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Cousins by Tomas

By Tomas

Kane collected his case from the baggage reclaim and walked through customs to look for his cousin Tom in the arrival hall of the airport.
"Hey cuz how was your flight?" Tom inquired as he walked over to Kane.
"Yeah it was good cuz thanks." Kane replied. "Looking forward to my three weeks over in Florida.
"See you still got the hair cuz." Tom laughed as he ruffled Kane’s hair.
"You can talk mate, yours has grown out a bit." Kane replied.
"Let’s get you to my place cuz, mum is doing you a welcome roast dinner." Tom said as he picked up Kane’s case and started to walk to the car park.

"That was a superb roast Irene you have not forgotten how to make a decent Yorkshire pudding." Kane said as he put his knife and fork down on his plate.
"Thank you Kane." Irene replied. "Your Gran taught me well."
"She sure did Irene." Mike said as he stood up and got some beer out of the fridge. "I know you are eighteen Kane but over here you cannot legally drink in a bar yet."
"Thank you Mike." Kane said as he opened the bottle of beer and took a mouthful.
"Stupid law if you ask me." Tom said as he opened his. "Is it ok if we go to our room now?"
"Of course you can love." Irene said. "Me and your dad will tidy up here."
"Come on Kane lets get to our room then." Tom said as he stood up.
Kane followed Tom up the stairs and into the bedroom. Tom closed and locked the door and turned and looked at Kane before pulling him to him and kissing him passionately on the lips.
"God cuz you don’t know how long I have been wanting to do this with you." Tom said as he pushed Kane onto the bed and ran his fingers through Kane’s long hair.
"I know Tom I could not stop thinking of you on the plane journey over here." Kane replied as he pulled Tom to him and kissed him.

"Morning lover boy time to get up." Tom told Kane as he gave him a kiss on the cheek.
"Hey what time is it cuz?" Kane asked as he rubbed his eyes.
"Just gone nine cuz thought we could go into the city today as I need a haircut." Tom said. "Get showered and I will do you some breakfast.
"Aww cuz join me in the shower." Kane grinned as he got out of bed showing off his naked slim body.
"How could I decline a body like that?" Tom grinned as he stripped and followed Kane into his shower room.
Tom and Kane stepped into the shower and turned on before kissing and embracing each other before washing each other and drying each other.

Kane and Tom got out of the car and crossed over the road to Brook Street Barbers and walked in.
"Hey Tommy how are you?" one of the barbers asked.
"Doing good thanks Danny, this is my cousin from England." Tom replied.
"Nice to meet you son." Danny said to Kane. "Be with you in a minute Tommy."
"No problem Danny." Tom said as he picked up a magazine.
Kane watched as Danny gave a young guy a crewcut before he called Tom over to the chair.
"What’s it to be Tommy? The usual?" Danny inquired.
"Yeah Danny and skin the back and sides real good." Tom told Danny.
Kane watched as Danny turned the chair to face him and then select a pair of clippers and changed the blade. Kane watched as Danny ran the clippers up the side of Tom’s short black hair leaving nothing but the faintest stubble. Danny moved quickly round the back and sides of Tom’s head leaving the faintest stubble before switching the clippers off and dampening what was left on top before applying a load of hairspray and blow dried it so it stood to attention.
"How much of the shoe you want left?" Danny asked Tom.
"Take it to a one Danny boy it’s getting hot out there." Tom replied.
Kane sat fascinated as Danny took the top down to three millimetres of hair and then changed the blade and removed most of the hair from the top of Tom’s head. By this time Kane was having trouble keeping his cock from not bursting out of his jeans as Danny applied hot lather over most of Tom’s head before picking up a razor and putting in a new blade. Kane watched as Danny carefully shaved the back and sides of Tom’s head before creating a perfect horseshoe high and tight on Tom.
"There you go Tommy boy one high and tight flat." Danny said as he turned Tom to face the mirror.
"Bloody great job as usual Danny." Tom said as Danny removed the cape.
Tom stood up and rubbed the back of his head with a smile on his face.
"What do you think then Kane?" tom inquired as he walked over.
"It looks awesome cuz." Kane replied. "Can I have a feel?"
"Sure cuz." Tom said as he walked over and Kane rubbed his head. "So you getting yours done?"
"What me get that haircut Tom?" Kane said looking puzzled.
"Go on cuz me and you with matching haircuts, do it for me cuz." Tom said. "Think how awesome it would be if we both had the same haircut.
"Come on son lose the sissy hair." Danny encouraged. "It will grow out.
"It’s just I have never had a really short haircut." Kane said as he ran his fingers through his hair.
"Just think of the fun we can have cuz." Tom said. "I know you want it done."
Kane looked at Tom and then Danny who was patting the red leather barber’s chair. Kane looked again at his cousin before walking to the chair and sat down. Danny turned the chair to face Tom before putting the paper strip round Kane’s neck before securing the cape round Kane’s neck and ran the comb through his hair.
"Won’t need the hairspray on this as it already stands up. "Danny laughed as he picked up the clippers and pushed Kane’s head down. As Kane heard the clippers fire up he felt his cock enlarging again in his jeans and discreetly repositioned it as he felt the cold steel blade at the back of his neck start shearing his light brown hair off. Kane saw the first of his light brown hair tumble into the cape as Danny moved round Kane’s head shearing off the back and sides before changing the blade to the one guard.
"Looking better already cuz." Tom said with a grin on his face.
"God knows what my mates will think." Kane said as Danny started to take the hair on the top of his head down to three millimetres.
"Who cares cuz." Tom grinned as Danny finished the top before creating the horseshoe.
As Danny applied the hot lather Kane felt a wet patch form in his pants as he could hold it no longer. Kane relaxed as he felt Danny start to shave the side of his head with short strokes of the razor. Danny carefully shaved the back and sides before shaving the horseshoe on top. Danny wiped the excess lather off Kane’s shaved head before turning him to face the mirror.
"Oh my god I look so bloody different!" Kane exclaimed as he saw his reflection in the mirror.
Danny removed the cape and showed Kane the back of his head in the mirror. Kane reached up and felt his smooth skin where only an hour ago there was hair.
"Jesus it feels so weird." Kane said as he walked over to Tom.
"You look real good cuz." Tom said as he rubbed Kane’s head before paying for the haircuts.
"So cuz how do you like your high and tight razored flattop?
"It just feels so weird cuz so what’s next?" Kane inquired.
"I know what you want and I know who will do it for you cuz so you got the same as me." Kane replied with a grin.
"You mean tit rings?" Kane inquired.
"I sure do cuz." Tom replied as they walked down the street.

