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Bart - Phase 3 - Off the Brow by Manny

Bart - Phase 3 - Off the Brow

Predictably, at school the next day, there was a huge buzz going around about Bart's new look. I heard it first from some 12th grade girls chatting in the hall. "Coach Ailes looks like a movie star or a male model. Did you see his new hair style?" "I thought he looked totally awesome with long hair, but now he's really trendy, cool look about him." "I'd just love to run my fingers through that gorgeous hair of his!"

When I popped my head into Bart's room later in the day, he flashed a big smile. "Lots of positive comments!"

"Let's go ask Mr. Gray what he thinks," I suggested.

We strolled down to his office. "I thought you'd like my new, shorter haircut, Mr. Gray," Bart said cheerfully as he modeled both front and back for the principal.

Mr. Gray smiled. "Ah, much better! Now you're understanding the value of a more tidy look. That's quite a nice taper in back. But, for my taste, that top still needs some work!"

As we were walking out, Bart hissed under his breath, "He's never satisfied. Always some nit to pick! Couldn't he just have ended on a high note with a compliment?"

"I think he has a point. In fact, Mr. Gray and I are pretty much in sync, Bart," I laughed. "Remember what I said yesterday? When you're ready, I'm ready...."

"Ready for what?" Bart asked in a rather shaky voice.

"The next phase. Trust your barber, Bart. Remember the feel of the clippers at your nape. Now, imagine that soft vibration moving farther up the back of your head. And, I know you will love the feel of a soft, plush brush on top... Hey, I gotta run. Chemistry starting a few minutes!" I said before dashing away.

Bart caught up with me after school ended. "So this brush feel you were mentioning earlier...."

"When you're ready, let me know." I abruptly changed the conversation, "I really like the way I looked in my new barber's tunic. I think the outfit enhanced my skills -- your new cut looks totally professional. In fact, now I'm thinking about getting matching white slacks and white loafers for the full barber outfit. What do you think, Bart?"

"Go for it! And, let me know when you get them. I'll be the first person in your chair so that you can try out the new, complete outfit, Ned."

"Wait, here, let me show you online. Um, oh yeah, here's the website. Same place I got the tunic. Oh, the slacks are on sale. That clinches it!" I exclaimed.

Bart examined the page. "Hey, look, expedited shipping is only $9.98 extra. Two-day guaranteed delivery. That would be Friday....and Saturday, I could already be back in your chair! I'll throw in the $10 for upgraded shipping and take you out to lunch afterwards. What do you say?" Bart asked.

"So you're willing to go shorter?" I asked Bart.

"I'm more than willing," he exclaimed feeling his clipped nape. "After you described that soft vibration moving farther up the back of my head, you can consider me eager! To feel the clippers on my nape again...and this time pushed higher up the back."

"There! Outfit ordered!" I announced. "My barbershop will open up at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday. You have a date with the clippers! I can't wait to see you in the manly, masculine haircut my clippers are going to give you, Bart!"

Suddenly, he got a bit of cold feet, "You're not going to cut it too short, I hope."

"Your trusty barber knows the perfect length for you!" I stated.

Saturday morning, at 10:15, Bart was knocking on the door of my apartment. I thought he might come early. I was dressed in white from head to toe. All I needed was an embroidered "Ned" on on the chest pocket of my tunic to make my outfit picture perfect.

"Oh, Ned! Fantastic. It's so professional looking! The tunic, shoes, everything!" Bart exclaimed.

My eyes locked momentarily and the thick, abundant mane that was swept back from Bart's handsome face. In a few minutes the last remaining length of his initial Jesus look would be be stripped off. He had a date with the clippers, and I was going to have a blast taking him down....shorter and shorter....down to the length of a G.I. jarhead!

"You're early....but I'm ready. Step straight on in to the barbershop. It's too early for a beer, but we could have a cup of coffee before getting started?" I offered.

"Actually, I'm kind of anxious to get straight to the haircut," Bart said.

"Well, great. Take a seat and I'll get you caped up. No washing session today. Your hair is clean; furthermore, dry hair will make for a better cut as we turn Mr. Johnny Depp's style into a soft brush."

As I put the cape around Bart's neck, he shifted nervously in his chair. "So, I take it, we're going quite short today."

I plied my fingers through his hair and savored the feel. "There will be no more of this action, once we're done, that's for sure! But....instead.....there will be a lot more opportunity for this...." I fondled his clipped nape and he shivered.

"Ah, love that!" he murmured.

"Before I take the clippers to your nape, I need to deal with this gem!" I said as I combed Bart's massive forelock forward. It still had the bulk and length to fully cover his face down to his upper lip. I pulled the lock through my fingers while Bart sat still and submissive.

"First, I took your hair off the collar in back. Then, I took it off the ears." I slipped the blade of the shears under the forelock and slowly moved it up to the very top of the forehead, "Now, I'm taking it off the brow!"


I slowly scissored off the massive forelock and it fell past Bart's disbelieving eyes to the cape. The shorn hair looked wonderfully forlorn and helpless on the huge white cape. I saw Bart stir beneath the cut forelock. "A real treat, isn't it, Bart? Very exciting to lose one's precious forelock all at once!"

He struggled to contain himself, "Yes, I can't believe it's off!" He reached out from under the cape and tugged at the small tufts of hair that sprouted from the place where the mighty forelock had once been anchored.

