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The New Me by Duckman

Becoming the new me

So a few years ago the most conspicuous thing you could say about be on sight was that I was a geek…at best! Noting stuck out. Ill fitting clothes that don’t quite match, disheveled hair that not only looked like but was cut at a chain chop shop. Pasty white as I never saw the sunlight thanks to my 60 hour a week programming job. No life to speak of outside of work unless you call a little World of Warcraft in the evenings a life. At the time I thought I was happy, happy enough at least.

All this changed in what seemed like the blink of an eye. I saw a random post while cruising craigslist to find a good deal on an electronic toy advertising a night out that’s promised to change your life. For some reason it peaked my interest and I read deeper. Looked like a plain Jane night at the bar only the bar tab was promised to be paid by the poster. Thinking why the hell not I get off my fatter than it should be ass and head out after contacting the poster and getting confirmation that he was expecting me.

The bar we met at was a dive but beer is beer. I find the guy and he ends up being this muscled up mega dude with tattoo’s everywhere. He had more metal in his face than I thought was possible but seemed nice enough when we started talking I figured what the heck. We have a few rounds of beer and then the booze come out. Shot after shot. I’m feeling pretty good at this point. I’ve told the dude all about my boring life and he’s mainly asked about me, I know very little about him. I’m starting to feel my internal cut off alarm sounding and I start to make my excuses but he convinces me to stick around a bit more as it’s a Friday night and no work in the AM. My WOW guild would just have to be mad I missed the raid.

After a couple more rounds of shots and beers finally he start to act like he’s ready to wrap things up. He leans over while he waits to get his credit card back from the bartender and says in my ear so I can for sure hear him well in the loud bar. He says, "Now comes the fun part, this is where things change. I see a lot of potential in you and your mission should you choose to accept is to come with me back to my place." At this point I’m not exactly thinking clearly and can’t conceive of what he’s even talking about but why the f*** not. So we leave together. He lives across the parking lot above some street level shops. We go up the stairs into his apartment. He tells me to make myself at home and goes to grab us a couple more beers.

He sits across from me at the kitchen table and looks at me. He doesn’t seem to be drunk at all. He says, "Your here so I’m going to count that as your first yes, but for what I’m about to propose you need to agree 3 times. But once you do, no take backs. There is a point of no return and if you cross it then you are mine."

I sit still not quite understanding but I nod my head ready to listen.

He continues, "Dude I think your living the lame life that you don’t really want to live. You have the job and some money but I don’t think your really happy. You need to change things up. So here’s what I propose, I have a barbershop/tattoo parlor combo downstairs I manage. I’m an artist in the tattoo shop as well. In exchange for your saying Yes to everything I say your going to do I promise that in the next month I can transform your life into something you never thought you can have."

At this point I’m starting to sober up despite all the drinking I’ve done. What was he going to have me do?

He continues further, "I will take your life into my hands and mold you into the best version of you that is possible. Your going to lose that baby fat, your going to bulk up, your going to end up physically like a machine. On top of that you’ll end up with the look to match the body. Clothes, hair, style, everything. A totally new you. I just want one thing other than your continued "yes", I want you to be my slave."

This is where I know I’m no longer drunk…slave….really….what does he mean?

"My slave. For now you’ll still work your 9-5 and punch your time card but eventually you’ll need to drop that. Don’t worry I make plenty of money to support you. You’ll be mine in every way. I don’t care if your gay or straight, I will take you up the ass any time I want if you say "yes". But here’s how you’ll benefit, because I’m not a total sadist I want you to get something out of it. You’re going to come away from this stronger, more confident, your own man that no one will dare make fun of, and if nothing else come away with experiences you never would have had otherwise. Now here’s the question, for #2, will you say "yes"?

I gulp, take a swig of my beer, and think for a second. I consider just walking out now, but something inside me is screaming to say yes. I think about it for what seems like an eternity. He just patiently waits. I take another big gulp of my beer. I look across the table and say, "I don’t know why, but I don’t know why not more, so Yes."

Yes #2 done

At this point he says, "From here on you might as well start addressing me as your supposed to if you give the 3rd yes, it will be stated either Yes Sir, or Yes Boss. I’ll accept either one."

I carefully phrase my reply, "Understood sir".

"Phase 3, comes quick but it’s time. Big changes start at the beginning." He gets up and drags his chair into the center of the kitchen. He looks over at the kitchen counter and I see for the first time he has a pair of hair clippers laying out. "Come on over and take a seat. I like to call it the Hot seat. This is where you become mine."