"Oh my god Kane you look so different!" Irene exclaimed as they walked in to the kitchen.
"Did not take a lot of persuasion." Tom laughed as he went to the fridge and got a couple of beers out.
"The earring as well you could be twins." Irene laughed.
"How long till tea mum?" Tom inquired.
"About thirty minutes love. Irene replied.
"Give me time to see what my mum and dad think of the haircut then." Kane said as he followed Tom upstairs.
Tom switched his laptop on and Kane logged into his Skype account and saw his parents were online so he invited them to view the webcam.
"Hi mum I got here safely." Kane said as he saw his mum.
"My god Kane what happened to your hair?" Carol asked Kane.
"Tom got his cut and persuaded me to get mine done as well." Kane replied. "I quite like it."
"Your brother will take the piss." Carol laughed.
"Anyway mum speak soon tea is nearly ready and I want to shower." Kane said to his mum.
"See you soon love." Carol said as she ended the call.

"Oh well cuz last day of your holiday." Tom sighed. "What time you got to be at the airport?"
"Three this afternoon mate." Kane replied. "Wish I could stay longer."
"So what do you want to do today then?" Tom asked Kane.
"Visit Danny in his barber shop mate." Kane replied. "Get the shoe fixed up."
"No problem cuz we can go now." Tom replied. "How about a recon high and tight shoe?"
"What is the difference cuz?" Kane said looking puzzled.
"Take the sides up higher and bit more off the top." Tom replied.
"Yeah ok I am up for it." Kane grinned as he laced his shoes.
"Let’s get going then cuz." Tom replied as he picked up his car keys.
Ten minutes later Tom pulled up in the car park opposite Brook Street Barbers and got out with Kane and walked over the street and into the shop.
"Hey guys back so soon." Danny said as he looked up from his book.
"Yeah Kane flies back this afternoon and wants the hair fixed up." Tom told Danny. "Wanting a recon shoe this time though."
"Better hop in the chair then whoever is going first." Danny said as he wiped the seat.
Kane walked over and sat in the chair and Danny caped him up before turning him to face Tom.
"You getting the same then Tommy?" Danny inquired as he picked up the clippers.
"Sure am Danny." Tom replied as Danny gently pushed Kane’s head forward. "But Craig will do it." Tom continued as a young barber walked out from the back and motioned for Tom to take a seat.
Kane felt the cold steel of the clippers run up the back of his head and deposit the stubble onto the cape. Kane felt Danny take the clippers higher up the sides before changing the blade.
"Going to use the point five blade on top Kane." Danny said as he ran the clippers over the top of Kane’s head before sculpting the shoe. Kane felt his cock enlarge again as Danny spread the hot lather over the back and sides and the shoe on top. As Danny started shaving the side of Kane’s head Kane felt the semen shoot into his pants again. Kane felt Danny shaving the shoe on top before putting the razor down and wiping the excess lather off Kane’s head before turning him to face the mirror.
"Thanks Danny it looks better than the last one." Kane told Danny as he felt the back of his head.
"No problem Kane I hope to see you again soon." Danny said as he removed the cape.
"Yeah me to Danny." Kane replied as he went to pay for his haircut.
"On the house mate, call it a going away present." Danny told Kane as Tom walked over and paid Craig.

"Oh well cuz thanks for a great three weeks mate." Kane sighed as he saw his flight on the board.
"Come again next year cuz after university we can get some ink then maybe." Tom replied.
"Sounds good to me cuz." Kane said as he gave Tom a kiss on the cheek.
"Bye cuz." Tom sighed as Kane walked through to the departure hall.

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