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Thick messy bangs to short smart hair... by Josh Long

It was nearing the end of July and nearing the end of my time at school. To celebrate this my school had a leavers meal with a 'black tie' dress code. My school was fairly soft when it came to hair and they didn't mind if you had extremely long, short or messy hair. I had therefore had thick blonde hair with messy bangs on the front for my whole school career. A few weeks before the leavers meal my parents received a letter saying that all students who wished to come to the meal must be suitably dressed and smart (this included smart hair) as soon as my mom read the email she showed it to me and said that I had to get a haircut. I said to her:

"Sure, I'll get a trim at the barber tomorrow"

She replied "no, don't get it cut yet, it will grow too long between now and the meal. I will ask Jasper to give you a haircut the evening before the meal"

"Ok, I replied reluctantly"

The three weeks of school passed and the time for my dreaded haircut was fast approaching. Jasper was my moms friend and he wasn't even a barber he just cut his sons hair occasionally meaning that I was even more nervous about the haircut!!

The evening before the meal came so quickly and my mom dropped me outside Jasper's house before going to town to get some groceries. I nervously rang the bell and I was greeted by Jasper.

Jasper said hi how are you etc. Before he asked me to go upstairs to the bathroom to wet my hair. He then told me to meet him in his garden.

I then ran upstairs and rinsed my beloved hair under the tap in the sink before styling my long hair in various styles and playing with it for the final time. I ran downstairs into the garden when Jasper said:

"Sorry, I don't have a cape, but as you are getting a severe cut I recommend that you remove your tshirt and trousers.
"Great" I thought to myself I'm stuck having a forced haircut outside In my boxers...

After removing my top and trousers, I sat down in the chair. Jasper then said:

"So you want a good haircut for the meal then?"

"Urm.. yeah just a good trim probably" I replied

"Your mom said that she wants me to give you something a bit more severe I think" he replied

"Are you sure?" I said

"Yep, positive" he replied whilst plugging in his clippers.

I was now stuck here getting an unwanted short haircut!!!

Jasper then began to comb my long thick bang down over my face before taking a pair of scissors and cutting them in a straight line just above my eyebrows. I just sat there with an expression of shock on my face as I saw my bangs fall to the ground. "That's a bit better" said Jasper

Next, Jasper took the clippers and muttered to himself "what number shall we go with"

He then told me that he was using the number 4 to begin. He flicked the clippers on and he slowly began running them through my thick sides. I could feel itchy hairs all over my shirtless body and I was dreading what I looked like. Once the clippers had been used all over the back and sides, Jasper once again turned his attention to the top of my hair. Jasper had this wierd habit of talking to himself so once again he muttered to himself "let's just thin the top up" and once again he took another pair of scissors and he just kept thinning out the top of my hair before cutting my bang even shorter meaning that it was a good 3cm above my eyebrows. He then took the clippers again and then began shaving over the back and sides once again but this time with a number 2. He then told me that he was going to give me a number 1 to 2 fade and he took the clippers AGAIN and he shaved loads more tiny hairs off and I felt them all itch my body. Once my back and sides had been demolished he then gave he top one last severe cut before putting down his scissors and using the clippers to shave my sideburns off and to shave the hairs on my neck. Finally he brushed all of the hair clippings off my body and on to the floor. As I was in the garden I still hadn't seen what I looked like so as I slowly ventured inside with Jasper we walked past a mirror together and Jasper put his had over my eyes before counting down:




Look! Oh my word, it looked horrible. I looked completely different and straight away I missed my old hair. My messy scissors cut back and sides had been replaced by areas of pale skin with some stubble sprouting out. The top hadn't been cut as short as I thought, but my bangs were really thin and were cut in a straight line (like a really young child's hair) and as my hair was a light blonde my haircut looked shorter than it actually was and my golden blonde hair now looked completely white. Jasper's haircutting skills were certainly not bad it was just that the hairstyle really did not suit me and I really missed my beloved old hair. Jasper then said that I should go take a quick shower as there was hair stuck all over my body and in my now super short hair. I quickly ran up and took a shower. When my mom finally returned to pick me up she saw my hair and said that it looked really good and paid Jasper $30 for it!! When I arrived home I went straight up to my room, got out my gel and spent hours putting gel in my hair and styling it trying to find a style that my mates at school wouldn't laugh at the next day. I finally managed to style my hair up in a kind of "quiff thing" and it just about looked ok. The next dad at school, people kind of liked my hair but they all preferred the before style.

Now 9 months after the severe haircut I have managed to grow my hair out to the old length, but it is still so thin and it is not getting thicker, it just looks like a white mop of hair on my head. I spoke to my usual barber about my hair not getting thicker and she said it would take ages for it to become thick again because Jasper had thinned it out so harshly

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