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Metals Dead Shave Your Head Part 2 by Jonathan

"All right class, you need to find a partner for this in class assignment," Ms. Dorman said.

I anxiously looked around for a partner and noticed all the kids had partnered up but one. It was Sean the punk rocker who sat cooly to himself in the back of the classroom. Sean was the ultimate punker. He just had that perfect nonchalant I don't give a damm look to him. It was 1985 and punk was at its peak. He wore long green trench coats, Doc Martin boots, suspenders and had spiked bleached blond hair. He looked scary!

"Hey dude, do you have a partner?" I asked.

"No," he says.

"Well did you want to be my partner?" I nervously ask.

"Yeah," he says

Sean never said much, mostly yeah, sure, cool, umm, or ok. Kids were very preppy at San Antonio High School. Most kids shunned punk rockers and other outcasts. I was a rocker. I had long hair down to the top of my back. I wore t-shirts and jeans with Converse high tops. Dark blue Converse high tops were my favorites, I'd get red sometimes. It was the 1980's and youth fashion was kinda crazy. It was largely due to a thing in the U.S. called MTV.

"Class for this assignment you're going to have to describe a place and tell us clues without giving its name. You and your partner have 10 minutes to do your discriptions, then we'll share them," Ms. Dorman said.

"Where should we pick Sean?" I ask.

"I don't know," he says

"What about Las Vegas?" I ask.

"Ok," he says.

I see him take his pencil and quickly write.... It's a desert. It's got lots of lights. There are many, many hotels and motels. You gamble, eat and drink there. It's a place for a vacation. Swimming pools surround this place. Can you guess where our place is?

This was an honors gifted English class. I figured Sean and I must have been put here due to our test scores. Not the way we dressed. I realized Sean was brilliant. He'd wind up being my regular class partner. There would be times he'd write poetry and it amazed me! I could often tell the kids and teacher Ms. Dorman were surprised at how good our work was. We did some partner project almost each day. Then we'd go up and share them in front of the class. I did most of the talking. I knew Sean was a bit too shy or didn't care to speak in front of the class.

Sean and I became friends in that junior year of my high school. Once he trusted you he'd open up and be cool. His looks scared and turned people off. Ms. Dorman made us the two monitors to take the VCR tv cart back to the library before lunch. This is when Sean and I started hanging out together at lunch.

One day Sean did something that shocked San Antonio High School. He completely shaved his head!

"Look, Sean's bald," I heard someone say.

"Whoa, Sean where's your hair?" I ask.

Sean's spiked blond Billy Idol hair was no longer. Sean's head was shaved nearly 100% bald! I could just see a hint of stubble. It was 1985 and this was the first person to have a shaved head at San Antonio High School. Back then unless you were Kojak a shaved head was really rebellious. People were tripped out and Sean had taken things to the next level. Those big boots, trench coats, and now a skin head!

I was amazed at this shaved head. I'd never seen anything like it. This guy was my friend now too! I couldn't help but stare. The shinny scalp, the face void of hair framing it. I was amazed at how there was no hair at all anywhere and how it exposed Sean's pointy little ears. I couldn't take my eyes off it. The teachers and other kids were shocked at this radical looking skin head!

"Metals dead shave your head," Sean said.

"John, you need to shave your head too," Sean tells me.

"Oh no," I say.

I was teriffied of this idea. Could I really shave my head? The idea sent a chill down my spine! What would my mom say? I just couldn't imagine me with a skin head. I hoped Sean would never bring it up again. I was intrigued with his bald head, but didn't know if I'd ever have the guts to shave off my long rocker hair. This had been one of my ultimate dares, to shave my head!

Sean and I hung out at school together. I realized he was fast becoming my best friend. I rarely did much with my rocker friends much any longer. Sure I'd stop at lunch and chat with them a bit. But I'd spend all the breaks with Sean now. He had some punk friends I'd hang with at the bike racks. They had strange clothes and makeup on. Mostly they smoked cigerettes by the bike racks.

"John, look at this," Sean said.

"Why do you have those hair clippers in your backpack?" I asked.

"I use these to shave my head with," he says.

"Metals dead shave your head John," Sean tells me.

"Oh man, I don't know," I say

"John that long hair has to come off your head sometime!" Sean said.

I try just to change the conversation and hope Sean will forget about it.This time it worked. He zips his backpack up and the hair clippers are put away. I feel a little faint and uneasy. I knew he was right. My hair would have to come off sooner or later! I had dreams about it getting shaved bald. Was I really daring myself to go through with this? Sean wasn't forcing me, just tempting me!

