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Faded fettish by wasted123

At 23 i had resigned myself to the fact that I did indeed have a haircut fetish, brought on by traumatic childhood haircuts. I hated having short hair and always hated the barber after every haircut. So now in my early twenties my hair was a few inches long on the top, the sides were shaggy and i'd alway dream of having a really good decent haircut.

I had been visiting the local gym for the past 12 months and met some cool people, nice haircuts all round, of course i'd always been looking at other guys short hair and wondering if I could wear the same styles with confidence. The inner voice always says just go for it and then I would suppress the feeling and just get a trim.

The gym was situated on the upper floor of a small local shopping mall of around 10 shops. Apart from the gym there was a coffee shop and directly across the arcade was a 3 seat barber shop. You could see right into the barbershop from the front of the coffee shop, so after a workout I would go and sit at the coffee shop in my favorite position watching the guys walk in get owned by the barber and leave, usually with a smile. The barbers were quite young and couldn't be much older than i was if not by a few years.

Matt was a friend from the gym who was quite a nice guy to talk to and just hang out with. He was the type of guy who's haircut you would always envy whatever the style. he would have it cut at least every 5 to 6 weeks. Nothing too short but anything would look good on him. I'd always imaging him in some really short cropped sides with a fairly long fringe, a bit like the justin Beiber. His hair was a dark blonde color and at the moment was in need of a cut. the sides were over the ears and the top was long, wispy and well past his nose. He was always pulling his fringe from his eyes and back to the sides.

I had been sitting in the prime position in the coffee shop just waiting for some young guys to walk in so I could watch some great cuts in action. Matt walked by, phone in hand and went into the shop, this was absolutely awesome, surely this would make my day.

I watched like a hawk across the arcade and my testosterone was rising, a smile came over my face. From the Barber shop Matt sees me and gives a quick wave in my direction. I wave back in excitement. After about 5 minutes he steps up to talk to the barber. They greet each other and have a short conversation whilst looking and flicking through photo's on Matt's phone A few laughs are exchanged, they shake hands and Matt starts to walk out of the Barber shop. Dam, I thought, I’m not going to see it happen. Matt came over to say hello and have a coffee. I reposition my jeans and hoped the testosterone soon fades.

'Hey Matt, how are you'
"Great" was his reply and we get talking. It was killing me not knowing why he walked out of the shop without sitting in the chair, so I try to steer the conversation towards his hair.
'Not getting a cut today?"
"No" he says maybe later as he swipes through his phone. He sits at the table and looks across to the barber shop.
"S**t! what a great view from here says. I say nothing as i'm a little embarrassed.
"Wow you can see all the action from all the chairs."
My face starts going red totally involuntary. Is my cover blown?
"Awesome" has says with excitement.
" I could sit here and watch all day. "

Holy s**t did Matt share the same passion?
i was excited but didn't know what to say.
He flicks through a few more picks and then sets his phone down.
" I've been thinking bout a new cut but don't want to hang around " says Matt.
"Oh really ", I try to sound a little dis-interested.
" Like what would you go for " I ask.
" I'm not sure but something real short."

Before i could even think a bout my reply, my mouth moves and says
"yeah same here."
He looks at me with an expression of surprise.
"I haven't seen you with anything less than that shag."
"Any way what are you up to tonight? Want to come over for some pizza and beers if you are not busy?
"Yeah sure" I say. we finish our coffee and I offer him a ride as my car is in the lot.

As we drive to Matt's we stop to pick up beers and pizza and head on to matts house.

Matt sits intently looking through his phone once more.
" What are you looking at?" I ask.
'Well i'm just looking at dfferent hairstyles bro. not sure what to go for".
He faces the phone towards me with a picture of a nice fade with long top like a modern quiff and sharp sides. I smile and give encouragement, testosterone mounting once again. " Awesome, i really like it, when are you going to do it?" I say with my heart beating faster in my chest.
" Hmm real soon i hope " says Matt.

We get to matts house start to watch some TV with beers and Pizza. I really want to steer the conversation back towards haircuts so I say.
"Yeah I really want to go short too - but i don't think short hair suits me. "
" Short hair suits all" he says as his phone beeps with a message.
He checks it out and says he has a friend coming over to hang out as well.
" Ok cool " I reply.
Matt then flicked through his phone, still looking at modern hairstyles.
" Pick one for me " I tell him. he smiles and says,
"You'd look good with this" and shows me a picture. Its picture of Zayne Malik with a nice tight fade with longish top.
There seems to be a theme running here I thought.
I say nothing as if my pants are telling their own story. i reposition myself awkwardly.