I walk over to the chair and sit down.

He commands, "Take off everything but your boxers."

I strip down to my tighty whities all the while the two halves of my brain are in a constant shouting match, Stay or Run, back and forth. I timidly sit down all but naked and he reaches over and grabs the clippers. The clippers clack to life and whrrr loudly close to my head as he places them at my front hair line. He continues,

"Now or never, if you respond in the affirmative to my next question you are mine and you will have no option but to continue to say Yes. Are you ready to be my slave?"

My teeth start chattering uncontrollably but somehow I spit out in broken words, ye…s…. S..ir….

He hears the lack of confidence and commands me,"Say it like you mean it, make the decision and say yes!"

I respond now all of a sudden finding my full voice. "Yes sir!"

The next thing I know all I can feel is clippers pushing through hair, a cascade of hair falls all over my shoulders, chest and back. I feel the exposed skin as the a/c blows on the newly uncovered skin. He continues to cut, swipe after swipe. I can tell he’s not going to leave me with anything. It’s all over, it’s all gone. What’s almost more surprising is I start to get a boner. And eventually it develops into one of the biggest directions I’ve ever had sticking straight up and almost poking out of my briefs.

He sees my "reaction" and for a second he takes his attention off my head and rubs the vibrating clippers along my thick hard shaft. Then he returns to work. At this point I can tell there’s not much left to do. Just clean up work really.

He walks in front me me and studies my new bald head. He says, "That’s much better slave, you now look much more the part. For today I’ll let you keep your eyebrows but know there is a day I will take them and you will like it, understood?" I reply "Yes Sir."

He uses my discarded shirt to whip me and try to get the hair off me, finally he says, "You will be much more comfortable after a shower to get rid of all those little hairs. First door on the left, don’t bother putting the underwear back on after. Don’t take too long now, just mainly a quick rinse off."

Yes sir, I reply, and hurry off to do so. At this point I’m totally lost as to what is going on but at this point I’ve said my 3 yes’ and now I can no longer say No. I get the first look at my bald head in the mirror before getting into the shower. My pasty white scalp showing easily the fact that it’s never seen the light of day before.

I jump into the shower and while I’m rinsing off the Boss joins me in the shower. His body is even more tattoo’d than I had imagined. He turns up the hot water even more than I had set it and steam starts to fill the space. He runs his hands over my head and says, "Perfect this is the perfect space for you to shave your head smooth. Hot water, humidity to open up the pores as much as possible and water easily accessible to clean off the blade." He shows me the blade and shave cream he brought into the shower with him. He continues, "First time we’ll go with the grain and then we’ll carefully go against the grain. As you do it more often you will only have to go against and not be so careful."

We let my head soak in the hot water for a minute or two and then he pulled me back from the shower spray and covered my head in shave cream. Then slowly and carefully he talks me through what I’m to continue to do every morning and evening until he says otherwise. While he shaves I’m once again becoming hard as a rock and he reaches around and strokes it firmly a time or two. It feels amazing! But then he returns his attention to the head. In a few minutes he’s completed the first shave and is rinsing me off and then again covers my head in cream to go again against the grain. Only a few minutes more and he’s completed that task as well. He rinses my head one last time with hot water and then says stay there, he pulls the curtain back and gets out of the shower. Then reaches in and turn off the hot water showering me in ice cold water. I pull back in shock but he quickly reprimands me to stay in the stream. "We need to close up those pores good. You’ll have a natural shine on that head that will make Mr. Clean jealous!

After a minute or two of cold water he turns off the water and hands me a towel. "Dry up and you can wrap the towel around you. Just so you know your staying here tonight." After I’m dry and have the towel wrapped around me he takes me to what I guess is his second bedroom. He turns on the light and I see "it". The thing I will be come very familiar with over the next couple months of my life. A big black reclining chair sits in the middle of the room with an array of tattoo gear surrounding it. I almost stop dead in my tracks but instead I just breath and remember, I said "yes". He points me to the chair.

"We’ve got one more task for the evening before I put you to bed. Drop the towel and lay down on your back on the chair." I comply and lay down. Somehow the leather of the chair isn’t cold, maybe it’s got a seat warmer or something. He continues, "This is my private studio. I do all my most sensitive work here for my clients and no one can see in or out. It’s also basically sound proof so you can scream if you like, no one will hear." He fiddles with his equipment like a surgeon preparing for surgery.

