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The accident by Franko

My name is Frank. When I was 12 years old boy, I was fighting with my parents of having long hair. In those days, in the 70ies, it was normal to have longer hair and all my friends could grow their hair out. I had tough fights with my parents around each centimeter and hated to go the old village barber who could only cut crew cuts. If my hair was over the ears, my father took me to this guy and I got shorn. He was wearing a Nylon-coat and within his shop there was always a unpleasant smell of hair spray and plastics. Fortunatly, one day his daughter Jane joined him in his shop and was willing to leave my hair just over the tip of the ears. I avoided with all tricks to go to this barbershop and could convince my mother one to let my hair grow until the end of the summer holdays. Before the beginning of school, I promised her I will let it cut. This was a quiete good compromise and because my hair was growing very fast, it touched finally my shoulders at the end of the summer . It was thick blond, wavy and very healthy and I was very happy when I saw myself in the mirror. But the last day of the summer vacation came closer and my mother reminded me of my promise. One day before my appointment at the barbershop my brother asked me to drive with him on his motorcycle to the village. I agreed and we drove together downwards a hill where our family lived. We crashed with a car and I was severly wounded at my knee. I really didn't notice the accident until I woke up in the grass seeing my broken knee full with blood. I was brought to the next hospital for surgery and could not leave my bed in hospital for 9 month. After this time they sent me to some specific regeneration training centre 100 km away from home and I slowly learnt to walk again. The training was quiete intensive and I was really happy to make progresses. After some months I could walk with two crutches.
During my time in the hospital and the regeneration center- hurray.... there was no chance for any haircut! No haircut for 3 years !This was the good side of the medal! My hair was now down to my belt covering my back completly. My side fringe was gorgeous and reached to my hip. I looked like a male Rapunzel with my golden locks. I never wanted to cut my hair again.
One day my doctor said to me, it is time to go to school again and he called my parents to pick me up and take me home.I could properly walk with one crutch now and my father decided to send me back to school after the weekend. I could not wait to see my schoolfriends again ! I hoped to have now the longest and coolest hair in the class or even in the whole school. On saturday my father asked me to drive with him to a mall for buying new clothes for my school start. On the way back he surprisingly stopped in our village in front of my hated barbershop. My bloodpressure was increasing dramatically but then I saw that it was 2.10 pm and at this time the barbershop normally was closed. My father said the shop will close now at 4 pm and he had made already an appointment for me. "Boy, you must have a proper haircut before we let you go to school again. You are looking like a girl with all this hair. You can nearly sit on your hair and especially you can't see anything with this enourmous side finge covering your eye. You are a shame for the whole family as you look now. " I gave up and thought that the barbers daughter Jane could help me to avoid a dramatic haircut. My father waited until I had entered the shop and drove away. I was sitting in one of the wooden chairs and was waiting for my turn. Jane came up to me and said " Frank, what a gorgeous mane! Your hair is so beautiful and much longer than your father said on phone! I'm sorry but my father will take care of you because I have other clients today." Her father appeared and said to "Nice to see you hippyboy! Long overdue for a proper hair cut " I was seated in the chair and he caped with his ugly nylon cape and began to to comb my hair extensivly. He took his pair of scissors and cut my fringe snip, snip... 3 cm above my eyes " Now you can see again son..." Then he cut all my hair until my ears and my beloved hair was raining in the cape and and on the the floor. He took now the clippers and shore me a like sheep. He left 2 cm hair on the top. The floor was filled with piles of hair and I started to cry when I saw me in the mirror.What a horror !I looked now like a boy in the 50ies and could imagine how my schoolfriends would tease me. He took the cape away , I paid with red eyes and called my father by phone.
This was the worst haircut experience of my life.

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