The door bell rings and matt jumps up with excitement saying
"That will be Ben."
They greet in the doorway around the corner from me and I hear them exchange a few words. Matt brings Ben through and introduces him to me. Ben enters the room with his day pack slung round his shoulder. His face seemed familiar and he had an amazing well groom high and tight with a textured top about 1/2 an inch. Nice hair I thought.
So Ben what do you do I ask.
‘Apprentice Barber’ says Ben.
" Really " I exclaim
" Wow. do you like it?"
" Yeah i do. Its my passion" says Ben.

Ben was the barber Matt was talking to at the mall. I wanted to know more but didn't want to sound too interested.
Matt then says to Ben,
" So then shall we?"
I had no idea what they were up to.

" Ok " ben says and reaches for his daypack unzips it and pulls out a rolled up leather tool pouch. I still have no idea whats happening. he unrolls it on the coffee table. its all his scissors and I also see the end of a cut throat razor and some combs. Ben then also pulls out some clippers and comb attachments. What the hell? Heaven on earth.
Who's getting a cut I thought. Matt?
Matt sings through from the other room.
" Where do you want to do this Ben? "
Ben shouts back
" Lets do this properly, what about in the good chair"
" Ok " replies Matt
Matt approaches me from behind, runs his hand playfully up the back of my head and says. " Your turn right after me if you want."
He has a smile plastered across his face. I couldn't work out if the smile was because he was getting a cut or the thought of him watching me get a cut.
Confusion reigned. Testosterone peaked and was hard to hide but I tried my best.

"So the good chair is in the other room " says Matt.
" Oh OK" I say not really knowing what he means.

Ben gathers his tools and heads for the other room. he enters first a flicks on the light. there sits two barber chairs and a long mirror. Holy S**t i think to myself. Where am I? Matt races to the first chair with excitement, he really is enjoying this and so am I.
Still not sure if i will follow though.
Ben doesn't say much as he drapes Matts neck in a white nylon barbers cape , clips it loosely and fastens a neck strip and then buttons the cape up.
Matt pulls an arm from under the cape a runs his fingers through his hair.
" So i trust you Ben, "
" Shorter than last time and maybe like what we were talking about earlier today."
"OK no problem lets do it. "

Ben pulls out a plastic comb and parts Matts hair to the side, combing and defining the part. He uses a little water to pull the long fridge into submission.
I stand awkwardly in the room not knowing what to do with myself. Ben points his comb towards the other chair and asks me to sit. I do so straight away. i want to see this happen. What was he going to get. A new style? A transformation?
I face the chair directly to the side of Matts chair. Ben clips up Matts semi wet fringe and continues to comb.
Ben grabs for the clippers with one hand and with the other spins the chair round with Matt in it to face backwards away from the mirror.
A concerned but excited look grows on Matts face. No sooner had the chair been turned when Ben gently but forcefully pushed matts chin towards his chest. Theres no question now in my mind that Matt is a true fettisher as well. I just wonder if Ben is too.

