and down my neck.

"I'm doing it to a #3 all over. Any longer and it grows out too quick. We can make it shorter or taper the sides in if you want."

The clippers took another swipe back across my head. They seemed to audibly gnaw mechanically as they destroyed my hair. This time he scooped up the clippings on the clipper and dropped them into my lap. The hair clippings still looked really long, between an inch and an inch and a half. My cock got harder and I barely resisted the urge to touch it. The deliberate dropping of the hair in my lap seemed weird. Harry had never done that before. It seemed a little flirty but I passed it off as playful. My boner was probably just confusing me and making me think he was aroused by this as much as I was.

Harry started on the side, and tilted my head over with his hand on top of my buzzed head. The clippers edged up slowly, almost tantalisingly, stripping off my sideburn as well. He flicked the hair and it mostly landed in my lap.

"Here, let me get that for you," Harry said, and brushed his hand over my lap to get rid of all the hair there, but he hesitated when he met with my hard cock.

"Could you pass my beer?" I asked, looking up at Harry's flushed face and feeling mine also radiating a certain amount of heat.

"Yeah sure," he said after a long, lingering moment, and picked up both bottles and gave one to me.

I took a mouthful of the beer, hoping to cool off a little. It was slightly warmer now but still welcome after the intensity of the moment. Harry looked relieved rather than embarrassed.

"I should finish clipping you down. I know what will look good and you'll definitely love it. Trust me."

I agreed, thrilling in the lack of control I had in this haircut. I now got a good look at the clipper attachment he was using, and it looked really short. This was definitely no #3.

The clippers started up again, and now Harry went over what he'd done, cleaning up bits he missed. He went over the top again and I felt a significant amount of clippings falling around me. The vibrations were so good and I felt myself enjoying the haircut rather than trying to repress my feelings.

Harry clicked off the clippers to change the guard, but he didn't put one on. Instead, he positioned it at the bottom of my sideburn and clipped upwards, sending tiny clippings of hair down.

"You murdered my sides," I exclaimed.

Harry laughed. "They'd look stupid with this cut. Besides, I think you look hotter without them and I'm the one holding the clippers here."

I meekly bent my head over again as he went up for the second path, and this time I noticed he was shaving my hair up above my ears.

"You're not making me bald are you?"

"This is called a baldfade. It fades down to skin at the bottom of the fade. You have a good head shape so I'm taking the fade high. You'll still have hair on top."

I felt the clipper teeth balding the back of my head now, clearing away a dusting of hair that skittered down my bare back. My head must have lifted slightly with how light-headed I felt, because Harry gave my head a smart jerk back down into my chest and brought me back to reality. His purring clippers went around the back of my other ear and shaved away the other sideburn too. Then he started on the blend between the shaved bit and the hair above, adjusting the clipper with a lever on the side. I couldn't have much hair left now but it still seemed to be sprinkling down onto my chest and thighs.

Harry turned off the clippers and left the room, telling me to close my eyes and that he'd be right back. I obeyed, unable to keep from smiling as I did so. His footsteps returned. My heart pumped a little faster as I sensed his approach.

"Keep those eyes closed. It'll make this part more sensual."

My cock twitched at his words. A squirting sound broke the tension around us, and then I felt something wet being applied to the back and sides of my head. He was going to shave me - shave where once flowing locks pooled just above my shoulders. For all intents and purposes I was already mostly bald, but this was really bald. Bald bald.

The first scrape of the razor felt like it was inside my head, halfway between a sound and a vibration. Harry's large hand touched the top of my head and tilted it slightly. I couldn't have much hair up there now, because his hand felt like it was almost touching skin. With my eyes closed, my other senses felt amplified. Harry had a masculine scent I hadn't noticed before, which I breathed in deeply as he shaved my sideburn completely smooth. His hand withdrew, then came a watery slosh that sounded like him cleaning the razor.

My head leaned back into his hands as he manipulated the razor around my ears. This was a heavenly feeling. The clinging wetness of the shaving foam was scraped away, leaving just cool, damp skin. The periodic rippling of the water of Harry cleaning the razor punctuated the silence. He soon pushed my head forwards to access my neck and a cool breeze played across my denuded skin. Bowing my head as Harry brought the razor up the back of my head was so emasculating, so erotic. Harry's fingertips touched the scalp he had just shaved under my occipital bone and I shuddered. I had never felt something so sexual in my life. Just his slightly roughened hands on my scalp. I could barely think from arousal. He lingered with his hands there for a minute before tilting my head over the other way to reach my left side.

As he finished shaving around my other ear, I began to regret that this was over so soon. Harry must have sensed this too, because he made the last few swipes with the razor much slower. But then the last pleasurable feelings were over.

"You'd better shower off to get all the little bits off. You know where it is," said Harry, playfully slapping the back of my head.

I went to the bathroom and switched on the shower before taking a look into the mirror. I barely recognised the mostly bald man looking back at me. I looked like a marine, with a wide expanse of forehead, exposed angular jaw, and just a little patch of velvet on top fading into baldness on the sides. No longer the youthful blonde locks tumbling down the sides of my face - just pale skin and stubble, probably a #1 by the look of it. I reached up but my hands just met air. There was no hair to push back from my face. A sprinkling of hair clippings was all over my shoulders and chest and face - more than I had left on my head.

I stripped off my shorts and stepped into the hot stream of water. The sensations on my head were indescribable. I ran my hands over my head, barely able to believe what had happened.

Just as I got out, I noticed Harry standing there in the open doorway with a towel.

"Forgot to give you one of these," he said. "You look pretty hot like that, like you're in the army. I'm so glad you asked me to buzz off that hair."

I grinned back and replied, "I'm glad I asked you, too." I made as if to grab the towel, but he snatched it out of reach.

"Allow me," he said, the grin fading from his face and quite a different expression crossing it.

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