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Bart - Phase 4 - Everything Off! by Manny

Bart - Phase 4 - Everything Off!

I knew just where the antique chair would be placed. Bart seemed as excited as I did about the new acquisition.

Back at my apartment, things proved a little difficult getting the huge, heavy chair into the elevator. Bart went on ahead to get the space ready where I wanted the chair placed.

After a lot of struggling and hard work, the antique store delivery guys and I were able to place the chair just right.

I closed the front door and went to call out for Bart, who had disappeared from the action, to come see the chair. As I turned, I was taken aback. He stood there dress from head to toe in my barber outfit!

"Bart!" I gasped. "What's the meaning of this?" He looked incredible with his patch of brush on top and the gleaming white sides that matched the tunic and slacks.

"The new shop is open, and you're the first client!" he announced. "It's time we put and end to your prissy little business cut! I've already got the balding clippers plugged in and ready."

"A buzzcut?" I stammered.

With that, he grasped me by my shoulder and marched me toward my new acquisition, the antique barber chair.

The way his muscular arms manipulated me, I felt small and submissive. I followed his instructions to sit quietly and not squirm while he caped me up. Dressed in the traditional outfit, he looked and acted so authoritative.

"You look frightened, Ned. But this is something I've wanted to do ever since I felt the first crunch of the scissors chopping at my nape several weeks ago," he purred with delight as he played with my fussy business cut. "Oh, won't you look so different once I've snatched off this little security blanket of yours!"

He snapped the machine on and held it menacingly in front of my face. "Ready?"

What could I say? I nodded 'yes' silently.

I gripped the arms of the chair tightly as he pushed the teeth of the clippers right up through my bangs and straight back through the middle of my head to the cowlick. Hair fell in large, soft clumps to the cape. He was giving me an induction cut! It felt fantastic to be on the receiving end, especially since I knew I was being taken to a punishing short length. I groaned softly.

"Oh, so you're liking this?" he chuckled. "You'll absolutely love what comes next......"

His skill with the clippers was almost professional. He quickly reduced all my length to stubble. I watched helplessly as my tidy business cut fell away to the cape.

"When the cops haul in a new prisoner to the jail, this is the first thing they do to him. Strip him of his individuality! Humiliate him!" Bart laughed.

Finally, he snapped off the machine and stood back a ways to survey his work. He grinned broadly. Then he began fondling my stubble. "We need to do something about this." His voice sounded ominous. He felt him unfastening the cape.

"Follow me," he snapped. I scurried to stay up with him.

When we stepped into the kitchen, I saw what he had in mind. Shaving cream and a razor were setting next to the sink. He turned on the faucet, getting the temp warm. "Okay, Ned. It's your turn in the washing area....or, should I call it the shaving area!"

"Please, not a chromedome cueball!" I begged.

Suddenly, I felt Bart's strong, firm hand smack me across my rear. I froze, stunned by his action. It was my first adult spanking! Then his hand gave me a second smack and I quickly complied with his instruction.

He delighted in massaging the foam into my scalp as he kept me leaning in a prostrate position over the sink.

"It's all coming off! Phase four, the final phase!" Bart announced.

Slowly, carefully, he scraped away the stubble. Then he did it a second time against the grain. He was really ensuring nothing was left.

Finally he rinsed my naked head and then applied a towel to it. He walked me out to the living room and pulled the towel off in front of the mirror. I shrieked! "Bart! I'm bald!"

"And that's how I'm going to keep you," he cooed. "And this is how you're coming to keep me!" he added stroking his soft brushy patch atop his head.

Then with the velvet like pelt, he nuzzled his patch against my stark naked head.

"Oh, that feels wonderful...." I murmured.

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