The sound of the clipper fills the air and my pants are now as stiff as a board.
Ben lifts the clippers to the side of matts head and gently and slowly ploughs the first run of the clippers up the side of matts temple. The sound changes as the blades meet hair. the clippers effortlessly expose matts ear. Ben then folds the ear forward and makes another run from the nape up over the ear. With a flick of the clippers Ben dumps the freshly shorn hair on the front of the cape so Matt can see it cascade and roll into his lap.
At the same time matt tries to move his head around so he can see the damage but the barber takes charge and forces his head back to the original position. The more you move the shorter it gets say Ben. Matts exposed ear looked really good and with ever run of the clippers ben would shower the hair onto the front of the cape. The chair slowly turned as Ben weaved his magic fairly high up the back of Matts head. it was about a no2. as Matt turned in the chair towards me loosing hair by the second he looked up and could clearly see the testosterone distorting my pants, he smiled and then looked me in the eye for a brief second as if to say i know what your thinking.
" Don't worry bout it" he said "I'm the same under here". Ben moved effortlessly and made a nice fresh border that now went from ear to ear. Matt was now facing the mirror and could see for the fist time the damage that had occurred. Thats short isn't it. Ben said nothing as he grabbed for the no1 guard on the clippers and followed the same path he had made around Matts head. Matt started to look a little worried but was still enjoying it as Ben ploughed another strip to just below his first fade line.
Having studied haircuts on the net for hours this was looking a lot like a bald fade was in progress. and it was awesome. I pulled out my phone to take some pictures and video. this was absolute heaven. I wondered what Matt was thinking under that cape.
Ben takes off the no 1 guard moves the lever down on the clippers and proceeds with the .5 section of fade. matt turns his head slightly so he can see the fade progressing. He says nothing as he stares at his new sides, still yet to go shorter. Ben returns to his original position and now continues the 0 part of the fade. I think Matt likes it. I certainly do.
Ben really knows what he is doing and also seems to be in the zone while working.
Matts semi wet fringe clipped up now looks a lot darker than the side of his head. the contrast looks amazing. The clipper have now fallen silent as Ben grabs for the cut throat razor and some cream.
Lathered loosely around Matts nape and above his ears I couldn't stop staring. Matt, with head down asks ben if he's razoring above his ears and Ben replies. Certainly am. as the razor slides above the ear taking everything in its path towards the nape. Ben wipes away the excess cream as Matts hand comes from under the cape to touch to now freshly razored edge. "Oh s**t" says Matt.
" Looks f***ing awesome " I say. Ben looks us both in the mirror and says. I don't know who's enjoying this more out of us all. and laughs.
With the sides mainly done ben then turns to scissor over comb to blend the sides more towards the top. His scissor action is something to be seen as is his blending technique with the clippers and razor.
With the blending done Ben unclips Matts wayward fringe and parts his hair to the side grabs the cut throat razor pushes the long hair on the top and proceeds with a hard part. Is this the Barber's choice or matts wish. either way i'm liking it a lot.
The Barber then continues with matts new hairstyle, Disconnecting the side to the top and giving matt a textured quiff. a little shorter on top but not a lot, Its blowdried up and back and Matt seems to be enjoying it. with ever pass of the comb and drier his eyes close slightly and his moth opens. he is in heaven and so am I. Ben expertly applies product into matt hair as blow dries some more combing and combing for that perfect look. The cape is unclipped and the neck strip remover. Matt grabs for my hand and puts it up to the side of his face over his ear and non existent side burns. it feels awesome. He then turns to me and says 'fettisher" i Nod and smile as he takes the cape from around his neck pushes me back into the chair and places the cape around my neck. He calls ben to pass a neck strip. My mouth is dry and there's a lump in my throat. I haven't had time to think about what cut I want. I get a little restless as i have a lot more to lose. Matt can not stop rubbing his head both sides and back.
Matt thanks Ben over and over and the attention focuses on me.
" So fettisher what will it be.?"
I was caped up before i knew it and didn't know what to do. my first reaction was to sit forward in the chair but ben placed his hands on my shoulders and pushed me back into the chair.
" So we can tie you to the chair or you can sit quietly" says Matt.
before i knew it ben had cable tied both of my hands to the chair, now i was really worried. Matt placed his hand on my chest to feel my heart beat. yes it was racing. Matt shows ben his phone and they look at each other and grin. Ben excuses himself for a toilet break and leaves the room. Mat reaches down and shows me the outcome of his ordeal. He is hard. Now its your turn, enjoy every minute. He puts his phone on the counter in front of the mirror and presses record. He spins me round in the chair. I am so helpless but so excited. Ben returns and then asks me what will it be, i cough and splutter as i don't know what to say. Matt speaks, "how about Barbers Choice? . Matt is now in my face with his camera phone taking photo's of before the cut. relax he whispers in my ear. i stop struggling and succumb to my fate. Not Knowing what i’d end up with the words just fall out of my mouth. "Same Again then"

