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Allan's Choice by Manny

Scott enjoyed presiding over the lunch table conversation as he relayed to the fellows just how it all transpired, how his big transformation had come about. With a flourish he ran his hand over the dark stubble that covered his pate. "It just sort of happened. Snap decision. Spur of the moment inspiration. Of course, I'd toyed around with the idea a bit from time to time -- not seriously but more like 'wouldn't it be funny if....' Tired of the routine, things always ho-hum. I wanted a bit of a shake-up Saturday morning. Found myself just sort of staring at my same-old, same-old look with the standard business cut as the barber caped me up. 'Any special instructions today? Or just the standard trim?' he asked per his own routine. My eyes darted down to the line of clippers hanging from the bottom of the counter; suddenly I pointed to them and blurted out, 'Take it all off -- with one of those. A #1 all over!' The barber's eyes sort of bugged out and he joked, 'You can't be serious, or is it April's Fools?' I assured him I was serious and the next thing I knew, he was lifting up my bangs with a comb and I saw this huge set of clippers coming straight up past by face. Got hit with a churning pit feeling in my stomach as I watched the clippers plow right into my hair where it was the longest. Suddenly, huge chunks of hair started falling off. I gasped rather loudly, 'Holy S**t' after the first swath of stubble appeared and the whole barbershop laughed. 'No changing your mind now' one of the old geezers in the waiting area chortled. Sort of set me at ease. I mean, there was no going back. Just sit back and enjoy the show. Barber had a great time peeling off the business cut and administering the tight butch. And by the time it was over, I was really liking the way the new, streamlined haircut looked!" Scott's enthusiasm sounded authentic to his work colleagues.
"So, you recommend it, then? The butch?" Joey asked.

"Sure, all of you could dig it -- no fuss in the morning. Very little to wash and nothing at all to comb. Feels and looks cool." Scott rubbed his head again, then his eyes fixed on me. "I should say that almost all of you could dig it....but probably not you, Allan! No clippers coming near those pretty, pampered tresses any time soon, is my bet." He chuckled, as if to accentuate my attachment to my long hair.

My face turned a bit red. I felt humiliated. To make matters worse, Scott playfully grasped a shank of my long hair as he left the lunch table and purred in my ear, "Such a pretty boy! Yummy, smell that shampoo!"

I felt my cock stir. Scott taking hold of my long hair in a bit of an authoritative manner in front of the other fellows was arousing. And secretly I loved the story of his impromptu decision to go for a butch. What would it be like for me to have a barber shave off all my hair?! Or perhaps Scott would do the honors to me himself. Make me sit on a kitchen chair and have a blast shaving off my long, pampered hair....tormenting me as the locks fell to his feet.

As I was lost in thought, Joey came to my defense. "You have amazing hair, Allan. Don't let Scott get to you. If mine were so thick and shiny like yours, I'd let it grow out to the length you sport."

"Thanks, Joey," I said softly, nervously smoothing down my hair. It was a light brown with natural highlights and hung below the base of my collar, full of body. My heavy forelock was swept to the side and sometime got tucked behind my ear. "But Scott's right about the advantages of a little-fuss morning routine. I spend way too much time with the blow dryer, which is really uncomfortable now that summer's beginning."

One of the other fellows chimed in that he'd heard we were set for the hottest summer on record.

I began to think about cutting my hair short. Not a butch, but possible a good pruning -- off the collar in back. And off the ears too! Oh my, that would be a huge change. I had ears that stuck out bad! To uncover them would take guts. Then there were my long, long bangs.... I tell the barber to chopped the fringe off short. Off the eyebrows! No, shorter! I would have them snipped off very short near the top of the forehead! I would get a very short business cut. That would be a radical change for me. Perhaps even go for a taper. Instruct the barber to give me an extremely short taper around the ears and up the back!! The thought of taking action to put an end to my long, girlish hair sent my fantasy thinking into overdrive.

I decided to stop by Scott's office on the way back from lunch. He looked so handsome sitting at his desk with his clipped head. I popped my head into his office. "Just wanted to tell you how much I like your haircut. You look so manly."

"Thanks, buddy," he called back. "Seems like I made the right decision. I'm getting lots of compliments about the new butch!"

"I've decided to cut my hair short too," I blurted out.

"Really?" Scott remarked. "I can't imagine you without that mane of yours. You must be teasing me."

"No," I stammered. "You've inspired me to go for the big chop."