Once Bart had enough time to verify that the forelock was indeed no more, I clamped my hand down on the top of his head and forcefully made him bow it so that his chin touched his chest. The clippers sprang to life! I savored the moment. I had no idea when Bart's transformation had started that it would be so easy to get him to phase 3. I drove the clippers tightly up the back of the head. When the teeth hit his dense, unclipped hair, a momentary surge of the machine straining under the increased duty was audible. Quickly thereafter, an explosion of his beautiful long hair falling to down the back of his head ensued as I pushed the clippers up higher and higher....all the way through the crown. I had just clipped him down virtually to the scalp the whole way up the back of his head and felt energized!

I released my grip. "What did you think of that start to your close clippercut?"

Bart seemed numb. He reached out from under the cape and felt the clipped strip. "There's almost nothing back here!" he stammered.

"That's right. Sides and back will be totally skinned, Bart! And this nice, healthy hair on top," I murmured as I fondled it, "no longer than a soft lint brush!"

I had a blast, skinning poor Bart's sides. My hand moved with speed as I stripped them clean. I made Bart sit up straight. "Ready for the next step? You need to sit very still!"

Using a clipper-over-comb method, I began removing the bulk from the top, sending mounds of the remaining section of long hair to the cape. The last remnants of Bart's flowing mane was taken down, shorter and shorter, closer and closer to the scalp. I paused to estimate just what poor Bart was left with at that point. Nothing was longer than 3/4 of an inch.

"How am I looking, Ned?" Bart asked with a tone of apprehension.

"Very nice, very manly....like a living G.I. Joe doll, Bart," I replied with a hint of glee in my voice.

Then I continued tidying up the back and sides -- his gleaming white scalp virtually shone in the neon light of the kitchen. It contrasted wonderfully with the dense patch of mahogany brown hair. Despite the very short length, one could still see the hair was shiny and health -- a real prized head of hair! Yes, Bart would keep the patch for a while....but I was still determined to move him to the final phase. Phase four would climax with his complete divestiture. All Bart's pampered hair at my feet!

"Are you ready to see the new you, Bart?" I asked, reaching for the hand mirror.

"Am I going to like what I see?" he asked back, nervously.

I held up the mirror and Bart gasped, "OMG!" He stared at the mirror in disbelief. "Oh, my...." He was speechless. I couldn't tell if he liked his short brush cut or not.

I unfastened and removed the cape.

Bart slowly took his hand and felt the tidy, soft pelt on top. A smile broke across his face. Then his explored the stubbled back.

"I can't believe this," he stammered. "I look like a soldier, or a policeman." Then, he got his characteristic mischievous grin, "I ought to arrest you for...." He lunged and grabbed me playfully; then he wrestled me to the chair. I was no match for his strength. "Where are my handcuffs?" he teased.

"Arrest me for giving you such a perfect haircut?" I asked.

"Maybe today is the day I should give you one," he laughed. He simulated a set of clippers with his fingers and started tightening up my taper. "This fussy little business cut needs to get updated."

"But do you like the new look?" I insisted, now worrying that Bart might avoid my chair in the future.

"Do you?" he asked, releasing his hold of me.

"Of course I do! You look so manly!" I said as I fondled his pelt. "Oh, and this is wonderful...."

"Then I like it too." He said it, but his tone wasn't convincing. "It's just that....what will everyone say when I show up at school on Monday looking like a cop or soldier? What will I say when they ask me why I cut off that new style that everyone praised so much?"

I kicked Bart's severed forelock that lay on the floor and decimated it from one solid mass of hair to a dozen or so smaller clumps scattered here and there.

"Come on, G.I. Joe! Let's go out and find a nice restaurant to show off your new tough look. I just wish you had a manly attitude to match it. Little 'Nervous Nelly' wondering 'what will people say?' is such a turn off!" I snapped.

As I cleaned up the kitchen, I could see Bart in the other room examining himself in the mirror. He was feeling his short hair and had a look of disbelief on his face. I was convinced he regretted phase 3.

I walked in on him still trying to process the new look. I felt bad about it....slightly. "I'm sorry if I cut it too short, Bart. I thought you would like a haircut that involved a lot of clipper action."

"I'm already getting used to it," he said with a shy smile. "I think it was just the shock of the change. But this little patch up here -- I guess that's the brush -- feels so good. I could stroke and feel these soft bristles all day."

I eyed the small patch of hair he seemed so fond of....would Bart ever submit to phase 4?

"You'll like how practical the new crop is, especially when you're running late for work in the morning. Out of the shower and out the door," I noted.

"And in summer too! No more hot, sweaty hair clinging to my neck or falling in my face. And now, let's go find a nice restaurant to celebrate my new look," Bart said in an upbeat, energetic voice.

We enjoyed a wonderful lunch at a trendy place that had an outside patio. Bart basked in how fresh his new military length haircut felt. "I feel so different without all that hair," he noted several times.

As we strolled about after lunch we came across an antique shop. My eyes instantly locked onto on item that was clearly visible through the large display window in front. "Oh, let's go in here for a moment," I said. "Look at that spectacular antique barber chair inside, Bart. I've always wanted one. They are quite comfortable and can double as a type of recliner for watching TV or reading the paper..."

"And be put to use by you as an amateur barber! It's such a beautiful piece! Look at the nice upholstery and ironwork on the footrest," he noted.

We went inside and saw a small sign -- all items in the store 50% off. Free, same day deliveries within 20 miles.

Bart could tell I was in love with the chair. "Buy it, Ned! It's perfect."

I looked at the patch of plush, glossy brown hair he still sported....

"I'd want to put it to its intended use as soon as I got it," I said cautiously.

Bart froze and gulped nervously. Was he reading my mind? I would advance him to....phase four!

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