The clippers start with a clank and i cant see any guard on the end, its just bare metal. Matt explains that i can sit facing the mirror as it is my first cut and i should see and enjoy it all. Ben pushes my head to the side slightly brings the clippers to the side of my head. matt comes over and asks Ben if he could do the first part. Ben hands over the clippers and Matt, smiling, pushes the bare metal blade flush against my sideburn and in an instant my sideburn fell cascading onto my lap. i didn't know if i should look at the cape or in the mirror. I chose the mirror. as i watched my hair fall quickly to my lap. The second pass buzzed from the nape up high over the ear and towards the temple. I turn my head more to see the damage in the mirror. Matt passes the clippers back to ben and he turns the chair around so i can no longer see. So i close my eyes as ben pushes my chin to my chest and with a firm grip on my head plunges the clippers once agin from my nape high up the back of my head. Matt watches with interest just as i had watched his cut to the end. Wow you look so different says Matt with your ears exposed. He runs his hand up the back of my freshly shorn neck and blows some hair from my nape. what a sensation. Ben continues to clipper for what seemed forever and also made a point of dumping all the hair into my lap for observation, my hair hadn't been this short ever i don't think. I couldn't see what was happening and remained silent. The clippers never seemed to stop. Yes it was too short just like matt's. With the sides shorn to dust Ben started blending the sides and then wet the top. He brushed the top forward and back and to the side, deciding what to do with it. with scissors in hand he sectioned the hair and took some huge hacks removing at least 3/4 off the top. Matt smiles and laughs as he continues taking photo's and rubbing his head. long strand fall down my face and stick to my nose. i have never seen hair so long in my lap. the back of my head feels cool as do my ears. i can't move my hands to feel anything so i just wait. till its over. within seconds the top had be well reduced. Ben disconnected the top on both sides unlike the one side disconnect with hard part that Matt received. After a bit of texture cutting ben then rubbed product into my hair and went crazy on styling the top. brushing, drying brushing again. Finally the hair dryer was switched off and Matt sat in the chair next to me just staring. Ben grabs the cream and razor and sets off to work the sides and nape. Never before has anyone razored well into my normal hairline.
The nylon cape had slowly moved during the transformation and now covered only one side of my Lap. With hands tied and boner pretty much showing to all there was nothing I could do. Matt steps closer to take a picture of my new look and sees the boner and snaps a photo. he turns the phone towards me to show me the photo. 3 Things automatically stick out. 1 being the boner the second being a hand tired to the Chair and the 3rd was a great new bald fade with textured top brushed slightly forward. it was the first time i’d seen the new me.
I loved that pic but would be embarrassed to show anyone. It sums me up in one whole photo.
Mat grabs the horse hair neck brush from the bench and brushes a few strands from my face Playfully he drops the brush into my lap. Oh no i thought. Matt grabs the brush looks at my boner and brushes it through my pants. With two strokes i let loose and let go. His pants brush my hand still tied to the chair and i grab for his boner. He leans in closer and pretty much also loses his load straight away also.
Ben cuts through the cable ties and frees my hands.
Both with fresh bald fades, matt with a quiff and mine a lot shorter on top, we both fell a little awkward having exploded in our pants.
" Go and shower and we’ll wash your clothes. There’s a robe in the bathroom " he says.
I head off to the bathroom embarrassed, and take a shower. I couldn’t believe what has just happened. My boner just won’t go down. I look at myself in the mirror and rub my back and sides continuously. I step out of the bathroom and let matt go and clean himself up.
Ben and i get talking, and i thank him for the service. He says it was a pleasure and that he’s willing keep my cut fresh. he gives me all the confidence i need telling me how the cut is perfect for my face. Ben then asks me to sit in the chair and he blowdries and puts product in my hair. He styles my disconnected fade a couple of different ways and shows me how to get the most out of the hair products.
Matt comes in freshly showered with a towel around his waste.Wearing his new style with all the confidence, he says to Ben "Now we have another member for our group. Lets call it Pizza and Beers night. it will be our way of messaging each other for the next time. We exchange numbers between the three of us before Ben leaves.
Once again we both thank Ben rub our heads in amazement and Ben leaves the apartment.
Matt and i pour a drink and start talking. I can’t take my eyes of the freshly shorn sides and that crazy quiff now falling into his eyes.
Matt asks me about my hair fettish and i tell him all. and we sit and exchange info on our favorite haircut web sites and blogs. My boner still wont go down. Sitting to my left i turn to Matt and push my hand through his quiff. he stops talking and leans into me. Here we both were letting the night progress into something else. never before had i let myself feel this way and now it was all being released. Being a novice at anything like this i let Matt take charge. we end up blowing each other and fondling each others fresh cuts.
This was the best day of my life and the start of a great friendship.
Can’t wait till i get another Pizza and beers message on my phone.

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