"Come in here and close the door," Scott said in a hushed tone. As I did, he got up from his desk and grasped my hair with both hands. Then he pulled me very close to him. "I want to shave you bald," he whispered in my ear. "Watch all of your pretty hair fall to my feet. Hold the mirror up so you can see your new look -- nothing but stubble like mine."

I whimpered silently, wondering what it would feel like, to submit to a butch cut. My heart pounded wildly. I looked into Scott's eyes and then timidly caressed his stubble. It felt sharp and stimulating.

Suddenly, Scott snatched a pair of scissors from his desk.

"Scott!" I gasped as he snapped them open and shut in a menacing way.

"Let's start your makeover right here, right now!" he taunted as he brandished the shears near my hair. "These long bangs....how short should I cut them?" he asked.

My mouth was dry and my tongue clung to the roof. I was speechless.

Scott took the shears to my forelock and slowly hacked off a rather huge chunk of my hair. The shriek of the scissors sawing through my hair was alarming. He held up the shorn lock and laughed. "First clump falls," he laughed as he tossed the lock of shiny hair into his waste bin. "You were serious about the big chop, I hope!"

"Yes," I murmured. "I want my bangs cut very short -- to the top of the forehead."

"That'll be just the beginning. This is all coming off," Scott said as he caressed my pampered hair. "Every bit of it. I have a set of hair clippers at home. We'll set up a kitchen barbershop. I'm going to reduce this to stubble -- you'll look fantastic with no hair and your big ears sticking straight out!" He carefully tucked my long hair behind my ears and was visibly amused. "You'll look like Dumbo! The sun shining through these protruding ears will be quite comical. Are you sure you have the stomach for a tight butch?" he asked.

I gulped nervously, "Yes, I think it's about time I had my security blanket stripped off. No more thick, luxuriant hair covering my large, awkward ears."

Suddenly there was a loud knock on the door. It was Scott's secretary. "Mr. Maddox, you are already five minutes late for your meeting. Should I let them know you're not coming?"

"No, Mary, I can't miss this one. Just let them know I'm running a bit late," Scott replied in a tone of irritation. He smoothed my hair back into place and whispered to me, "I'll stop by your office at 6:00. Can't wait to cape you up in my kitchen this evening!"

I wondered out of Scott's office feeling dazed and numb. What was I getting myself into?! I couldn't possibly be serious about submitting to a butch cut and having the whole world laugh at my big ears! I ran my fingers through my long hair and reveled in the pleasurable sensation of the soft, silken strands. Scott's clippers would put an end to it and leave me with sharp, prickly stubble.

A few hours later as I sat at my desk, trying to focus on work despite the huge pit feeling in my stomach as I watched the clock get closer to my 6:00 pm meeting time with Scott, my office door swung open. It was Joey.

"Have a few minutes to discuss something personal?" he asked.

I nodded and he pulled the door closed behind him. "You didn't seem yourself today at lunch, Allan," he said in a kind, tender voice.

"I got something on my mind," I acknowledged. Then I blurted out my problem. "Scott wants to shave my head tonight, just like his."

Joey gasped. "That's insane! It would be almost criminal," he insisted. Joey looked into my eyes earnestly and gently began fondling my shimmering locks. "You have such beautiful hair. I think you should grow it even longer."

"It's such a hassle, at times," I murmured. "And Scott looks so manly clipped down to the wood....."

"I'd love to wash and dry it for you, every day," Joey replied. "Scott looks like a bully, like an escaped convict!"

Joey's approach to me was the exact opposite of Scott's! Here he was flattering me and praising my hair....while the bully mocked and humiliated me.

"Let's start tonight. I would absolutely love to lather up your hair and then rinse it in warm, soothing water. We can have our first session after I take you out to a nice restaurant for dinner, Allan," Scott suggested. "Come on, log-off and let's get out of here."

It was 5:45. If I was going to escape Scott and his clippers, I needed to make my get away now.

"Sure, Joey, I'd love that," I said hastily.

"I'm taking you to Chris' Steakhouse," Joey said as we walked out past my receptionist.

The conversation flowed naturally and I began feeling quite comfortable with my decision to let Joey praise and pamper me.

We had no sooner began to saw into our massive steaks, enjoying a quiet intimate evening, when I spotted him walking quickly towards our table. Scott had tracked me down! He was visibly fuming.

"So you stood me up, you little maggot!" he snarled.

He towered over me, oozing authority and anger.

"It's just that I had forgot....." I stammered nervously.

"I'll be outside, waiting for you, Allan!" Scott snarled. "And make it snappy! Those Dumbo-ears of yours are desperate to make their debut in the office."

