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First-time Flattop - Part 6 by Tate

I awake early and head downstairs for breakfast. I tell my mom I'm going to get my flattop trimmed today. She smiles and asks me to take Doug along because he is overdue for a haircut.

Doug and I walk downtown. I remember that since it is Saturday, we only have one choice of barbershop. Doug says he is excited to try somewhere new.

We enter the shop, which I now see on the window is called Clint's Barbershop. Only the barber that I saw last time is in, and he is cutting a police officer's hair.

Doug picks up a magazine and takes a seat near the window. I sit down in front of the barber chair to watch.

"Back to get your flattop tightened?" asks the barber looking over at me. I nod.

The police officer's chin is on his neck as the barber gives him a regulation taper, masterfully changing the length of his blade by flicking his thumb up and down on the clipper lever as needed. The barber finishes the cop's crew cut with the lather shave at the back and around his ears. His hair is about an inch long on top, tapering shorter towards the crown, and brushed forward. It's faded to the skin on the back and sides. It's a conservative cut--one more of convenience and duty than style.

The cop sizes up Doug and me as he secures his hat and departs.

I step up into the chair, sitting straight and tall like I rule this place. I receive my cape and am turned to face the mirror. "I'm Luke," I say. "Are you Clint?"

The barber picks up his largest clippers, the Osters, and changes the blade. "Yes, I'm Clint Shirley. Nice to meet you, Luke."

"This is my brother, Doug." Doug looks up from his Sports Illustrated and says hello.

The barber looks at my reflection in the mirror. "Flattop, right?"

"Yes, but different from last time. I don't want it quite so military looking."

"Ok, Luke. How about a #2 on the sides and an inch on top, rounded in the back?"

"That sounds perfect. I do still want the neck shave at the end."

My new barber Clint works fast. After the sides are evened up, he freehands the top. He gives the top the slightest curvature to match my head, but it's still clearly a flattop--and it looks perfect! Tapering in the back is minimal, which I know probably looks better, but I miss the clipper action from last time. He shaves me down again around the edges. This part feels great!

All-in-all, I like the look much better, however the experience was not nearly as thilling.

I take my seat back in front of the barber chair, and Clint calls next.

Doug puts his magazine back in the rack and takes his place in Clint's chair.

I can't wait to hear what style Doug will choose.

Doug looks at himself in the mirror and combs out his shag with his fingers. Clint capes him and turns the chair.

"Flattop, right?"

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