"First things first, you have entirely too little metal in your body, and no fillings don’t count so lets do a little quick work to fix that." He slides a tray over with an assortment of jewerly and needles. He eye’s my cock first.

"Lets get this bad boy done first. The most painful part on this is the receiver as we have to stretch out your urethra a little to catch the needle but the needles no big deal!" He positions everything and I feel the receiver enter my penis. As it stops I feel a sharp pinch and know it’s done. He guides the needle out of the urethra. Then he attaches something to the needle and pushes that through, it hurts a bit but not too bad. Then again, and again. I can tell he’s not one to wait for things to heal! After a stretches and my biting back the urge to scream a little he finally slips in a heavy 0g ring with screw in ball. The weight of it tugs my now fairly sore dick down onto my scrotum.

He looks at me and says, "You look rather tired but I’m not done yet. Would you like to get some winks while I work?" I’m curious to know what he’s going to do but I also am about to pass out on my own. I say, "I can stay awake if you would like me to sir but I am rather tired. Whatever you want is fine by me."

He nods appreciatively and then sprays a mist in my face and the lights go dark.

What feels like days later I finally wake up, I’m sore what seems all over. I can still feel the a/c slowly cold on my bald head. I start to get up and realize my lower stomach and pube area is bandaged. I look at the heavy jewelry hanging from my dick. Then i notice my nose is sore and so are my ears. Along wit bandaging on my arms as well. What the f*** did he do to me? I start to get up again and he must have had a motion alarm or something because as I did he was walking in.

"Good morning slave, I hope you had a nice restful sleep. I was busy most of the night working on you. Let’s go to the bathroom and I’ll show you the new you. Before we go in though make sure you enter away from the mirror. I want to make sure your surprised. In fact just close your eyes."

He removes the bandages on each arm that covered the lower half of each arm, the bandage on my lower stomach and pubic area and a couple others I hadn’t noticed in other seemingly random places.

He sounds excited as he tells me to turn around slowly and take in the start of the new me.

As I see the person standing in front of me I’m shocked. I have a full gauntlet tattoo on each arm all the way around all the way to the wrist, my stomach and pubic area are covered with elaborately styled text that says very clearly, very largely, "OWNED" with a slight V to it showing making it clear that it’s pointing to my dick and that it si no longer my own. He points out some of the other smaller pieces of ink, some small marks on each hand that normally would go unnoticed. A piece taking up the whole back section of my thigh on my right side. And then I look at my face. I now have a septum ring, both ears pierced and stretched out pretty far, maybe farther than the PA, with some additional piercings thrown in on the ears. Going along with he bald head I look like a completely different person. Head to toe different.

He instructs me on how I am to shower and shave. How to wash the newly tattooed areas and such and leaves me to shave my own head for the first time promising to inspect my work once I’m done. That he’d leave clothes out on the counter for me.

I do as he says and I hear him drop off the clothes. I feel orly strange, like already the transformation has taken effect and I have this whole new mind frame. I get out of the shower, dry off as instructed ad start to dress. As I’m doing so he comes in and inspects my head to make sure it’s as smooth as possible and agrees it’s good enough for the first time. He tweets how I wear the clothes he’s given me a bit so they don’t look dorky(his words). Once again I look at the mirror a bald headed, pierced and tattooed guy with a sleeveless band shirt and cargo pants. A look I would never have imagined.

He looks to inspect his craftsmanship and says, "Looking good. When not at work this is how you dress. We’ll go out and get you a whole wardrobe to use. No more looking like a geek. For work you’ll wear long sleeved shirts and pants all the time for the next 30 days. Then you’ll start rolling the sleeves up or wearing short sleeve shirts and so on until your fully exposed for the tatted up slave you are. I’ve got a lot more work to do on you but we did good for one nights work. What do you think?"

I still being in shock find it hard to respond but I somehow reply semi-confidently, "This is just the change I needed to make. Thank you for choosing me to invest in."

He then proceeds to take me out and parades me around town with my new look. Subtly but intentionally drawing attention to the changes that have been made. We got lots of time in the sun that day to get rid of the tan line on my head asap. We shopped for clothes. Throughout the day he laid out the meal plan I was to undertake to cut the fat off my body and bulk up. He got me several different types of muscle building and fat burning supplements at GNC and after getting appropriate work out gear we head to the gym where we work out for 2 hours straight while he shows me exactly the work out I will be doing for "leg days".