For the first time I actually realized I might shave my head. I noticed that Sean must of shaved it with those clippers many times since that first time. He'd grow a bit of stubble, then it was clean shaven again. I wondered why he brought those things to school? Could he really shave my head here? Maybe in the bathroom or locker room I thought. After school would make more sense.

I wasn't going to force the idea, just tempt fate. My hair was long and I did need a haircut. Could I go through with a shaved head though? If Sean brought it up once more I dared myself to say yes!

A week went by with no take of shaving my head. Sean hadn't said,"Metals dead shave your head."

Then one afternoon while eating lunch he shows me those hair clippers in his backpack. My mouth gets dry and I'm super nervous. This is it. I dared myself to agree to a head shave. I was going to force myself to say yes!

"John, are you ready to shave that stuff off your head?" Sean asks.

"When would we do it?" I ask.

"Oh, so you're really going to shave it now?" asks Sean.

"Yeah," I mutter.

"Well what about the front bathrooms after school?" asks Sean.

"Ok," I say.

"Deal!" says Sean.

I'd done it! I'd told Sean yes to shaving my head. All the rest of that school day I could think of nothing else. What had I done? I was going to be bald like my friend Sean. I kept starring at the clock in 5th, 6th, and 7th periods. When would 3:15 get here?

Finally the final school bell rang. I walked slowly in a trance to San Antonio High School's front boys bathroom. This bathroom was much less used near the front hall. I waited by the front door of the restroom. Would Sean show up with those Oster clippers in his backpack? I checked in the restroom, no Sean. I also noticed electric plug outlets were in there. I waited and waited. Was I off the hook for now?

"John, I'm sorry it took me so long," Sean said.

"Oh, I wondered if you changed your mind?" I asked.

"I hope you didn't change your mind and chicken out John," Sean says.

"I'm here aren't I," I say.

Just as we start to enter two sophomore boys we know start asking questions about the haircut and the clippers.

"What are you guys doing?" they ask.

"Shaving John's head," Sean says.

"You guys get lost, ok?" I say.

"Oh can't we watch?" they plead.

"Ok, but don't tell anybody," says Sean.

All four of us are in the boy's bathroom. I'm about as nervous as I've ever been! I can't believe I've agreed to go through with this whole thing. I stand near the sink in the antique tile high school bathroom. Then I sit down on the front of the sink and lean back a bit. Sean plugs those Oster clippers of his in. I hear a loud snap and realize there's power in the old outlets. The moment has finally come. I'm ready to seal my fate as a skin head!

The other two boys stare with delight as this head shave is about to commence. Sean readies his hand and moves in close to my head. He grabs my long hair and lifts it up off my left ear. Then I feal the first cut of those cold metal clipper blades. It shaves the hair off above my ear. Then Sean moves up to the sideburn and takes it off. I feel the blades shave higher and higher up the left side of my head.

"Oh my gosh, look at his hair on the floor," one kid says.

I look down on the pale blue tile floor and notice long pieces of my hair all over it. I feel an instinct to cry just for a second. Then that feeling goes away. All sorts of thoughts are going through my head right now.

Next I feel Sean slowly shave the hair off the top of my head. I turn to look in the mirror quick. The left side is bald reveling my ear. The top is nearly gone. I clearly see my right side unshaved so far.
I just can't believe how different I'm looking! I'm about to be a bald punk rocker. My metal days are over I guess.

"Let's throw away some of this hair," one of the boys says.

He picks some of my hair up off the floor and plays with it. Then he puts some in the sink and some in the trash. Sean shaves around my right side now. The hair continues to fall on the floor. The boys still play around laughing with my hair.

"He's just about bald!" they say.

One of them starts to rub and feel my shaved head.

"You left a bunch of spots Sean," he says.

"Yeah I know, I'm going over it all one more time," says Sean.

I then feel the clipper's sharp metal blades push hard into my scalp. Sean is running them over my head one final time. He bends down each ear one at a time. He zips close to the ears to get any remaining traces of hair. I glance in the mirror and remind myself this is real. I clearly see I have no hair. This is beginning to feel exhilarating and erotic to me. I'm scared, but it's all so amazing too. I barely recognize myself in the old bathroom mirror. I look different then Sean, but it looks ok. He looks so cool bald!

"Just about done man," Sean say.

"Get the neck too," says one of the boys.

"Yeah, metals dead shave your head," Sean says.

We cleaned up most of the hair. One of the boys runs his hand across my bald head a couple more times, laughs, then leaves. Now San Antonio High School has two punk skin heads!

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