I squirmed nervously in my chair.

"Put him out of your mind, Allan!" Joey urged. "Blow him off....."

"I want to...." I stammered nervously. Then, I bowed my head. My lush silken tresses slid forward, covering much of my face. Only the chunk the Scott had chopped off let me see through the veil of hair.

Suddenly, I threw my head back and ran my fingers back through my hair, tucking it behind my large ears.

Joey contained a gasp, "Oh! Your ears...."

"I've kept them hidden all these years. That's why I wear my hair long...." I explained.

Spontaneously, I stood up and set my napkin over my plate. "Thanks for the evening and the meal, Joey. But, it's time for me to let Scott play boot camp barber with my hair. It's all coming off!"

"Please, no!" Joey protested.

I turned quickly and walked out of the restaurant, feeling numb and giddy simultaneously. Scott was in his car, near the front door.

I popped my head in the car window. "I'm looking for an aggressive barber who will....."

"Get in the car!" he barked.

My stomach churned nervously as we sped towards Scott's place. Neither of us said a word in the car. Once there, he yanked me by my hair into his house. As soon as we entered the front door, he grabbed me by my ear and dragged me towards the kitchen.

"These huge things will certainly come in handy once you're bald!"

He set a chair in the middle of the kitchen and ordered me to take a seat. I complied meekly and submissively.

From one of the cabinets he retrieved a barber's kit. Finally I was caped up and the clippers were primed to begin my dramatic transformation. Scott brushed all of my hair straight down. Thanks to the chunk cut out of my forelock, I could watch him at work. I was surprised, though, when he reached for the shears instead of the clippers.

He began chuckling, and I was mystified.

Very slowly, he began snipping my bangs off at the mid forehead length. Clumps of lovely, dry, shining hair fell into my lap. I squirmed under the cape.

"Sit still," Scott ordered.

The snipping did not stop once he'd made his way across the forehead. He kept chopping away at the side of my head, about an inch above my ears. Mounds of cut hair tumbled to the cape and kitchen floor.

"What are you doing?" I asked impatiently.

He let out a mirthful laugh. "Oh, this is going to be terrific!"

The scissoring continued at the same level across the back of my head. I started to sweat and my nerves were in bundles. He wasn't going to..... He just couldn't....!

"Bowl cut!" he announced.

My nightmare was confirmed. He was inflicting a little boy bowlcut on me!

"But, why? I wanted a manly butch, just like yours," I pouted.

Scott kept snipping in silence until he had finished circling my head. Cut hair was everywhere.

"To remind you that two-timers will be punished. Joey will still be able to fawn over your pretty, floppy bowl of hair. I will be able to stimulate the buzzed undercut area. And everyone will be able to gawk and laugh at these huge ears of yours! Think of you walking into the office tomorrow with your suit on and boyish bi-level bowlcut!" Scott howled with laughter as he snapped on the clippers.

I was like putty in his strong hands as he clipped away the copious undergrowth of hair. I was fully cooperative. Finally he finished with the clippers. So much hair had come off, I could hardly see the cape. I saw Scott reach for a hand mirror. I braced myself to look ridiculous.

What I saw was shocking and horrifying. The awful ears were in full display, offset on a field of white scalp and under a huge bowl of glossy dark hair. I looked like an overgrown kindergartner from the 1970s.

"Oh, Scott, you're not going to leave me looking like this," I begged.

He snatched off the cape. Cut hair flew everywhere. Then he grabbed me by my huge ear and dragged me to a mirror. I was still in business attire from the office. The full image of mirror was nauseatingly awful.

"Such a sweet haircut, Al-baby," he purred in my ear. Then, suddenly, I felt him give me a stiff smack with his hand on my butt.

"Ouuuch," I exclaimed.

He smacked me again. "Is this your first adult spanking, Allan?"

"This is my first spanking ever. My parents didn't believe in corporal punishment," I explained.

"That's why you're such a little sissy," he sneered. "Now, I'm going to be nice and give you a choice. Either you'll sport your bowlcut tomorrow and I'll give you a shout-out at the All Hands monthly meeting....ask you to stand so that everyone can see your new haircut. Or, it'll be a firm paddling -- pants down around your ankle, lean you over the kitchen table and five stiff smacks, followed by round two with the clippers in the kitchen followed by a complete lather head shave. Cueball clean....never a spec of hair growth again. Period. For life!"

My heart pounded quickly. I began unfastening my belt. Scott grinned widely....

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