The weekend passed quickly and I end up getting a bit more ink in varying different places adding to the mass I’ve already started to collect. Soon it was Sunday night and Boss sends me home with all my new stuff and instructions for the next day. I’m to wear my long sleeves and pants to work but carry a change of clothing in the car. Then I’m to head to the gym where he’ll meet me and we’ll do the daily work out. We’ve already food prepped and I have meals for the entire week to take home with me. I go, exited, scared of what people will think but already taking the "who gives a f***" attitude about what other people think.

The first day back at work I get lots of stares and quite a few questions and joking "slick" comments. I let them all roll off like the water that rolls off my totally smooth scalp. The months and weeks progress, work, daily workout, dinner, an hour or two at Boss’ apartment either getting pierced or tattooed a little bit at least every day. After 6 months there’s barely an inch of skin from ankle to neck and wrist that isn’t covered in ink and feels like everything that can be pierced is pierced at least once. I’ve dropped 100 pounds of fat but have made up for it in muscle. I still have my job but Boss says he’s thinking it’s time for me to move in with him and work in the barber shop or apprentice in the tattoo shop. I like that idea a lot, this "two persona" thing has gone on long enough even if I’m wearing t-shirts and jeans to work now and everyone knows I’m heavily inked up.

Throughout the last few months Boss has used me in every way possible it seems, up the ass, down the throat, so on. For most of the time though I’ve had very little action. When Boss realized I was finding the tattooing as a turn on he ordered a cockcage and locked me up. No more fun for me unless it’s on his terms. After that he’s milk me about once a week. When I slept at his apartment he would open up the closet of his private studio and put me in the hidden cage, handcuff me to the bars and lock the cage door. Eventually I got used to it. I also wear a collar full time now. For the less obvious times I have a chain and lock secured around me neck that never comes off. For when I’m not at work the collar comes out and gets locked into place.

Boss loves to take me out and show me off. Sometimes we just hang out in the tattoo shop while he works on his clients and he always gets comments on how much ink I have and that it’s all his work.

Finally it’s my last day of work. I walk out with my box full of trinkets that I might as well leave in the trash, but I take them anyway.

I have been packing the apartment and moving my few necessary possessions over to Boss’ and selling everything else. I drive away from work knowing that I’ll never go back to corporate bulls**t. I get to Bosses and change into my now normal clothes. Boss takes me out for a nice dinner to celebrate and we go out drinking for a bit. When we return to his place I expect to go into the cage or get f***ed but he send me to the chair.

"Now that you don’t have that pesky work to deal with any more we’re going to make sure you can’t go back!" By this point I had ink up my neck and almost all the way around. He positions me so I’m back up and he has easy access to the back of my head. He applies the stencil and then goes to work. I’m immune to the pain at this point and can go all night if he wishes and he knows it. This was one of those nights. In the period of a few hours whole head was covered in ink leaving only the majority of the face untouched. I feel like a swollen mess after the marathon tattoo on such sensitive skin but I just thank him as he puts me in my cage for the night.

I see the results of the work for the first time in the morning when I go into the bathroom. I full head tattoos. Boss walks in and gives me permission to not shave for a couple days since the tattoo is so fresh.

I’m really totally new. Someone completely different. If I were to walk down the street of my hometown no one would know who I was. And I’m glad for it!

Boss eventually adds a bit of face ink on the cheeks and around the eyes but doesn’t make me look quite inhuman, just extra-human. After he’s transformed me the most he can he keeps me on as an apprentice at the shop. I’m taking to the tattoo work rather quickly after qualifying for piercing easily. One day over beers at the bar where this all started he looks over at me and says, "I’ve done all I can to you. You’re a new man in every way and I know you’ll never go back, not that you could. You’ve been the best slave I’ve ever had. It’s time for you to go out and get your own slave. Find a place to live and I’ll help you get it set up. But I release you and now view you as an equal."

This hits me hard because all I had grown to know was him in my life but the idea of going forward and doing to someone else in need what had been done to me was also exciting. I gave him a hug and told him how much I appreciated everything and look forward to continuing to make him proud. We go to bed that night, after he unlocks me for the first time in months and I get to f*** him and do anything I want to him. I’ve already given him a couple tattoo’s but that night I gave him a new face tattoo making sure I left my mark on him.

It’s been years now and there’s been no going back. I now have my own shop that Boss helped me open and I have a similar set up to his. I’ve had 3 slaves and several attempts at slaves who all wussed out at some point. But I know someday I’ll find the slave that will say unerringly "yes" and mean it.

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